internal assignments 180703 by irays


									1. The default value for the MODE parameter is Display all.
2. The data is passed from the Screen fields to the ABAP/4 program through Flow
3. The table which stores the online messages T100.
4. Internal table is temporary table which stores the data temporarily in a ABAP
     program .
5. Perform command is used to call a sub routine from any module.
6. EKPO table store the purchase document item data.
7. What is Variant ?
     A variant is selection set of Input parameters.
8. Transaction code for User over views SM04 .
9 .What are the components of the Status or menu.
     Push buttons, menu lists, function keys and code.
10. Spool list is used list jobs during the scheduling process.
11. .What are the 3 main events in interactive reporting?
      Top-of-page during line selection.
      At line-selection
      At user-command
12. A work flow is the sequence of steps required to post an IDOC ( True / False )
13. ABAP dictionary is the central workbench repository utility providing the data
     definition and the information relationship that are later used in all the business
     application within R/3.
15. The SAP standard sap script for Picking list RVPICKSIN.
16. BAPI reduction can be used everywhere where synchronous BAPI call can be
     used ( True / False ) False.
17. The functional module on which a BAPI is based can be accessed by external
     program via RFC ( True / False )       True
18.The transaction code for creation of Invoice VF01
19. The complete documentation of the BAPI data record can be viewed online by the
     transaction code WE61

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