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                FULL TIME RETAIL CLERK
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City of Battle Lake
Title: Assistant Liquor Store Manager - Full Time Retail Clerk
Department: Liquor Store
Immediate Supervisor’s Title: Liquor Store Manager

Supervise and direct the sale of liquor, wine, beer, mixes and related products to retail customers,
and assist in maintaining merchandise stocks and store appearance. This position includes all
duties defined for the Retail Clerk in addition to the responsibility of assisting the Liquor Store
Manager with supervising daily operation and assuming some management duties during the
manager’s absence.

Organizational Relationships
Reports to:     Liquor Store Manager
Communicates with:
Internally -   City Clerk
Directs-       Clerks and seasonal stock person as assigned
Provides direction to part-time personnel as directed by manager and during manager’s absence.
This position requires the exercise of independent judgment in assuming duties delegated by
manager. In the absence of manager the Full Time Retail Clerk shall have discretion to make
decisions within defined duties.

Essential Functions
           • Assist in management of liquor store operations as directed. Assist in checking
             daily receipts and preparing bank deposits, approve checks, assist in ordering
             merchandise and fill in for the manager during his absence.
           • Serve liquor store customers. Assist customers when possible by answering
             questions or advising on brands, container sizes, prices, uses, etc. Check IDs,
             monitor store traffic to minimize losses and deal with problem customers as
           • Operate cash register and credit card machine. Ring up sales, calculate deposits,
             make change accurately, and balance cash register tapes and receipts at the end of
             the shift. Package customer purchases and carry out packages when requested.
           • Unload and check-in incoming deliveries; stack as required and move cases to
             proper storage areas.
           • Restock store shelves and cooler; bring replacement stocks from storage and
             arrange shelves in an orderly and attractive manner.
           • Enter invoices into computer and make price changes as needed.
           • Prepare shift schedules and assign personnel for particular duty shifts.
Essential Functions (cont.)
           • Monitor and supervise duty performance of part-time employees.
           • Maintain store appearance. Dust bottles and shelves regularly, sweep and/or
             vacuum floors and clean windows as necessary, assist in arranging displays, etc.
           • Performs other duties as directed. Includes minor maintenance and upkeep
           • Be on call as required by manager and carry store cell phone when on call.
           • Work flexible schedule (days, nights, weekends) as required by manager.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

           •   General knowledge of municipal liquor off-sale store operations and good
               knowledge of liquor and wine varieties and uses.
           •   Sales knowledge and ability to deal effectively with all types of customers.
           •   Some bookkeeping and arithmetic aptitude, including the ability to operate a cash
               register and accurately handle money and balance receipts and enter new invoices
               into computer to maintain inventory control.
           •   Ability to physically lift and handle beverage cases, liquor and kegs of beer
               weighing up to 80-100 pounds.
           •   General awareness of municipal and state liquor regulations.
           •   General capacity to think clearly during potential stressful situations and to
               tactfully and efficiently supervise subordinate employees.

Minimum Qualifications
High School diploma or equivalent; one year experience as cashier with some public contact;
ability to successfully complete alcohol awareness training within six months of employment;
must meet state-mandated age requirement; must be eligible to be bonded; knowledge of small
business operations, including: management, inventory control, purchasing, pricing, marketing,
scheduling, supervisory experience and computer skills.

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