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									                                                          TCA - Electrical Technician 10                                       ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS
AUTOMOTIVE                                                AUTO 1700 HVAC System Diagnosis and Repair 1                         An applicant must be a minimum of 17 years of age. All males
                                                          AUTO 1710 Refrigeration System Component Diagnosis 1                 born after 1959 who have attained the age of 18 must submit
TECHNOLOGY                                                and Repair                                                           proof of registration with Selective Service. All applicants born
Technical Diploma                                         AUTO 1720 Heating and Ventilation System Diagnosis 1                 after 1956 must have the college’s immunization form completed
Curriculum Sem. Credit Hours                              Component and Repair                                                 by a physician or the Health Unit prior to entry into college as
ORNT 1000 Freshman Seminar 1                              AUTO 1730 Operating Systems and Related Controls 1                   required by state law and governing board policy.
AUTO 1100 General Engine Diagnosis and Repair 2           AUTO 1740 Refrigerant Recover, Recycling and 1                       ADMISSION PROCEDURES
AUTO 1110 Cylinder Head and Valve Train Diagnosis 1       Handling                                                             An applicant must complete an Application for Admission, pay
and Repair                                                TCA - Heating and Air Conditioning 5                                 the $5 application fee, a $15 testing fee, submit all required
AUTO 1120 Engine Block Assembly Diagnosis and 1           Technician                                                           transcripts, take the placement exam, and attend a formal
Repair                                                    AUTO 1800 General Engine Diagnosis 3                                 orientation.
AUTO 1130 Lubrication and Cooling System Diagnosis 1      AUTO 1810 Computerized Engine Controls Diagnosis 3                   EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS
and Repair                                                and Repair                                                           A high school diploma or GED is not required but recommended
TCA - Engine Repair Technician 6                          AUTO 1820 Ignition Systems Diagnosis and Repair 2                    for the Technical Diploma exit of this program. Applicants must
AUTO 1200 General Transmission and Transaxle 1            AUTO 1830 Fuel, Air Induction, and Exhaust Systems 2                 meet minimum test score requirements in reading, math, and
Diagnosis                                                 AUTO 1840 Emissions Systems Diagnosis and Repair 3                   writing on the placement exam. Should the applicant score below
AUTO 1210 Transmission and Transaxle Maintenance 1        AUTO 1850 Engine Related Services 2                                  this minimum, the applicant will be enrolled in Developmental
AUTO 1220 In Vehicle Repair 1                             TCA - Engine Performance Technician 15                               Studies courses in those areas of deficiency and must continue to
AUTO 1230 Off-Vehicle Transmission and Transaxle 1        JOBS 2450 Job Seeking Skills 2                                       take these courses until successful completion.
Repair I                                                  CPTR 1000 Introduction to Computers 2                                TRANSFER OF CREDITS
AUTO 1240 Off-Vehicle Transmission and Transaxle 1        TD - Automotive Technician 60                                        Louisiana Technical College, Alexandria Campus accepts course
Repair II                                                 Electives:                                                           credits from other state universities and colleges if the course
TCA - Automatic Transmission & 5                          AUTO 2991 Special Projects I 1                                       content coincides with the required curriculum. A student
Transaxle Technician                                      AUTO 2993 Special Projects II 2                                      transferring from another state technical college in the Louisiana
AUTO 1300 Drive Train and Clutch Diagnosis and 1          AUTO 2995 Special Projects III 3                                     Technical College System in the same program can get full credit
Repair                                                    AUTO 2996 Special Projects IV 3                                      for courses successfully completed.
AUTO 1310 Transmission and Transaxle Diagnosis 1          AUTO 2997 Practicum 3                                                STUDENT PERFORMANCE/GRADUATION
and Repair                                                AUTO 2999 Cooperative Education 3                                    REQUIREMENTS
AUTO 1320 Drive and Half Shaft and Universal 1            MISSION OF PROGRAM                                                   All students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to remain
Joint Repair                                              The mission of the Automotive Technology program is to provide       in good standing with the college. All courses in a curriculum
AUTO 1330 Drive Axle Diagnosis and Repair 1               specialized classroom instruction and practical shop experience to   must be completed in order for the student to qualify for
AUTO 1340 Four and All Wheel Drive Diagnosis 1            prepare individuals for employment as entry-level automotive         graduation from a program.
and Repair                                                mechanics.                                                           SPECIAL NEEDS
TCA - Manual Drive Train Technician 5                     PROGRAM DESCRIPTION                                                  Developmental Studies in basic skills are provided for students
AUTO 1400 General Steering and Suspension 1               This program prepares individuals to select, safely use, and         who have deficiencies in one or more of the basic skills. Services
Diagnosis                                                 maintain hand and power tools, jacks, and hoisting equipment.        are provided for special assistance to students with disabilities.
AUTO 1410 Steering System Diagnosis and Repair 1          Instruction in the diagnosis of malfunction and the repair of        CLASS HOURS
AUTO 1420 Suspension Systems Diagnosis and Repair 1       engines; electrical, cooling, and brake systems; drive train; and    Classes are available from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Monday -
AUTO 1430 Wheel Alignment Diagnosis and Repair 1          suspension systems is included. The competencies in the              Friday.
AUTO 1440 Wheel and Tire Diagnosis and Repair 1           automotive technology program directly correlate with                LENGTH OF PROGRAM
TCA - Steering & Suspension Technician 5                  the knowledge required to prepare an individual for the              This program is 60 semester credit hours. Applicants are accepted
AUTO 1500 Hydraulic Systems and Repair 1                  certification test given by the National Institute for Automotive    into classes each semester on a first-come, first-served basis
AUTO 1510 Drum Brake Diagnosis and Repair 1               Service Excellence                                                   according to date of application.
AUTO 1520 Disc Brake Diagnosis and Repair 1               (ASE). The course content is organized into competency-based         FINANCIAL AID
AUTO 1530 Power Assist Diagnosis and Repair 1             courses of instruction that specify occupational competencies the    The college accepts and assists students who qualify for financial
AUTO 1540 Antilock and Traction Diagnosis 1               individual must successfully complete according to the priorities    aid programs. A complete list of these programs can be found in
and Repair                                                for tasks established by the National Automotive Technician          the financial aid packet.
TCA - Brake Technician 5                                  Education Foundation (NATEF).                                        JOB PLACEMENT
AUTO 1600 General Electrical System Diagnosis 2           EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES                                             The college has a Job Placement Coordinator to assist students in
AUTO 1610 Battery Diagnosis and Repair 1                  Upon completion of the program, graduates can find employment        job placement. The college maintains excellent rapport with
AUTO 1620 Starting Systems Diagnosis and Repair 2         as automotive technicians in independent repair shops; service       business and industry throughout the area and placement
AUTO 1630 Charging Systems Diagnosis and Repair 2         departments of dealers and distributors; sales agencies and          information is kept up to date on job opportunities in the area
Curriculum cont. Sem. Credit Hours                        manufacturers of gasoline engines; car leasing companies; federal,   served.
AUTO 1640 Lighting Systems, Gauges, Warning Devices 1     state, and local governments’ vehicle maintenance depots; electric
and Driver Information Diagnosis and Repair               power plants; fuel injection repair shops; car garages; electrical
AUTO 1650 Horn and Wiper/Washer Diagnosis and Repair 1    repair shops and re-manufacturing shops.
AUTO 1660 Electrical Accessories Diagnosis and Repair 1
An application or re-application fee of $5 and a $5 testing fee per
test part is charged for each Application for Admission submitted.
Tuition is paid by the semester. Check the current fee schedule on
the web for program cost.
The college accepts cash, personal checks, company checks,                 Technical Diploma
Mastercard or Visa for all fees. A percentage of tuition and fees
are refundable up to the fourteenth day of instruction. No refund
will be made after the fourteenth day.
The mission of Louisiana Technical College, Alexandria Campus
is to provide a learning environment and experiences in both
preparatory and supplemental training that reflect occupational
trends and meet the needs of the region. This training is designed
to assist students in achieving competency levels that would
render them competitive for entry-level employment in order that
every individual may be afforded an equal opportunity to develop
to his/her full potential.
The objective of Louisiana Technical College, Alexandria
Campus is to provide training which assists students in acquiring
the skills necessary for employment. Special upgrading and
supplementary training are available for those already employed.
Louisiana Technical College, Alexandria Campus is accredited by
the Accrediting Commission of the Council on Occupational
Council on Occupational Education
41 Perimeter Center East, NE Suite 640                                Louisiana Technical College
Atlanta, GA 30346
Phone: (770) 396-3898                                                    Alexandria Campus
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY STATEMENT                                            4311 South MacArthur Dr.
Louisiana Technical College, Alexandria Campus adheres to the
equal opportunity provisions of federal civil rights laws and          Alexandria, Louisiana 71307
regulations that are applicable to this agency. Therefore, no one         Phone: (318) 487-5443
will be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, national
origin (Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964); sex (Title IX of          (318) 487-5690
the Education Amendments of 1972); disability (Section 504 of
the Rehabilitation Act of 1973); or age (Age Discrimination
Act of 1975) in attaining educational goals and objectives and in    
the administration of personnel policies and procedures. Anyone
with questions regarding this policy may contact the Equal
Employment Opportunity Commission at 1-800-669-4000.

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