Welcome Freshmen_ Class of 2011 by lonyoo


									Welcome Freshmen!
  Class of 2013

Garner Magnet High School
     Student Services
                    Q & A
What is Student Services?
    Consists of 5 Counselors, 2 Student Assistance Program Counselors
   (SAP), and 1 Dean of Students
    Located in the front office
What can Student Services do for me?
    Academic Advising
    Individual Counseling
    Group Counseling
    Peer Mediation/Conflict Management
How do I make an appointment?
    Come by the front office before school, during lunch and after school to
   fill out a blue slip. Your counselor will see you as soon as possible. If you
   have an urgent need to talk to your counselor, let Mrs. Benitez oknow
    Who is my Counselor??
•   Dean of Students   Ms. Boone
•   A-D                Mrs. Pettis
•   E-K & ESL          Ms. Ferreira
•   L-R                Ms. Leibowitz
•   S-Z                Mrs. Hawley
•   SAP                Mr. Shirley
                       and Mrs. Noon
Helpful Tips for Freshmen…
√ Read the Student Handbook.
√ Seek help from teachers, counselors
  and other adults.
√ Ask questions!
√ It is okay to feel anxious about big changes.
  Discuss your concerns with friends, adults or
  older siblings.
√ Be the first to start a conversation with someone
√ Try to connect with a student in the class you
  have right before lunch. Walk to the cafeteria
  with this student. Sit with this student.
       Some more tips…
√ Plan your classes for each year
√ Decide what grades you want to earn
√ Join groups, clubs or sports teams
√ Sign-up for volunteer opportunities
√ Discuss college plans with your
  Promotion Requirements
      Class of 2013
• Promotion to Grade 10
   – Minimum of 6 credits
     • One Credit must be English I,
       two must be in the areas of
       math, social studies, or science
       and three additional credits to
       equal six.
          Promote or Retain?
 Directions: Put a check next to promote or retain.

Promote ____
Retain  ____
         Promote or Retain?
Directions: Put a check next to promote or retain.

Promote ____
Retain  ____
          Promote or Retain?
 Directions: Put a check next to promote or retain.

Promote ____
Retain  ____
  Graduation Requirements
• Minimum of 26 credits
• Score Level III or IV on these EOC
  Exams: English I, Algebra I, Biology,
  Civics and Economics and U.S.
• Complete Future-Ready Core Course
  and Credit Requirements
• Graduation Project (To Be
       Future Ready Core:
  Course of Study (Those Entering in 2009-10)
The Core
4 credits of English
4 credits of Mathematics
3 credits of Social Studies
3 credits of Science
1 credit of Health/Physical Education
6 Elective Credits (required)
   • 2 credits from CTE, Arts, or Second Language
   • 4 credit Concentration (recommended)
                   Career Clusters:

• Career and Technical Education (CTE)
 -Business, Public Service, Health Science, Transport
 Systems, Construction, and Commercial and Artistic
• Arts/Music Education
• Advanced Placement (AP) /
  International Baccalaureate (IB)
• Second Language
• Learn & Earn Early College or Dual Enrollment
• Other
            Future-Ready Core
             Math Sequence
   Math I       Math II      Math III           Math IV
                                         (aligned with student’s post
                                              high school plans)

Algebra I      Geometry   Algebra II    Advanced Functions of
                                        Discrete Math
                                        AP Calculus (AB or BC)
                                        AP Statistics
                                        CC Math course
                                        Aligned with CTE
   EOC Tests and VOCATS:

• EOCs are designed to measure your achievement
  in a subject area.
• 25% of your final grade.
• High School Students are required to pass 5 EOC
  assessments (Algebra I, Biology, English I, Civics
  and Economics, and U.S. History).
• VOCATS are assessments in Career and
  Technical Education classes (CTE) and averaged
  as 20% of your final grade.

• Must be present at
  least 45 days.
• Students should not
  miss more than 10
  days a semester.
• What are excused
• 2 days to turn in
Be Organized
                Manage Your Time

Be Successful in the Classroom

Take Good Notes
   Know How to read a Textbook

Study Smart
          Set Your Goals:

•   My Academic Goal is….
•   My Future Educational Goal is…
•   My Career Goal is…
•   My Personal Goal is….
            Get Involved!
•   Sports and Clubs
•   Part-time Employment
•   Internships
•   Community Service
    *Remember to keep track of all your
     activities throughout High School!

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