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RFU Rugby Ready Course _ Furness RUFC


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									     RFU Rugby Ready Course @ Furness RUFC
                                        Sunday 7th February 2010 – 1-4pm

       Due to the new RFU Coaching Structure the Rugby Ready Course is now a pre requisite to the Level 1 Coaching Award.

                                        The next Level 1 Coaching Course in South Cumbria is on;
                                                        23rd June 2010 – 6:30-9pm
                                                          3rd July 2010 – 9am-5pm
                                                          4th July 2010 – 9am-5pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend this Rugby Ready Award and risk being turned down to attend the RFU Level 1 Coaching Course
                                 above or any others in the Cumbria Coaching Programme in 2010/11.

                              The Rugby Ready Workshop will cover the following aspects of the game;

    Injury Prevention                              Technical Aspects of the Game                Injury Management
         o Pre-participation                             o Tackle                                      o On-field injury management
         o Equipment, environment and                    o Taking the ball into contact                o Emergency plan
              emergency plan                             o Scrum
         o Warm-up and cool-down                         o Line-out
         o Physical conditioning                         o Maul
         o Lifestyle                                     o Ruck
         o Stability and posture

  The course cost is £18 per candidate and can be booked by contacting Jane Cliff – NW Coaching Administrator on 01260 270624 or
janecliff@therfu.com – Please book early to avoid disappointment. Cheques payable to Rugby Football Development Ltd or RFDL and
                   forwarded to Jane Cliff, 1 Alcumlow Cottage, Brook Lane, Astbury, Congleton Cheshire CW12 4TJ

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