Safety Rules Medical Microbiology Lab by cxl16451


									                                       Safety Rules
                                Medical Microbiology Lab

In the microbiology laboratory we will be using a number of different species of bacteria. While
some of these bacteria are harmless to humans, many of them can be classified either as
opportunistic pathogens, meaning they can cause disease given the proper set of circumstances,
or as primary pathogens which are known to cause disease. In addition, almost all of the bacteria
we will be working with can cause an infection if introduced onto broken skin. Therefore, a
number of rules must be followed whenever you are in the lab to minimize the chances of
infection and possible disease.

       1. No food (including chewing gum) or drink will be allowed in the lab at
          any time. Either don’t bring it to lab, or dump it before you come in. You
          will not be allowed to simply set your soda or coffee and sticky bun on the
          side bench until the end of class.

       2. Disinfect your benchtop before class to prevent contamination from the
          preceding class, and after class to protect others using this lab. Always
          assume that a surface in the lab is contaminated until you have
          personally disinfected it.

       3. Wash your hands before and after class, and anytime during class that you
          feel it is necessary.

       4. Clean up all spills promptly and clean area with disinfectant.

       5. Cover any cuts, sores, etc..., before coming to class; report any injuries you
          get during lab immediately.

       6. Do not place your fingers in your mouth or eyes until they have been

       7. Do not touch, taste, or smell of any culture unless instructed to do so.

       8. Do not place anything on the benchtop that does not need to be there (ie.,
          books, purses, backpacks, etc...).

       9. Properly dispose of all waste materials as instructed.

These rules are for your protection as well as the protection of others. Please note that repeated
failure to follow these rules will result in points being deducted from your grade.

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