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500 Parkside Place_ 602 – 12th Avenue S

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					                             500 Parkside Place, 602 – 12th Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2R 1J3
                             Tel.: (403) 571-6700 Fax: (403) 261-3985 Web: E-mail:

                                                 Estoppel Order Form
                                               Estoppels are $125.00 + GST.

 Law Firm:

 Name of Contact:

 Contact Number:

 Legal Address:

 Municipal Address:

 Legal Parking/Storage (if

 Name of Vendor:

 Forwarding Address for

 (this address is required in order
 to return post-dated cheques
 and or credits)

 Full Name of Purchaser:

 Law Firm Representing

 Contact Name & Phone #:

 Possession date:

 Will Purchaser be living on site:               Yes      or        No

 If no please provide off site address:

 *** Please complete all sections of this form. Please supply full names (first and last) for
 vendors and purchasers.

 *** Due to the volume of requests and payments received by this office, we would ask that
 the property address be put on all cheques. If your office has requested more than one
 estoppel, only the estoppel for which we receive payment will be released.
 ***Note: Due to our Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, if our office does not receive Estoppel requests by the 20 th day
 of the month, we may not be able to cancel the Payment Plan on time. Please advise the client that they may expect
 an additional payment to be withdrawn. The provision of the forwarding address requested above will ensure our
 ability to provide the client with the reimbursement.

                                      Insurance Certificates are included with Estoppels.

                             Estoppel payment must be received before estoppels are released.

Estoppel Certificates will not be issued if account is in arrears unless CRESI is provided with an undertaking in writing
                                              by the law firm prior to release.

  If paying outstanding balances when picking up Estoppels, please provide two separate cheques. One for Estoppel
   payment and one for the Condominium Contributions. Both are to be made payable to Consolidated Real Estate
                                                   Services Inc.

 All other Condominium Information (i.e. Bylaws, budgets, etc.) are provided under separate cover and have separate
                    charges. These can be requested by completing the Document Order Form.

                    A copy of the title once transferred to the purchaser would be greatly appreciated.