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					South Liverpool neighbourhood agreement
The South Liverpool neighbourhood covers the Cressington, Mossley Hill, Speke-Garston,
Belle Vale, Allerton and Hunts Cross wards. Its neighbourhood agreement (NA) is the
primary service planning document for the neighbourhood.

This neighbourhood is one of the most economically diverse neighbourhoods in the city, and,
as such, a one-size-fits-all approach is inappropriate. The council and its partners will be
working together, using the South Liverpool NA as their basis, to close the gap between the
better and worst wards and to improve the quality of life of all South Liverpool residents.

The South Liverpool six-ward committee agreed the draft South Liverpool neighbourhood
agreement on the 27 March 2007. They also agreed that further work would be carried out
on the agreement, including work to further define the actions (see the committee minutes
for more information).

The key issues, along with the locally defined priorities and actions are listed under the four
‘block’ headings in the city-wide Liverpool area agreement. Click on the headings below to
view them.

   Economic development and enterprise
   Safer, stronger communities
   Children and young people
   Healthier communities and older people

Use the links below to view (links will become live once the document has been approved):

   the complete South Liverpool NA
   Appendix 1 – measures and targets
   Appendix 2 – data on local issues
   Appendix 3 – model template for action plans / work programmes for the neighbourhood
    partnership working groups

Governance, delivery and performance monitoring of South Liverpool NA

The political leadership required to oversee the implementation of the agreement will be
provided by the eighteen councillors of the South Liverpool neighbourhood. They will also
hold all partners to account for their performance. The committee, including advisory
members, will meet three times a year to monitor and review progress, including that
against the measures in Appendix 1.

The agreement doesn’t set out all the actions that will be taken to achieve the
neighbourhood’s priorities. These will be defined and driven through the various theme-
based neighbourhood partnership working groups to be established within the
neighbourhood, and made up of council staff, partner agencies and local councillors. The
South Liverpool six-ward committee has agreed that the following working groups will be

   economic development and enterprise
   safer, stronger communities
   children and young people
   healthier communities and older people
   physical regeneration.

During the coming year, these groups will be formed by combining together, where
necessary, any current structures, and will devise their own work programmes and report on
their progress to the South Liverpool six-ward committee.

The co-ordination of the agreement will be carried out by the South Liverpool
neighbourhood management service, with the neighbourhood manager, Christine Peach,
having overall operational responsibility. The neighbourhood team can be contacted on
0151 233 3018 or via email at:

Further information on South Liverpool’s theme-based neighbourhood partnership working
groups and performance reports will be posted here when it becomes available.