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					                                                                                   July 1, 2008

  New Website For Med Plus!
  By Stacie Smith                                   Inside This Issue
      As you all know, we have the new website      New Website                            1
      up and running! It has been a long process,
                                                    Home Health Division                   1
      and we still have some tweaking to do, but
      I think it looks fantastic. We have also      How to Save on Gas                     2
      redone the logo to better suit our growing    Want to Fix Your Credit?               2
      business (see story 2). We are making
      waves in the medical staffing industry.
      Look out!

      I am looking for some testimonials to
      include in the website, so any of you that
      want to tell the world how much you love
      Med Plus, I need your help. It does not
                                                        Birthdays and Anniversaries
      need to be anything long and detailed, just
      a sentence or two.                                       Patricia Rollins – July 2
                                                               Shem Deberry – July 3
                                                              Maurice Breaux – July 11
                                                               Rhonda Nash – July 13
                                                                William Hall – July 13
Home Health Division                                          Natalie Williams – July 14
By Stacie Smith                                                Natalie Scott – July 19
                                                            Christine Anderson – July 25
Med Plus is expanding in an exciting new
direction. We are opening a home health                        Charles Bardo – July 25
division! We are looking to start accepting                       Joyce Slate – July 28
patients within the next 60 days.                             Doreen Holmes – July 28
                                                              Sharita Rogers – July 31
We will be providing nursing services, personal               Robin Abotobik – July 31
care services, homemaker services, and
transportation to our clients.

Let us know if you are interested in branching
out into the home healthcare field.
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How to Save at the Pump
By Kelsey Moore
        There are many ways you can save gas. The first is to try and fill up late at night or
early in the morning when it is still cool outside. This is when gasoline is at its densest.
Another tip is to drive slower. I know most people don’t want to slow down but the slower
you drive the better it is for your gas mileage. If you have to exceed 40mph it forces your
vehicle to tremendous wind resistance, so driving the legal speed limit doesn’t only help
you obey the law but it is much better gas efficiency. Also do not turn your car off and on
unless necessary, idling your engine for one minute consumes the gas amount equivalent to
when you start the engine. Another reminder is to not let your tank get under ¾. The lower
you let your tank get the more room there is for fumes, so when you do fill back up you
aren’t really getting as much gas as you should and the emptier the tank the more stuff
from the bottom gets used through your gas and is bad for you car. Last don’t hook the
trigger on the fastest speed it will go when filling up, the faster it goes the less gas you
actually get. These are just a few of the tips that help you save gas and money.

Want to Fix Your Credit?
By Jennifer Flynn
   As gas and food prices rises, more and
   more Americans are finding it harder
                                                    “Take   care of your body.
   and harder to make ends meet. Many
   Americans are now facing bad credit              It's the only place you
   reports and scores. However, there is
   hope for anyone facing this situation.           have to live.”
   We recommend checking out                                                -John Rohn

    This website is set up for anyone
   looking for ways to fix their credit.
   You may log on and watch an
   informational video and sign up today.
   You can rest assured you are working
   with the nation’s leading credit repair
   company. Fix Credit Biz is a full
   service credit repair company who will
   do all the work for you including
   pulling your credit report.

   So take the first step to improving your
   credit. Just logon to receive your free
   credit consultation.