; Saturday Morning Swap Shop Returns
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Saturday Morning Swap Shop Returns


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									Advanced Notice: Saturday Morning Swap Shop Returns!

Noel Edmonds has made a comeback, so why not Saturday Morning Swap Shop?
Perhaps your old Stylaphone, Girls’ World or tasteful but dated woolly jumper should
be there. Sustainable Wallingford have organised a ‘Swap Shop’ for the 18th
October, in the Regal Centre from 10am – 1pm, where you can bring along all your
unwanted belongings for someone else to pick it up and reuse. The idea is to prevent
this ‘junk’ going to landfill, so clear out your home of unwanted items that may be of
use to someone else.

In the ‘Swap Shop’ no money changes hands, so you will be able to clear out your
unwanted items and acquire useful items free!

‘Swap Shops’ have been working successfully over the country for years, and it’s now
our turn to have a go, so trawl through the shed, garage or loft and bring those ‘useful’
items that you’ve not used for years! Examples of items to bring include books,
clothes, toys, flowerpots, small items of furniture, blankets, pots & pans. Please note
that all items brought along must be non-electrical, non-toxic and non-hazardous.

For more information on the Swap Shop or Sustainable Wallingford itself please
visit our newly launched website www.sustainablewallingford.org or email us at
sustainablewallingford@hotmail.com. If you do not have access to the Internet please
call Lynn on 07799-882062.

Sustainable Wallingford is a newly established volunteer organisation that is
working locally to enable a more sustainable future for Wallingford. We have three
activity streams; to minimise the waste we produce, to encourage local sourcing of
food and to minimise our energy use.

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