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									The Kelvingrove New Century Project (KGNCP)
Planning and carrying out a project as large as the restoration of Kelvingrove takes several years, and
involves many people. In addition to existing members of Glasgow Museums staff, project team staff
were recruited for the duration of the project.

The project team co-ordinated the work of the different staff and departments across Glasgow City
Council involved in delivering the project. The team members were responsible for over £30 million of
work as part of the Kelvingrove New Century restoration, and related projects. They managed the
consultants and contractors during the various building and fit-out stages. It’s probably true to say that
most Glasgow Museums employees, whichever museum they’re based in, have been involved with the
KGNCP in one way or another over the last three years.

Kelvingrove New Century Project (KGNCP) team
Mark O’Neill     Head of Arts and Museums
Alison Reid      Visitor Services Manager
Ellen McAdam Collections Services Manager
Janice Lane      Education & Access Manager
Anthony McReavy           Museum Manager and Project Leader
Lawrence Fitzgerald       Museum Manager, Museum of Transport – involved in initial bids to the
Anne Perry       Kelvingrove Design Manager and Glasgow Museums Senior Designer
Sue Latimer      Senior Education & Access Curator
Richard Williams ICT Manager
Angela Doyle     Decant Officer
Jane Rowlands Conservation Manager
Christine McLellan        Logistics Manager
Suzanne Williams          Communications Manager
Martin Bellamy Research & Special Projects Manager
Sarah Hunt       Visitor Studies Project Curator
David McLelland           Accountant, Central Finance
George McLachlan          Accountant, Central Finance
Carole Forrest Asst Chief Solicitor, Legal Services
Jennifer McMartin         Senior Solicitor, Legal Services
James Meenan Purchasing Manager, CLS
David Dougan Buyer, CLS Purchasing
Kirsty Devine    Project Curator (now Riverside Project)
John-Paul Sumner          Project Curator
Lu McNair        Project Curator
Nancy Johnston Project Admin Officer
Rachael Vincent Project Curator
Bryan Sturrock Project Development Officer (now Riverside Project)
Paul Weston      Project Development Officer (now Riverside Project)
Tom Ingrey-Counter        Research Assistant
Harriet Hughes Research Assistant
Joy Davidson     Research Assistant
Alison Stooshnov Project Curator (Inorganics)
Louise Lawson Project Conservator (Organics)
Jenny Siswell    Temporary Technician (Stores & Collections)
Laura Newman Temporary Technician (Stores & Collections)
Text and displays
Curators, the Education & Access, Communications and Research and Major Projects teams were all
involved in the development of the displays and text for the new Kelvingrove. This involved
identifying key objects, messages and concepts for each story (groups of objects that had a story to tell
around a particular theme), developing ideas, consulting with community groups, writing, editing and
proofing text, and commenting on design. Consultation groups, including the Kelvingrove Junior
Board, provided invaluable feedback on the displays – please visit the Consultation section of this
website to find out more.

For more on the philosophy behind the new displays, please visit the Philosophy section of this
website. For more information on all the stories, please visit

Contributors to the new displays Stories responsible for
Pat Allan
Curator, Ethnography         Survival: People & their land; Charms and Healing; Ever Picture Tells a
Helen Avenell
Curator, Scottish History St Kilda: On the edge of the world; The Battle of Langside
Alison Brown
Curator, European Decorative Arts Introduction to the Glasgow Style; Glasgow Tearooms; The
Macdonald Sisters; Precious Things; Women Adored, Women Adorned; Craft, Art and Industry;
Alison K Brown
Research Manager, Human History               Patterns of Change
Rowan Brown
Curator, Transport &Technology
         Myths and Realities; Scottish Landscapes; Swift, Safe, Sure – The George Bennie Railplane
Toby Capwell
Curator, Arms & Armour Cold Steel; Animal Armoury; Dressed to Kill; Collectors’ Curios; Myths
and Realities
Patricia Collins
Curator, Medieval and Renaissance Art         Italian Art
Introducing Italian; Italian Renaissance Art; Northern Renaissance; The Craft of Art; Renaissance
Harry Dunlop
Museum Manager, St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art/Provand’s Lordship/Martyrs’ School
         A Life of Service: James Keith Gorrie; La Faruq Madonna
Simon Eccles
Senior Curator, Ancient Civilizations         Ancient Sicilian Soap Opera; How to Survive Death the
Ancient Egyptian Way; Gods of the Living and the Dead; Jobs for the Girls/Boys in Ancient Egypt
Noorah Al-Gailani
Curator, Islamic Civilizations        Every Picture Tells a Story
Alastair Gunning
Curator, Geology Scotland’s Lost Wildlife; Age of Fish; Fossils Under Our Feet; Mineral Beauty;
Understanding a Landscape
Deborah Haase
Museum Manager, People’s Palace The Holocaust – Remembering for the Future; Glasgow in Mind
Vivien Hamilton
Research Manager, Art        French Art
Changing Styles in French 19th-century Painting; Portraits; Still Life; Light on Water; Vuillard’s
Figures in a Room; People Out of Doors; Viewpoints;
Ben Harman
Curator, Contemporary Art             Photography & Art; Body Beautiful;
Fiona Hayes
Curator, Social History      Glasgow’s International Exhibitions
Chris Jamieson
Curator, Open Museum Beauty and Ugliness
Alison Kelly
Curator, World Religions Bronzes from Benin; Symbols that Divide
Emma Leighton
Curator, Chinese & Oriental Civilizations Chinese Symbols
Tony Lewis
Curator, Scottish History James Watt
Morag Macpherson
Curator, World Religions Souvenirs of War
Maire Noonan
Curator, Ethnography (now Riverside Project)             Ceremonial Turtle Posts; Masks and
Masquerades; I Belong to Glasgow; Glasgow’s International Exhibitions
Rebecca Quinton
Curator, Costumes and Textiles        Tartanalia; Strutting Your Stuff;
Alex Robertson
Curator, Social History     Spitfire; Glasgow and the Wild West; Violence Against Women
Jenny Rose
Curator, Archaeology (job share) The First People in Scotland; Death and Ritual in Bronze Age
Jeanne Robinson
Curator, Entomology         Famous Scottish Wildlife
Mike Rutherford
Curator, Invertebrates      The Last Pearl Fishers in Scotland; Wildlife in Danger; The Baron of
Buchlyvie; Nature’s Record Breakers; Sir Roger the Elephant; Animal Armoury
Kiran Singh
Curator, Education & Access           Animal Speak
Katinka Stentoft
Curator, Archaeology (job share) Living on the Water; Vikings in Scotland
Hugh Stevenson
Curator, British Art        Picture Promenade; Sculpture Highlights; Investigating Art; The Story of
Kelvingrove; The Scottish Enlightenment; Art Through a Lens; The Artistic Optician – John Quinton
Pringle; Picture in Focus: Paton’s The Fairy Raid
John-Paul Sumner
Project Curator Fossil Reptiles from Elgin; Life at the Time of the Dinosaurs; Tracks, Trails and
Dinosaur Tales; Hunting; Creatures in Camouflage; Our Solar System; A Fish’s Tale; Life in Scottish
Richard Sutcliffe
Research Manager, Natural History Birds from Your Window; Aliens; Flying is Like…; Famous
Scottish Wildlife
Jean Walsh
Senior Curator, Kelvingrove           The Glasgow Boys; The Scottish Colourists; Every Picture Tells a
Story; Introduction and Tailpiece to Scottish Identity in Art; Scottish Landscapes; Myths and Realities;
Looking at Art
Keith Watson
Curator, Botany Wild about Glasgow
Rosemary Watt
Senior Curator, Industry & Design Design is for Us; Does It Hold Water?; Enginuity;
Robert Wenley
Curator, European Art (1600–1800)Dutch Art
Trade & Prosperity: A seafaring nation; Landscapes and the Art Market; Still Life; Everyday Life?;
Flemish Paintings; The Dutch and Religion; Investigating Rembrandt; The Five Senses;
Editorial team
Alison Dearie      Education and Access Curator
George Inglis      Electronic Editor
Sue Latimer        Senior Education and Access Curator
Susan Pacitti      Managing Editor
Kim TeoAcademic Editor
Research team
Martin Bellamy Major Projects and Research Manager
Alison K Brown Research Manager, Human History
Vivien Hamilton Research Manager, Art
Michael Nix        Research Manager, Technology
Richard Sutcliffe Research Manager, Natural History
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Stephen McLean
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