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Vacation Property Rental Agreement The All Inn by sofiaie


									                        The All Inn Lake Arrowhead
     Rental Rules, Check-In, Check-Out Instructions, & Rental Agreement

   We really want you to have a good time…just a couple of rules to
    ensure your safety and the quality of your All Inn Experience.

                                      Rental Rules
    1. No Fireworks, Weapons, or Explosives of any kind are allowed. The San Bernardino
       Mountains are very susceptible to wildfires and it is never safe to have an uncontrolled
       flame in the mountains. ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!

    2. Any damage that to see to the house or property should be called in immediately if not
       originally noted in the rental agreement. You will be accountable for any damage that
       was not called in. Call Scott 310-500-6671. The All Inn is documented by video before
       & after each rental.

    3. Check-in is between 3pm & 5pm unless pre arranged. Check-Out is no later than 11am,
       unless pre arranged. If you will be arriving after dark you should bring a flashlight.

    4. There will be an additional charge of $50 for supplemental maid services if the All Inn is
       left excessively dirty.

    5. There is very sporadic cellular telephone reception in the mountains, if any at all. There
       is a telephone in the All Inn for your local calling needs. Any Long Distance calls should
       be made with a calling card, credit card or collect. If not you will be charged a minimum
       of $25 service charge and will incur higher charges if the toll charges exceed $25.

    Should an emergency occur during your stay at The All Inn Lake Arrowhead that requires
          immediate attention PLEASE CALL 911. For non-life threatening injuries:

 Mountains Community Hospital                                        ARROWHEAD CHP
    24 hour Emergency Room                                             31230 Highway 18
29101 Hospital Rd, Lake Arrowhead                                  Running Springs 92382-0997
         909-336-3651                                                    909-867-2791

                If it is not of an immediate nature or life threatening you may call
                    Scott McIntosh 310-500-6671 or James Little 310-435-9882

     Please initial confirming your understanding of our policies:
                                                                   Vacation Property Rental Agreement 1
                    Check-In Procedures
                      Welcome to
             The All Inn Lake Arrowhead!!
  This home is intended as a destination for good
  friends and family to gather and celebrate each
  other’s company and a little bit of the good life.
   Please let your hair down and enjoy, but also
respect this beautiful home so that many others will
               enjoy for years to come.

 1. Heat and AC controls on the wall in dining area.
 2. Lights on outside of the home are sensor activated.
 3. Laundry/Dishwasher Soap is located under the kitchen sink.
 4. Flashlights are located at every exit from the house, please use at
    night and replace when done.
 5. There is an iPod docking station at the house so please bring yours.
 6. There is very sporadic cellular telephone reception in the mountains.
    There is a telephone in the All Inn for your local calling needs. Any
    Long Distance calls should be made with a calling card, credit card or
    collect. If not you will be charged a minimum of $25 service charge
    and will incur higher charges if the toll charges exceed $25.
 7. The computer is available to work on and surf the web all you like,
    but anything saved on the computer at the end of your stay will be

Please initial confirming your understanding of our policies:       
                                               Vacation Property Rental Agreement 2
                   Check-Out Procedures
 Check-out time is 11am unless an extension has been previously
   arranged. Charges for non compliance or any damage will be
 billed the credit card on file unless other arrangements have been

When you check-out the following mush be done:
 1. Secure all doors and windows, shut all blinds and shutters
 2. Bag all trash and leave it in the green can in garage
 3. Load and run the dishwasher, failure to do so will result in an
    additional $10 charge.
 4. Turn off all lights, fans, and grill. Please turn the air
    conditioner up to 80 degrees in the summer and during the
    winter turn the heat down to 55 degrees.
 5. Make sure that the fire is completely out and the wood
    burning stove doors are completely shut.
 6. Please strip all beds and towels and place all soiled linens in
    the laundry basket provided in the laundry area.
 7. Return all keys to the lock box, if keys are not returned you
    will be charged $150 for lock replacement.

 Please initial confirming your understanding of our policies:     

                                              Vacation Property Rental Agreement 3
          The All Inn Lake Arrowhead Rental Agreement

This Vacation Property Rental Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement) is for
the property located at: 26991 Huron Road, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352 a Three
Bedroom Mountain Home, hereinafter referred to as “Unit.”

  Rental Rate: $250.00 per night                           Nights: _______
  Date of Arrival: _________________ Date of Departure: _________________

  Total: $__________

             NAME OF GUESTS (hereinafter referred to as tenants)
             The following tenants will be staying at the Rental Property

        __________________________           __________________________
        __________________________           __________________________
        __________________________           __________________________
        __________________________           __________________________
        Total Number of Guests: ______

                        I. RESERVATION INFORMATION

 Reservation held on: VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX/DISCOVER [Circle one]

          Cardholder Name: _____________________________________________

        Cardholder Number: ______________________________________________

 Cardholder Phone Number: ______________________________________________

Cardholder Mailing Address: ______________________________________________



                                                        Vacation Property Rental Agreement 4

1. Security Deposit. A security deposit of $ __________ has been deposited with
   the Property Owner, or Property Owner’s designated agent (hereinafter referred to
   as “Owner”), in trust, as security for the performance by the Tenants of the terms
   under this rental agreement set forth following, and for any damages caused by
   Tenants, Tenants’ family, agents and visitors (hereinafter collectively called
   “Tenants”) to the premises or furnishings during the rental period. Owner may use
   part or all of the security deposit to repair any damage to the Unit cause by
   Tenants. However, Owner is not limited to just the security deposit portion of any
   security deposit amount and Tenants remain liable for any balance.

2. Key Charge. A $150.00 fee will be charged to Tenants for failure to return any
   and all Unit related keys. Such charge shall be deducted from the security deposit.

3. Cleaning. Tenants shall be responsible for any undue and/or unreasonable
   cleaning of the unit immediately subsequent to the Tenants’ departure. A cleaning
   charge of $50.00 per hour, with a one (1) hour service minimum will be assessed.

4. Damage charge. Any damage charges incurred by the Tenants not covered by the
   security deposit listed above shall be assessed to the credit card used to hold the

                    III. CHECK-IN/CHECK -OUT PROCEDURE

1. Check-In. Check-in time is 3pm on the day Tenant’s scheduled reservation
   begins. No early check-ins absent prior consent of Owners. Upon arrival, Tenants
   will be given their key(s), as well as any special instructions or updates that may
   be applicable to the Unit. Details for the above will be emailed to Tenant prior to

2. Check-Out. Check-out time is 11am (SHARP) on the day Tenant’s scheduled
   reservation ends. Any delay in check-out, absent prior consent of Owners shall
   result in Tenants being charged for another night’s stay.


1. Use of Premises. Tenants shall only use the Premises as a residence. The
   premises shall not be used to carry on any type of business or trade, without prior
   written consent of Owner. Tenants will comply with all laws, rules, ordinances,
   statutes and orders regarding the use of the premises.

2. Quiet Enjoyment. Tenants shall be entitled to the quiet enjoyment of the
   premises, and Owner will not interfere with that right, as long as tenants do not
   interfere with those rights of other tenants.

                                                          Vacation Property Rental Agreement 5
3. Smoking. [check one]
     Smoking is not allowed on the premises
     Smoking is only allowed outside
     Smoking is allowed anywhere on the premises.

4. Alcohol. [check one]
      Alcohol is not allowed on the premises
      Alcohol is only allowed outside
      Alcohol is allowed anywhere on the premises.

5. Pets. [check one]
       Pets are not allowed in the unit
       Pets are allowed in the unit
       Pets are allowed on a case by case basis.

   If pets are allowed: pet security deposit amount $35.00
   Description of animals: ________________________________________________

6. Furnishings. The units are furnished and equipped by the Owner to owner’s taste.
   All units are set up for light housekeeping. All paper goods, cleaning products and
   linens must be provided by tenants, except for the following include in the unit:

7. Use of Grills. Grilling is permitted only on concrete driveways and any grills
   provided with the unit.

8. Locked Areas. Areas that are locked, such as Owner’s personal storage spaces,
   for which Tenants are not provided a key, are off limits to the Tenants. Any
   attempt to enter locked areas is cause for immediate termination of this
   agreement, forfeiture of all monies paid, and Tenants will be liable for any
   damage and/or missing items.

                                                         Vacation Property Rental Agreement 6
                         V. HOLD HARMLESS

     1. Owner attempts to maintain the Units in the best of condition.
        Owner expresses no guarantees, express or implied, regarding
        suitability or fitability for any particular purpose. Owner does
        guarantee that appropriate repair and/or replacement will be
        performed as soon as possible under prevailing circumstances.
        It is Tenant’s responsibility to immediately notify Owner of any
        issues that they incur during their stay so that the repair and/or
        replacement may be promptly taken care of. Owner is not
        responsible for any inconveniences for which Owner has no
        immediate control. These inconveniences may include, but are
        not limited to, the following: (i) breakdown of VCR’s, hot tubs,
        saunas, and/or other recreational appliances or devices; (ii)
        power outages; (iii) adverse weather and/or road conditions;
        (iv) construction in the area; and (v) Units that are not
        decorated and/or accommodated to Tenant’s individual tastes.
        Owner shall not be held liable, or otherwise take any
        responsibility, for any injuries that may occur to Tenant, and/or
        Tenant’s invitee, that is caused or permitted to be caused by the
        intentional, unintentional, negligent, or careless acts of said
        Tenants, and/or invitees. By the written or electronic
        endorsement of this Agreement, Tenant agrees to forever hold-
        harmless and indemnify Owner form any liability and/or
        responsibility arising there from.


                                                 Vacation Property Rental Agreement 7
                        VI. SIGNATURES

 __________________________        __________________________
    (Tenant’s name)                         (Owner’s Name)

 __________________________        __________________________
  (Tenant’s Signature)                     (Owner’s Signature)

 __________________________        __________________________

 __________________________        __________________________

 __________________________        __________________________
 (Address, City, State, Zip)            (Address, City, State, Zip)

 __________________________        __________________________
      (Telephone number)                (Telephone number)

 __________________________        __________________________
         (Date)                                 (Date)

Complete form in its entirety and fax to 310-207-0261
           Questions call 310-500-6671

 Please keep a copy of this for your reference during
                      your stay.

Have a enjoyable visit to The All Inn Lake Arrowhead

                                           Vacation Property Rental Agreement 8
Vacation Property Rental Agreement 9

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