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					Vacancy post-doc position ecosystem modelling

Wageningen IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies, part of the Wageningen
University and Research Centre), the Royal NIOZ (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and the
NIOO-CEME (Netherlands Institute for Ecology, Centre for Estuarine and Marine Ecology) take part in the
NWO (Dutch Society for Scientific Research)-project "Changing Carrying Capacity of the Wadden Sea and
the North Sea coastal zone", from 2008-beginning of 2013.

The subproject "Wadden Sea ecosystem data assimilation and integrated modelling" aims at a numerical
integration of physical, chemical and biological processes by development and application of ecosystem
models. This subproject is central-positioned regarding other sub-groups that deal with monitoring from
nutrients to highest trophic level organisms or that study in detail parts of the Wadden-sea system.
The modelling project started mid 2008 and builds on present knowledge on physical and ecological
modelling in the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. Presently, the team consists of the three project leaders,
one physician and one post-doc working on the theme "physical model development and data-assimilation".

We intend to construct fine-scaled physical models, in which ecological descriptions will be embedded. Data
assimilation techniques will be applied to extrapolate monitoring data in time and in space. The numerical
model will be used to address a number of research questions formulated together with other members of
the NWO project. See: for the ecosystem
modelling project, and for an overview
of all ZKO-carrying capacity projects.

We are now looking for a post-doc who will be responsible for the realization of the biological and chemical
modelling, the implementation of process descriptions and the development plus application of new
algorithms, methods and principles.

We expect the candidate to have a background in mathematical biology, ecology or engineering,
preferentially with:
- experience in programming and software engineering
- experience with complex models
- knowledge of biological and chemical processes
- parameter estimation expertise
- willingness to work intensively together within the project team

Relevant research questions to be answered with the model are, among others, what the possible effects
are of nutrient emission reductions, of shellfish fisheries, of the presence or absence of mussel beds or other
structures and of long and short term changes in the adjacent North Sea.

Languages: fluently speaking Dutch, English or German.

The 3-years period of appointment at Wageningen IMARES is from about medio 2009 to medio 2012, and
will be situated at the island Texel.

The vacancy will be open until a suitable candidate has been recruited.

For further inquiries please contact the project leader Dr. Ir AG (Bert) Brinkman (PO Box 167 1790 AD Den
Burg The Netherlands, +31 317 487073, or the other project members: drs P (Piet)
Ruardij (+31 222 369475) or Prof Dr K (Karline) Soetaert (+31 113-577 487).

Applications should be send to. J.M. de Graaff, HRM Officer: