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Jennifer Personette

April 17, 2009

English 180-05

Dr. P. Scheckner

                                   Fahrenheit 9/11

       Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 has been talked about almost

everywhere, endlessly debated by our cable news providers, written about in

newspapers and op-ed columns across the country, and most notably discussed

by President Bush and referenced by Osama Bin Laden. Needless to say,

Michael Moore and his most recent documentary have brought some information

to the table that needs to be discussed. Supporters and critics would agree that

such talk and hype, good or bad, makes the film a success. Opposition to the film

would say that Fahrenheit is a personal attack on President Bush. Both "parties"

have a good argument, and have made those arguments since the first talk of the

movie being produced.

       In Michael Moore's movie, he leads an above-ground assault on the Bush

Presidency, questioning his legitimacy, his character, his abilities, and, most of

all, his attempt to fight terror through the war in Iraq. His method of attack is by

trying to bring to light the facts that those in power have tried to suppress .

       The movie discusses the questionable election victory in Florida, Bush's

slacking in office pre-9/11, the startling relationship between the Bush family and

the Bin Ladens, the profiteering opportunities brought by a war on Iraq, the
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breaches of civil liberties in the Patriot Act, the lies about Iraq's Weapons of Mass

Destruction and links to al Qaeda. Documenting information very carefully and

closely, he is just as critical of President Clinton and others for certain policies.

Another aspect of the war on terror that Moore has a problem with is the airline

restrictions. Moore explains what many have already came forward and said,

"President Bush did not listen to the intelligenc
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