HSBC Reward Points Redemption Form

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					HSBC Reward Points Redemption Form
Please fill in the details carefully. Write in block letters. Complete the order form and mail it to: HSBC Card Products Division, Post Bag No. 5080, Chennai - 600 028

Credit cardholder’s name:                                                                                                                                 Date of birth:

Credit card no.       (1):                                                                                     Credit card expiry date:                                    Points:

                      (2):                                                                                     Credit card expiry date:                                    Points

Tick appropriate choice: ■ Jet Privilege - Jet Airways ■ Krisflyer - Singapore Airlines ■ Flying Returns - Air India                  ■ King Club - Kingfisher Airlines

Frequent Flyer membership no.:                                          (To be filled only if you are redeeming your Reward points for Frequent Flyer Miles.)

E-mail:                                                                 Tel No. Residence:                             Office:                            Mobile:

FOR BANK USE ONLY                                                                                                                        Bank Reference No.:

Maintained by:                                                                        Approved by:

Checked by:                                                                                                /

   Sr. No.          Product code                                                     Description                                                      Quantity                Points

I have read the terms and conditions governing the HSBC Rewards Programme and agree to adhere to them.

Credit cardholder’s signature:                                                                                                   Date: