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									ACP In-person Council meeting
October 29, 2004
Arc The Hotel

Present: Kirk Howard, KH; Brian Lam, BL; Kathy Lowinger, KL; Rick Wilks, RW; Rhonda Bailey,
RB; David Carr, DC; Jim Lorimer, JL; Todd Besant, TB; Linda Cameron, LC; John Pelletier, JPP;
Elsa Johnston, EJ

Absent: Bob Tyrrell, BT; Diana Douglas, DD; Jack Wayne, JW

1. ACP President Kirk Howard welcomed members to the meeting at 1:15 PM (EST).

2. Review and approval of agenda
Moved by Kathy Lowinger, seconded by Rick Wilks, to approve the October 29th meeting agenda.
All in favour; motion carried.

3. Adoption of minutes from 23 September 2004 Council meeting
Moved by Linda Cameron, seconded by Brian Lam, to adopt the ACP Council minutes of
September 23, 2004. All in favour; motion carried.

4. Review of Council meetings with Government officials and MPs and actions to be taken

Follow up letters and other activities
     Council will write letters to each government official met with and reiterate the points
        brought up at the meeting. Council members who attended the meetings will provide input.
        KH will start the letter to Bev Oda; LC will start the letter to Greg Schmidt; KH will start the
        letter to Sam Bulte; and RW will start the letter to Jean-Pierre Blais. JL will write to Charlie
        Angus and Colin MacDonald will follow up with Marlene Caterall.
     ACP will follow up with the Tory party on literacy and school libraries. ACP will send Bev
        Oda the Canadian Books in Schools: Raising the Profile report along with a follow up
     LC will try to meet with Charlie Angus in Ottawa next week.
     BL will write a letter to Keith Kelly at Canada Council, cc’ing Melanie Rutledge, Carol
        Bream, David Schimpky and Carole Boucher.

Future MP meetings
     When the ACP requests a meeting with an MP, it will send the ACP brochure with the
        meeting request to better prepare the MP in advance.
     ACP could prepare a joint brochure with ANEL.
     ACP will meet with ANEL in advance of all meetings to harmonize concerns and points for
        discussion. This will help to better prepare those on Council who don’t speak French. In
        order to ensure that certain issues from one Association do not take over the meeting, a
        time limit will be set for each issue.
     Greater preparation/rehearsal is required before the meetings with the assistance of the
        Ottawa lobbyist.
ACP In-person Council Meeting October 29, 2004                                                         1
Arc The Hotel, Ottawa, ON

     ANEL would like to set up a quasi-permanent consultation committee with BPIDP, ACP
      and Canada Council.

November 18th Consultation Meeting with ANEL
    Members will meet to refresh themselves on the key issues. The agenda will be
      constructed before hand and circulated to the Exec Committee.

Future relationship with ANEL
     Work with ANEL to look at alternative models to the Block Grant program. BL will speak
        with Bill Harnum and explore funding options for identifying alternative models that a
        consultant can draft with input from ANEL. ACP case: Defining what it means to have a
        healthy industry.
     A permanent committee was established to work with ANEL on issues of common interest.
        Members include Linda Cameron, Kirk Howard and Jim Lorimer.

5. BPIDP Survey
     ACP has asked BPIDP to extend its timeline for the ACP to respond to the survey to
       November 9th. ACP will ask for input at two stages: 1. regarding topics covered in the
       survey; 2. survey questions.
     General comments on the survey: sample size was too small; there was no linkage
       between lack of school libraries and child poverty, etc. This study is a tool to evaluate the
       BPIDP program itself. Members expressed concern that this survey will position BPIDP for
       opening up funding to foreign-owned publishers and that it will show that book reading is
     RW and KL will act as the ACP representatives on this study. JPP will alert Gordon Platt
       and Nadia Laham that the ACP will send its responses to the survey next week. ACP will
       send them the categories that they feel should be added. ANEL should also appoint a
       member to critique this study since the study is of the English and French Canadian

6. Supply Chain and BookNet Report
6.1 JL provided members with an overview of the recent Supply Chain PD session on software and
the strategic decisions that will need to be made soon.

There are two levels of software: 1. Stand alone software for firms with sales of $300,000 -
$500,000 (High Point and Acumen) has production information database and wide functionality. 2.
software offered on a hosted basis by user on the Internet for firms with sales of >$1.5 million
(Vista, SAP, Klovotek and BookMaster), manages every process in book publishing and publishers
can access the software through a third party supplier, eliminating the need for a separate in house
IT person. Level 2 is currently used by many multi-national publishers. The wide range of functions
are available in the one package but a buyer does not have to use all functions or tools. SAP and
Vista have been struck from the list of potential vendors, leaving Klovotek<Elsa, check spelling>
and BookMaster. Both are completely compatible with the ONEX database and are a good link with
BookNet Canada. Cost of level 2 software is approximately 10-20% of a firms sales over 5 years
(or the equivalent of $4.5 – 9 million over five years for the 20 houses who have indicated interest).
ACP In-person Council Meeting October 29, 2004                                                      2
Arc The Hotel, Ottawa, ON

This cost includes buying, installing, implementing and maintaining the software as well as training
staff to use it. Cost will be greatest in the first 24 months; however the timing of expenses is open
to negotiation. JL added that the software will not affected by the threat of becoming obsolete:
publishers will constantly be sent updates.

Cost of this next phase is hard to pin point at this time as the number of ACP participants is not yet
known. When the list of participants has been finalized, the committee will negotiate with the
vendors re: the terms and price. JL met with Annie Carruthers and Lindsay Barr of BPIDP on
Wednesday and is hoping that the project application can be processed quickly (similar to the
precedent of BookNet Canada). BPIDP funding might be available for 2005-2006 but not this year.
BPIDP could look at this as a 3-year project. ACP publishers who opt to buy-in to the software after
the initial publisher purchase will pay a different rate from those who initially bought in.

A potential problem is that this software only supports 20 to 21 publishers in the BPIDP system: the
benefits to a few may not justify the huge cost of the project.

JL stressed that this project is a strong incentive for participating in the ACP. A special rate could
be charged for ACP members, with a higher rate for non-members. The ACP will need to source
and IT lawyer. JPP added that there is a question of liability for the ACP. JL suggested creating a
separate company to own the software with a relationship to the ACP.

Motion: Moved by Linda Cameron, seconded by Rick Wilks, that the ACP Council takes the
position in principle that they are comfortable with the Supply Chain project proceeding in this
manner and charges the Supply Chain committee to proceed with its evaluation of software
packages with the intention of making a recommendation to ACP members and applying to DCH
for 2005-2006 funding. All in favour; motion passed.

6.2 ACP lawsuit with Tony Chebaya
JL reviewed the timeline of actions leading up to the lawsuit. Mr. Chebaya is not willing to settle.
KH and JPP expressed concern that legal expenses won’t be accepted by DCH as eligible
expenses. If these legal expenses are not eligible then the money from DCH needs to be spent
elsewhere in the project. The ACP’s statement of defense will cost $5,000 for the first month of
work. The concern is that Mr. Chebaya could drag out the suit. ACP lawyer will contact Mr.
Chebaya’s lawyer. Until more can be determined from this discussion, the ACP must wait and see.

7. Finance and Succession Issues
Nadia Laham has constructed a committee to work with the ACP and ANEL on Finance and
Succession. The committee will meet later this month. ACP will ask Gar Neuson at BLG to help
shop the finance and succession plan around and review similar solutions, such as that of the farm
credit corporation. ACP committee representatives are: Jack David, Jim Lorimer, Brian Lam and
Bob Tyrrell. LC will invite Nadia Laham and Gar Neuson to lunch in Ottawa next week.

8. Issues arising from Exec Committee meetings

ACP In-person Council Meeting October 29, 2004                                                           3
Arc The Hotel, Ottawa, ON

In order to keep the entire Council up to date on all ACP activities, minutes from the EC meetings
will go directly to Council.

9. Update on Council Members Projects
China Trade Mission
RW gave a brief update on the mission project. The report has been reviewed and approved by the
Export Committee. Sibyl Frei, the Consultant for the next phase, is in place and is volunteering her
time until funding has been received. Robert Baensch has been selected as the Mission consultant
and the dates for the mission are June 10 – 17th. The report and budget has been sent to
interested funders. 15 publishers will participate in the mission and will contribute approximately
$2,000 each. Mission follow up will include an extensive report and PD seminars as well as
attendance at various China-related book fairs (i.e. Beijing Book Fair).

Canadian Books in Schools
The report is completed for dissemination to the ACP membership. An edited version will be made
available to the public. The edited version will be sent to Bev Oda along with a letter thanking her
for the meeting yesterday.

BL and EJ are currently working on the website and are in discussions with Canada Council over
the multi-year funding of the project.

10. Update on UK Trade Mission
A dinner hosted by the ACP and CPC for the British Delegation will occur on November 15 th. ACP
members will be invited to meet individually with members of the delegation on November 16 th and
a reception has been planned for the delegation and select ACP and CPC members that evening
at the Consulate General’s home. The ABPBC is hosting a reception for the delegation when they
come to Vancouver.

11. Treasurer’s Report
JPP reported that the ACP is still waiting for its 2004-2005 contribution agreements from DCH. JPP
expressed concern that the Chebaya litigation could cut $20,000 out of the ACP budget. The ACP
was overspent on its AGM costs but has cut down on its administration costs. JPP urged Council to
be vigilant on its spending. The China Trade Mission project will break even this year and the ACP
only has a $30,000 cushion in general.

12. Executive Report
Jackie Hushion is arranging a think tank session between ACP, CPC and Chapters/indigo for
November or December. The precise date and agenda are still to be set. JPP will wait until he has
more concrete information to send to Council.

13. In camera session

14. Meeting adjourned 4PM.

ACP In-person Council Meeting October 29, 2004                                                       4
Arc The Hotel, Ottawa, ON


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