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					                                                                          CUP Title List - FBF October 2009
   ISBN13                  Author                                 Title                            Subtitle            Cover

9780521509718   Martin Kitchen; Simon Fraser University, Desert Columbia
                                             Rommel's British War                                                      Africa, 1941–1943
                                                                                          Waging World War II in North HB
9780521608435                                World War
                Evan Mawdsley; University of Glasgow II                                   A New History                 PB
9780521895545   Ronald Stoyan                 Atlas of the Messier Objects                Highlights of the Deep Sky    HB
9780521728591   Paul E. Kinzer                Stargazing Basics                                                         PB
                                                                                          Getting Started in Recreational Astronomy
9780521721707   Stephen James O'Meara                                                 A Simple Guide to the        PB
                                              Stephen James O'Meara's Observing the Night Sky with BinocularsHeavens
9780521493437   James Mullaney                The Cambridge Double Star Atlas                                           PB
9780521684354   Ian Ridpath                   The Monthly Sky Guide                                                     PB
9780521714945                                  Pomona College, California
                Edited by Kevin J. H. Dettmar;The Cambridge Companion to Bob Dylan                                      PB
9780521519809                                 Native American Drama
                Christy Stanlake; United States Naval Academy, Maryland                   A Critical Perspective        HB
9780521736299   Pita Kelekna                  The Horse in Human History                                                PB
9780521513449                                Legal Revision
                Bernard M. Levinson; University of Minnesota and Religious Renewal in Ancient Israel                    HB
9780521860857                                 Digital Image Channel Islands
                Geoff Dougherty; California State University,Processing for Medical Applications                        HB
9780521509602                                 Lung Mechanics
                Jason H. T. Bates; University of Vermont                                                             HB
                                                                                          An Inverse Modeling Approach
9780521711937                                 Biotechnology
                John E. Smith; University of Strathclyde                                                                PB
9780521851206   William L. Sachs              Homosexuality and the Crisis of Anglicanism                               HB
9780521811064                                The University History of
                Edited by Miri Rubin; Queen Mary, Cambridgeof London Christianity                                       HB
9780521690331   William James Burroughs       Climate Change                              A Multidisciplinary Approach PB
9780521709163                              Global Warming
                John Houghton; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change                  The Complete Briefing         PB
9780521661669   Bernard Rosenthal             Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt                                           HB
9780521876131                                A First Course in Digital
                Ha H. Nguyen; University of Saskatchewan, Canada Communications                                         HB
9780521897211                               Anti-Cartel Mary, University of London
                General editor Maher M. Dabbah; Queen Enforcement Worldwide 3 Volume Set                                HB
9780521888950                                Protein Interaction Networks
                Aidong Zhang; State University of New York, Buffalo                       Computational Analysis        HB
9780521509787   Peter Holgate                 Accounting Principles for Non-Executive Directors                         HB
9780521844994   Jennifer A. Zerk                                                        Limitations and Opportunities HB
                                              Multinationals and Corporate Social Responsibility                      in International Law
9780521871068   Edited by Ken Rushton         The Business Case for Corporate Governance                                HB
9780521864596                                  Bialystok, Gravitational-Wave Data
                Piotr Jaranowski; University ofAnalysis of Poland                                                       HB
9780521756709   Edited by Ellen L. Lutz       Prosecuting Heads of State                                                PB
9780521693172                               The Cambridge
                Paul Henderson; University College London Handbook of Earth Science Data                                PB
9780521879286                                  Against Intellectual Monopoly
                Michele Boldrin; University of Minnesota                                                                HB
9780521741224                               Global Crises, Global Solutions
                Edited by Bjørn Lomborg; Copenhagen Business School                       Costs and Benefits            PB
9780521735155                                of Romantic and Political
                Richard Bronk; London SchoolTheEconomicsEconomist Science                 Imagination in Economics      PB
9780521429627                                Dynamics of
                Joseph L. McCauley; University of Houston Markets                                                   HB
                                                                                          The New Financial Economics
9780521832946                                  Fundamentals of
                Yuan Taur; University of California, San Diego Modern VLSI Devices                                      HB
9780521729796                              A Student's Writing Guide
                Gordon Taylor; Monash University, Victoria                                                           PB
                                                                                          How to Plan and Write Successful Essays
9780521709170                                English Words
                Donka Minkova; University of California, Los Angeles                      History and Structure         PB
9780521111034                                 Shakespeare Dame
                Edited by Peter Holland; University of Notre Survey                                                  HB
                                                                                          Close Encounters with Shakespeare's Text
9780521727327                                Why We
                Mike Hulme; University of East Anglia Disagree About Climate Change                                   PB
                                                                                          Understanding Controversy, Inaction and Opportunity
9780521828703                                Our Changing Planet
                Edited by Michael D. King; NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center               The View from Space           HB
9780521677882                                  University of Bristol
                Edited by Elizabeth Archibald; The Cambridge Companion to the Arthurian Legend                          PB
9780521604000                                The Politics of Spain
                Richard Gunther; Ohio State University                                                                  PB
9780521796644   John Watts; Corpus Christi College, Oxford Polities
                                             The Making of                                Europe, 1300–1500             PB
9780521746120                                A History of                                From Earliest Set
                A. R. Disney; La Trobe University, Victoria Portugal and the Portuguese Empire 2 vol. PBTimes to 1807 PB
9780521137249                                 Cosmopolitan
                Richard J. Evans; University of Cambridge Islanders                                                     PB
                                                                                          British Historians and the European Continent
9780521832311                               The Cambridge History
                Edited by Jonathan Shepard; University of Cambridge of the Byzantine Empire c.500–1492                  HB
9780521717786                                German Histories in the
                Thomas A. Brady Jr.; University of California, BerkeleyAge of Reformations, 1400–1650                   PB
9780521324885   Derek Beales                  Joseph II                                                                 HB
9780521747875                               The Hammer
                Christopher S. Mackay; University of Albertaof Witches                                                 Malleus Maleficarum
                                                                                          A Complete Translation of thePB
9780521517577                                University of Essex
                Edited by Gordon Chancellor; Charles Darwin's Notebooks from the Voyage of the Beagle                     HB
9780521762144                                    The Fall
                Alistair Milne; City University, London of the House of Credit                                        and
                                                                                            What Went Wrong in BankingHB What can be Done to Repa
9780521878586                                 Building College Apparatus
                John H. Moore; University of Maryland,ScientificPark                                                      HB
9780521140027   Gordon Fraser                  The New Physics                              For the Twenty-First Century PB
9780521719780                                 How
                Kevin Houston; University of Leeds to Think Like a Mathematician                                      PB
                                                                                            A Companion to Undergraduate Mathematics
9780521731638                                 Naive Decision Making
                T. W. Körner; University of Cambridge                                                                   PB
                                                                                            Mathematics Applied to the Social World
9780521747011   Martin Gardner                                                                                       PB
                                               Sphere Packing, Lewis Carroll, and Reversi Martin Gardner's New Mathematical Diversions
9780521862288                                   Isotope du Globe
                Claude J. Allègre; Institut de PhysiqueGeology de Paris                                                   HB
9781840972405                                 Arabian Boundaries New Documents 1966–1975 18 Volume Set
                Edited by Richard Schofield; King's College London                                                        HB
9780521850995   Thomas Benjamin; Central Michigan University
                                           The Atlantic World                               Europeans, Africans, Indians and Their Shared History, 1400–
9780521616492   Thomas Benjamin; Central Michigan University
                                           The Atlantic World                               Europeans, Africans, Indians and Their Shared History, 1400–
9780521849265                                The Cambridge History of Inner Asia         The Chinggisid Age
                Edited by Nicola Di Cosmo; Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey                            HB
9780521735681   Gordon T. Stewart; Michigan State University
                                             Journeys to Empire                             Enlightenment, Imperialism, and the British Encounter with Tib
9780521868273                                  The British Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective
                Robert C. Allen; University of Oxford                                                                     HB
9780521687850                                  The British Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective
                Robert C. Allen; University of Oxford                                                                     PB
9780521886765                                  Cambridge
                Quentin Skinner; University of Hobbes and Republican Liberty                                              HB
9780521711845                               The Cambridge Companion to Darwin
                Edited by Jonathan Hodge; University of Leeds                                                             PB
9780521699181                                 Remarkable Biologists
                Ioan James; University of Oxford                                            From Ray to Hamilton          PB
9780521716246                                  Civilising Globalisation
                David Kinley; University of Sydney                                                                      Economy
                                                                                            Human Rights and the Global PB
9780521681117                                 International Business Strategy
                Alain Verbeke; University of Calgary                                                                      Global Corporate Success
                                                                                            Rethinking the Foundations ofPB
9780521709521                                European Financial Markets and
                Jakob de Haan; Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands Institutions                                  PB
9780521880046                                   the Study                                   The                          HB
                Timothy J. Lynch; Institute for After Bushof the Americas, University of London Case for Continuity in American Foreign Policy
9780521678735                                An Montréal
                Wael B. Hallaq; McGill University,Introduction to Islamic Law                                             PB
9780521867931   Samuel Beckett                 The Letters of Samuel Beckett                                              HB
9780521899970                                  of Michigan, Engineers
                William F. Hosford; University Materials for Ann Arbor                                                    HB
9780980232714                                 Institute of to Linear Algebra
                Gilbert Strang; MassachusettsIntroduction Technology                                                      HB
9780521695206   Lindsey D. Allan               Fetal Echocardiography                       A Practical Guide             HB
9780521519151                                Fundamentals of Medical Imaging
                Paul Suetens; University Hospital Leuven, Belgium                                                         HB
9780521881593                                of Washington
                Thomas J. Lawton; University Breast                                                                       HB
9780521727082                                 Sexual Politics in Modern Iran
                Janet Afary; Purdue University, Indiana                                                                   PB
9780521678742                                Sharī'a
                Wael B. Hallaq; McGill University, Montréal                                                              PB
                                                                                            Theory, Practice, Transformations
9780521737432                              The College, Bronxville, New York
                Fawaz A. Gerges; Sarah LawrenceFar Enemy                                    Why Jihad Went Global         PB
9780521695381                               The Cambridge Companion to Eighteenth-Century Opera
                Edited by Anthony R. DelDonna; Georgetown University, Washington DC                                       PB
9780521716598   Edited by David Eden           The Cambridge Companion to Gilbert and Sullivan                            PB
9780521877428                                Cambridge Handbook of Culture, Organizations, and Work
                Edited by Rabi S. Bhagat; University of Memphis                                                           HB
9780521709781                                Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support
                Simon French; University of Manchester                                                                    PB
9780521709125                                  The Philosophy of Death
                Steven Luper; Trinity University, Texas                                                                   PB
9780521672221                                 What Philosophers
                Gary Gutting; University of Notre Dame, Indiana Know                                                    PB
                                                                                            Case Studies in Recent Analytic Philosophy
9780521585071   Gary W. Kronk                  Cometography                                 A Catalog of Comets           HB
9780521532839                               Institute, Life in the
                Robert Jastrow; Mount WilsonOrigins of Pasadena Universe                                                  PB
9780521519274   Curt Suplee                    The Plasma Universe                                                        PB
9780521725965                                Python for Software Design
                Allen B. Downey; Olin College of Engineering, Massachusetts                                            PB
                                                                                            How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
9780521699563                                 Back to Life, Back to Normality
                Douglas Turkington; University of Newcastle upon Tyne                                                   PB
                                                                                            Cognitive Therapy, Recovery and Psychosis
9780521673761                                 Stahl's Essential Psychopharmacology
                Stephen M. Stahl; University of California, San Diego                                                    PB
                                                                                            Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications
9780521758529                                 Stahl's Illustrated Antidepressants
                Stephen M. Stahl; University of California, San Diego                                                     PB
9780521758505                                 Stahl's Illustrated Antipsychotics
                Stephen M. Stahl; University of California, San Diego                                                     PB
9780521758499                                 Stahl's Illustrated Mood
                Stephen M. Stahl; University of California, San Diego Stabilizers                                         PB
9780521743990                                 The Prescriber's Guide
                Stephen Stahl; University of California, San Diego                                                        PB
9780521743969                                 The Prescriber's Guide,
                Stephen M. Stahl; University of California, San Diego Antidepressants                                     PB
9780521759007                                 The Prescriber's Guide,
                Stephen M. Stahl; University of California, San Diego Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers                 PB
9780521732932                                 First Language
                Eve V. Clark; Stanford University, California Acquisition                                                 PB
9780521732307                              The Massachusetts
                Jerome Kagan; Harvard University,Three Cultures                                                          PB
                                                                                            Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Humanities in the
9780521736169                                 An Introduction to International Institutional Law
                Jan Klabbers; University of Helsinki                                                                     PB
9780521728140                                International
                Malcolm N. Shaw; University of Leicester Law                                                             PB
9780521889025                              Alternative Christs
                Edited by Olav Hammer; University of Southern Denmark                                                    HB
9780521695367                                of Introduction to Shamanism
                Thomas A. DuBois; University An Wisconsin, Madison                                                       PB
9780521872898   Edited by Larry I. Lipshultz   Infertility in the Male                                                   HB
9780521889742                                Radio-Frequency Electronics
                Jon B. Hagen; Cornell University, New York                                  Circuits and Applications    HB
9780521745802                                 How Modernity Forgets
                Paul Connerton; University of Cambridge                                                                  PB
9780521759151   Chris Baker                    A History of Thailand                                                     PB
9780521617581                                A History of
                Michael W. Charney; University of London Modern Burma                                                    PB
9780521680035                              A Quantitative Tour of the Social Sciences
                Edited by Andrew Gelman; Columbia University, New York                                                   PB
9780521540261                                  The
                Eric Weitz; Trinity College, Dublin Cambridge Introduction to Comedy                                     PB
9780521608558                             An Introduction Dame, Indiana
                Lawrence S. Cunningham; University of Notre to Catholicism                                               PB
9780521692724                                 The Cambridge Companion to John Henry Newman
                Edited by Ian Ker; St Benet's Hall, Oxford                                                               PB
9780521880329                             A First Course in String Theory
                Barton Zwiebach; Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                   HB
9780521111997                               Michelangelo
                William Wallace; Washington University, St Louis                                                          HB
                                                                                            The Artist, the Man and his Times
9780521882217   Farooq Khan                    LTE for 4G Mobile Broadband                                               HB
                                                                                            Air Interface Technologies and Performance
BF October 2009
         Pub Date          Price                                 Subject

        03-Sep-2009    £     25.00 20C European history
        03-Sep-2009    £     16.99 20C history (general)
        06-Nov-2008    £     35.00 Amateur and popular astronomy
        09-Oct-2008    £     11.99 Amateur and popular astronomy
        09-Oct-2008    £     19.99 Amateur and popular astronomy
        19-Feb-2009    £     27.50 Amateur and popular astronomy
        23-Nov-2006    £     10.99 Amateur and popular astronomy
        19-Feb-2009    £     14.99 American literature
        13-Aug-2009    £     55.00 American theatre
        11-Jun-2009    £     19.99 Archaeology of Europe, Near and Middle East
        16-Oct-2008    £     45.00 Biblical studies - New Testament
        09-Apr-2009    £     45.00 Biomedical engineering
        30-Jul-2009    £     40.00 Biomedical engineering
        08-Jan-2009    £     22.99 Biotechnology
        13-Aug-2009    £     55.00 Church history
        02-Jul-2009    £    100.00 Church history
        15-Nov-2007    £     29.99 Climatology and climate change
        16-Apr-2009    £     24.99 Climatology and climate change
        26-Mar-2009    £     85.00 Colonial American history
        28-May-2009    £     40.00 Communications and signal processing
        20-Aug-2009    £    495.00 Competition law, anti-trust law
        11-Jun-2009    £     40.00 Computational biology and bioinformatics
        05-Mar-2009    £     85.00 Corporate law, commercial law, company law
        09-Nov-2006    £     53.00 Corporate law, commercial law, company law
        31-Jul-2008    £     80.00 Corporate law, commercial law, company law
        27-Aug-2009    £     70.00 Cosmology, relativity and gravitation
        28-May-2009    £     16.99 Criminal law
        11-Jun-2009    £     17.99 Earth and environmental sciences (general)
        02-Oct-2008    £     17.99 Economics (general)
        09-Jul-2009    £     21.99 Economics (general)
        05-Feb-2009    £     17.99 Economics (general)
        03-Sep-2009    £     40.00 Econophysics and financial physics
        06-Aug-2009    £     45.00 Electronic, optoelectronic devices, and nanotechnology
        07-May-2009    £      9.99 English language, linguistics (general)
        19-Mar-2009    £     19.99 English language, linguistics (general)
       c.31-Oct-2009   £     65.00 English literature - Renaissance and early modern to 1700
        30-Apr-2009    £     15.99 Environmental economics
        25-Oct-2007    £     27.99 Environmental science
        10-Sep-2009    £     17.99 European and world literature (general)
        22-Jan-2009    £     15.99 European government, politics, policy
        07-May-2009    £     17.99 European history - 1000 - 1450
        11-Jun-2009    £     31.99 European history (general)
        14-May-2009    £     12.99 European history (general)
        08-Jan-2009    £    120.00 European history (general)
       c.31-Oct-2009   £     17.99 European history after 1450
        09-Apr-2009    £     80.00 European history after 1450
        28-May-2009    £     17.99 European literature
 02-Jul-2009    £     85.00 Evolutionary biology
 09-Jul-2009    £     19.99 Finance, accountancy
25-Jun-2009     £     45.00 General and classical physics
06-Aug-2009     £     22.99 General and classical physics
12-Feb-2009     £     18.99 General and recreational mathematics
16-Oct-2008     £     21.99 General and recreational mathematics
c.31-Oct-2009   £      9.99 General and recreational mathematics
04-Dec-2008     £     40.00 Geochemistry and environmental chemistry
04-Jun-2009     £ 5,995.00 History (general), world history
14-May-2009     £     60.00 History (general), world history
14-May-2009     £     24.99 History (general), world history
27-Aug-2009     £   110.00 History (general), world history
04-Jun-2009     £     18.99 History of Britain after 1450
09-Apr-2009     £     45.00 History of Britain after 1450
09-Apr-2009     £     16.99 History of Britain after 1450
21-Feb-2008     £     35.00 History of ideas
05-Mar-2009     £     19.99 History of philosophy
28-May-2009     £     24.99 History of science (general)
13-Aug-2009     £     22.99 Human rights
15-Jan-2009     £     34.99 International business
15-Jan-2009     £     27.99 International economics
 03-Jul-2008    £     20.00 International relations, international organisations
 09-Jul-2009    £     17.99 Law (general)
05-Feb-2009     £     30.00 Literature - editions, texts
06-Nov-2008     £     39.99 Materials science and engineering
10-Feb-2009     £     53.00 Mathematical modelling and methods
 02-Jul-2009    £     95.00 Medical imaging
06-Aug-2009     £     75.00 Medical imaging
11-Jun-2009     £     80.00 Medical science, laboratory science, pa thology
09-Apr-2009     £     18.99 Middle East history
16-Apr-2009     £     35.00 Middle East history
11-Jun-2009     £     16.99 Middle East history
25-Jun-2009     £     19.99 Opera
06-Aug-2009     £     14.99 Opera
04-Jun-2009     £     80.00 Organisation studies
 30-Jul-2009    £     34.99 Organisation studies
28-May-2009     £     16.99 Philosophy (general)
02-Apr-2009     £     17.99 Philosophy (general)
11-Dec-2008     £   150.00 Planetary science
23-Oct-2008     £     24.99 Planetary science and astrobiology
10-Sep-2009     £     12.99 Plasma physics and fusion physics
28-May-2009     £     22.99 Programming languages and applied logic
12-Mar-2009     £     13.99 Psychiatry, clinical and health psychology
27-Mar-2008     £     45.00 Psychiatry, clinical and health psychology
28-May-2009     £     24.99 Psychiatry, clinical and health psychology
28-May-2009     £     24.99 Psychiatry, clinical and health psychology
04-Jun-2009     £     24.99 Psychiatry, clinical and health psychology
25-Jun-2009     £     43.00 Psychiatry, clinical and health psychology
25-Jun-2009     £     22.99 Psychiatry, clinical and health psychology
25-Jun-2009     £     21.99 Psychiatry, clinical and health psychology
22-Jan-2009     £     23.99 Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics
25-Jun-2009     £     13.99 Psychology (general)
14-May-2009     £    32.00 Public international law
13-Nov-2008     £    38.00 Public international law
06-Aug-2009     £    55.00 Religion (general)
14-May-2009     £    17.99 Religion (general)
c.31-Oct-2009   £   130.00 Reproductive medicine
11-Jun-2009     £    40.00 RF and microwave engineering
 30-Jul-2009    £    15.99 Social, cultural anthropology
27-Aug-2009     £    16.99 South-East Asian government, politics, policy
22-Jan-2009     £    14.99 South-East Asian history
11-Jun-2009     £    17.99 Statistics and applied probability
 16-Apr-2009    £    15.99 Theatre (general)
05-Mar-2009     £    15.99 Theology
 02-Apr-2009    £    17.99 Theology
22-Jan-2009     £    40.00 Theoretical physics and mathematical physics
c.31-Dec-2009   £    19.99 Western art
26-Mar-2009     £    50.00 Wireless communications