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									Unit 6B Spreadsheet modelling                                                                                                     IT
                                                                                                                                Year 6
In this unit children learn to use a spreadsheet to explore a mathematical model.
Children will be taught to use formulae in spreadsheets to answer ‘what if ...?’ questions. They will explore how changes in a spreadsheet affect
results and identify simple rules.
Children will apply what they have learnt in this unit when exploring mathematical and scientific models.
Integrated task: to change the data and formulae in a spreadsheet to answer ‘what if ...?’ questions and check predictions

WHERE THE UNIT FITS IN                                TECHNICAL VOCABULARY                              RESOURCES
This unit builds on Unit 5D ‘Introduction to             spreadsheet                                    spreadsheet software
spreadsheets’.                                           cell                                           a variety of receipts
This unit assumes that children:                         formula                                       Additional Resources:
                                                         calculate                                      Excel
 can calculate total costs
                                                         data                                           Textease
 can recognise number patterns
                                                         model
know the formula for the area of a rectangle.
                                                      Additional vocabulary:
                                                       function
                                                       model
                                                       format cells
                                                       label

EXPECTATIONS at the end of this unit
most children will:                                   explore the effects of changing data in a spreadsheet
some children will not have                           use a spreadsheet to calculate totals
made so much progress and will:
some children will have                               explore the effects of changing data in a spreadsheet; make predictions and use a
progressed further and will:                          spreadsheet to test them

I know statements:                                                                                      What the children already
I know how to enter formulae, change data and predict the results.                                      know:
I know how to edit formulae.
I know how to copy formulae to create tables of results.
I know how to format cells to fix the number of decimal places.
I know how to select an area of the sheet and produce a graph.
I know how to set up a spreadsheet to model a mathematical investigation.                               Success criteria:

Thinking questions:
Did a spreadsheet make it easier to carry out mathematical investigations?
How useful was it to add a formula?
Could you use a spreadsheet to solve other problems?                                                    Assessment opportunities:

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