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					                      Suggested Invitation Letter for BUSINESS VISITORS who will

                                  Receive Financial Assistance from U of A

     Business Visitors discuss matters of mutual interest (e.g. informal discussions about research)
     No employer - employee relationship can exist between foreign visitor and U of A host.
     Host may provide minimal financial assistance, but visitor’s place of business, accrual of profits
         main source of overall remuneration and main source of remuneration during the visit, must
         remain outside Canada.
     Before or during foreign visitor’s stay, if there will be changes to: duration of stay, financial
         support, location/type of activities to be carried out, contact U of A Immigration Advisor before
         implementing changes. A separate immigration procedure (and letter) may be required.

<<insert date>>

<<insert name and address>>

Dear <<insert name>>,

I am pleased to invite you to the Department of <<insert name of dept>> as a Business Visitor for a period of
<<insert duration of stay (e.g. three weeks, five months)>> beginning on or about <<insert start date>>.

During your stay, you will <<list activities that will be carried out>>>. These activities will take place in << insert
geographic location(s) where activities will take place (e.g. Edmonton, Banff, various locations in Alberta, etc.) >>

The University of Alberta will provide you with financial assistance in the form of <<As applicable, insert:
reimbursement for receipted accommodation expenses; reimbursement for receipted travel costs; an honorarium of
$(insert dollar value >>. This amount will be in addition to any financial support provided by your home

Foreign nationals who meet the immigration definition of “Business Visitors”, are permitted to enter Canada
without a work permit per regulation 186(a) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. You will, however,
require other documentation.

To enter Canada you must provide Canadian immigration authorities with:
        this letter of invitation
        a valid passport (Some rare exceptions may apply to this requirement, however; we strongly recommend
         that you have a valid passport.)

You may also be required to obtain additional documentation, such as a:
        temporary resident visa (
        police certification (
        medical examination (
        re-entry permit. If you are not a citizen of the country where you currently reside, you may need to obtain
         a separate permit to re-enter that country. Before traveling to Canada, please contact the immigration
         authorities of the country where you reside, to determine whether you will require such a permit.

It is highly recommended that you contact Canadian immigration authorities directly to discuss your planned visit
to Canada. For a list of Canadian Consulates, Embassies and High Commissions, please refer to:

Immigration Processing Fees
All citizens of visa countries ( must obtain temporary resident visas to
enter Canada. Processing fees are charged, however; rates depend on the number of individuals who apply
together, at the same place.
Inviting Non-Canadians to Canada
If, during your stay in Canada, you would like to invite a foreign national to visit, please contact our University
Immigration Advisor at (780) 492-2796 or by e-mailing, prior to extending the

Health Care Insurance
You will be responsible for obtaining and producing proof of medical insurance, prior to coming to Canada.

Before or during your stay in Canada, if there will be changes to: duration of your stay, financial support,
location/type of activities you will carry out, please contact the U of A Immigration Advisor before implementing
these changes.

Please present this letter to the admitting Customs/Immigration Officer at the Canadian border crossing or airport.
To help streamline the admission process, you may wish to notify us in advance of your expected date and time of
arrival so that we can advise the Immigration authorities in Canada.

<<insert closing paragraph>>


<<insert name of U of A Host>>                        <<insert name of Chair/Dean/Director>>

cc Immigration Advisor, Recruitment Services, 2-60 University Terrace

Those who contravene provisions of Section 127 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (i.e., failure to
disclose (1) possession of a criminal record, (2) previous immigration problems, (3) previous illegal work in
Canada, (4) a serious medical condition or history of an applicant or an accompanying dependent, or (5) failure to
report changes of conditions of work since the issuance of a work permit) are liable for prosecution in the criminal
courts of Canada.