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									Questions and Answers

  1. What is prostate cancer and how dangerous is it?
     Prostate cancer is unique to men. The disease is more prevalent at older
     ages. Early detection of the disease allows for full recovery, and in other
     situations, there are still various treatments which delay the spread of the
     disease for many years.

  2. What is the common medical treatment? How long does it last and
     can full recovery be made?
     The two most common treatments are surgery to remove the prostate or
     various radiation treatments. The surgery lasts a number of hours and the
     recovery process takes between two to three weeks. With both treatments,
     total recovery is possible depending on the stage at which the growth is

  3. What are the short-term implications of treatment? Mid-term?
     During and after the surgery, there can be side effects common to all
     surgeries conducted with anesthesia and after it. Occasionally there is
     certain harm to the organs near the prostate – including the bladder, the
     digestive track and proximate nerves. During the two or three weeks after
     surgery, there will be limited urine output, slight pain and occasional
     bleeding. At the same time, there is no limitation to daily functioning. In
     the long-term, there is generally complete recovery.

  4. At any stage of treatment, in your estimation, will the Prime Minister
     be in a position where he is temporarily unable to fulfill his duties?
     Yes, during the surgery, which is expected to take three hours, and while he
     is recovering from the anesthesia – approximately four or five hours.

  5. Why is the Prime Minister not being treated immediately?
     Following a biopsy, a number of weeks must pass before the surgery. The
     biopsy was carried out only ten days ago (and the results were given 5 days

  6. How much does early detection improve the patient’s status?
     In this case, early detection prevents the progress and spread of the growth
     and allows for treatment which will lead to complete recovery.

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