; FedEx TravelNet is accessed via the FedEx intranet network and
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FedEx TravelNet is accessed via the FedEx intranet network and

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									                                                                                                                                                                                  What features are in FedEx TravelNet?
                                                     TravelNet Tips                                                                                                               FedEx TravelNet has many new features for our
                                                                                                                                                                                  FedEx travelers, including:
                                                                                                                                                                                  One Stop Source of
                                                     Expense Reports:
                                                                                                                                                                                  - Critical Travel Alerts       - Communications
                                                     To access your region’s expense reports, click on the
FedEx TravelNet is accessed via the FedEx intranet                                                                                                                                - Travel News/Features         - Travel Policies
                                                     Regions tab located on the upper navigation bar on
network and FedEx’s Single Sign On (SSO) at                                                                                                                                       - FedEx Office Locations       - Travel Contacts
                                                     the Business TravelNet page. Select your region from
https://hrthome.prod.fedex.com/hrt/                  the dropdown list, and then choose the “Expense                                                                              Variety of traveler focused products
SsoAuthServlet?_SsoTarget_=WTN                       Report” option. This option will take you directly to                                                                        - Weather                    - Maps
  or FedEx Intranet Keyword: travelnet               the correct expense report form for your region.                                                                             - City Guides                - News/Features
                                                                                                                                                                                  - Flight Status              - Airport Status
When logging into FedEx TravelNet, enter the         Hotels:                                                                                                                      - My Trips * (* Business Travel Profile Required)
following information:                               If you are attending a conference or have meetings
    User Name: Your User ID (employee #)             planned at a location for which a preferred hotel is                                                                         New Travel Profile for Business Travelers
    Password: Your LDAP Password                     not convenient, please advise us where you need                                                                              - Stores Personal Contact Information including
                 (e.g. your FedEx email password)    to stay in the Preferred Hotel field. FedEx Global                                                                             your airline, hotel and rental car preference and
                                                     Travel will attempt to accommodate your request or                                                                             rewards program numbers
  1.   To make your business travel easier, the      book you into a hotel nearby.                                                                                                - Safely houses Credit Card Info. for Hotels/Cars
       first thing you should do is complete your                                                                                                                                   guarantees
       business travel profile. (Click on My         Personal TravelNet:                                                                                                          - LDAP integration for work information
       Profile link for your region from the         There is a separate section of TravelNet devoted                                                                             - Profile data available for travel requests, phone,
       Regions tab or from the Business Travel       entirely to Personal Travel. Surf this section to find                                                                         fax and walk in travel requests
       Quick Links.)                                 the latest offerings, policies and processes for         FedEx TravelNet offers FedEx travelers a one-stop                   - Syncs daily with BCD Travel, FedEx’s strategic
                                                     FedEx employees as well as new personal travel           shop for both their business and personal travel                      travel partner
       To use TravelNet, you must use                request forms.                                           needs. Here you'll be able to create and maintain                   - Replaces your old STAR profile so update your
       Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x. For                                                                   your own traveler profile, request travel using new                   TravelNet profile today
                                                     TravelNet Tools:                                         forms, check flight availability and status, search
       more details, go to                           Airline Schedule - Search for upcoming flights
       http://www.infosec.fedex.com/IEstan                                                                    our directories, learn about our preferred partners,                New Travel forms
                                                     using the Airline Schedule tool. You can also view                                                                           - No more “green screen” EMC forms
       dards/index.php                                                                                        and much, much more.
                                                     Seat Maps for some carriers.                                                                                                 - Standardized form for use by the regions
                                                     Flight Status - Search and track flights. It provides
  2.   Your FedEx internet proxy must be set to                                                               FedEx Intranet Keyword: travelnet                                   - Dedicated international team to process regional
                                                     updated flight information including a flight map.                                                                             requests
       allow external sites. Check your settings
                                                     Flight Alerter - Lets you receive up-to-the-minute
                                                     flight and airport alerts via email to your computer,    URL:                                                                Hotel Directory
                                                     Blackberry, cell phone, etc.                             https://hrthome.prod.fedex.com/hrt/SsoAuthServlet?_SsoTarget_=WTN   FedEx’s Preferred Hotel Program Directory
       To check your DNS settings, go to             TravelNet User’s Guide:                                                                                                      - Search by Hotel Location
                                                                                                              Email: travelnet@fedex.com                                          - Search by FedEx Office (major cities only)
       http://www.network.fedex.com/proxy/dn         Click on the HELP icon for the TravelNet User’s
       sloc.cgi?loc=remote                                                                                                                                                        - Mapping including Driving Directions
                                                     Guide and FAQs. Still have a question? Email us at
                                                                                                                                                                                  - Hotel News and Promotions
  3.   If you are going to add the TravelNet
                                                                                                                                                                                  Flight Tools including Airline Schedule, Flight
       URL to your favorites or bookmarks, use
                                                                                                                                                                                  Alerter, Flight Status, and U.S. Airport Status
       this entire URL:
       https://hrthome.prod.fedex.com/hrt/                                                                    FedEx Global Travel                                                 FAQs and TravelNet User’s Guide
       SsoAuthServlet?_SsoTarget_=WTN                                                                         3875 Airways Blvd. Blgd. H – 2nd Floor
                                                                                                              Memphis, TN USA 38116                                               Plus much, much more. Check out FedEx
  4.   To access your region’s page, click on                                                                 (901) 397-2700 / (901) 397-2969 (fax)                               TravelNet often to see the latest in travel news and
       the Regions tab located on the upper                                                                                                                                       technology.
       navigation bar on the Business
       TravelNet page. Then select your
       region from the dropdown list.
                                                                                            Business                                                                                                                  Hotel
                               Travel Profile                                                                                                              My Trips
                                                                                           Travel Form                                                                                                              Directory

Click on the My Profile link for your region under
the Regions tab or the My Profile link from
Business Travel Quick Links.
                                                          Click on the Business Travel Request link for your
Travel Profile Contact Information                        region under the Regions tab.                                                                                            TravelNet’s Preferred Hotel Directory is a robust
                                                                                                                      My Trips displays all of the business trips that the         tool that allows you to search our preferred hotel
On this screen, enter your contact information such                                                                   traveler has booked through FedEx Global Travel. A
                                                          1.   Complete the form including information related                                                                     directory of more than 1300 hotels worldwide. You
as your name as shown on a government issued ID                                                                       traveler can select any trip and view it in more detail
                                                               to the bill-to cost center and organization as well                                                                 can search by hotel property name or chain, city,
(e.g. driver’s license), additional email address, date                                                               by clicking on the [Select Trip] link to the right of each
                                                               as information about your airline, rental car, hotel                                                                airport code, state, and/or country. You can also
of birth (required by the airlines), gender (required                                                                 booked trip.
                                                               and/or train travel needs.                                                                                          search for hotels by FedEx office locations in our
for international travel), home address, emergency
                                                                                                                                                                                   most popular destination cities.
contact information, etc.                                                                                             The My Trips section allows the traveler to view
                                                          2.   Credit card information is needed to guarantee a
                                                                                                                      reserved airline flights, hotel information for the           1.   Click on Hotel Search to “Search for Hotels”
                                                               rental car and/or hotel room and may be needed
Credit Card Information                                                                                               specific leg(s) of their trip, rental car information,             by hotel property name, city, airport code,
                                                               for train travel.
You can enter up to 2 credit cards to be used for                                                                     FedEx office locations, destination city information, a            state, country, and/or chain name. Once the
guaranteeing hotel and rental car reservations. Your      3.   Obtain VP approval for all business travel             5-day weather forecast, and airport information.                   hotel search results appear, you can map up
credit card number is encrypted.                               requests. Travel reservations will not be made                                                                            to 5 hotels by location. To see more details
                                                               without the proper VP approval.                         1.   Only travelers with a Business Travel Profile                about the hotel such as amenities and
Airline Preferences                                                                                                         (MyHRA) can view trips via My Trips. It’s                    address, click on the hotel name/link from the
                                                          4.   Forward the completed request to the designated              quick and easy to update your travel profile.                search results.
Here you can enter your seat, meal, and frequent
flyer program preferences. (Reminder: Only                     email shown on the form or via fax. VP approval                                                                      2.   Click on Hotel Search to “Search for Hotels
                                                               must be included (e.g. either through email or on       2.   Only reservations booked via FedEx Global
Northwest Airlines and Southwest Airlines offer                                                                             Travel will appear. Any reservations (e.g.                   by Office”. Type in the city and/or state.
mileage credit on FedEx discounted/interline                   the form).                                                                                                                Once the search is returned, click the office
                                                                                                                            hotel, rental car) booked directly by the traveler
business travel.)                                                                                                           or his/her designee will not appear in My Trips.             location name to display hotels designated for
                                                          5.   You can request travel on behalf of others. If you                                                                        that FedEx location. (Only our most popular
Hotel Preferences                                              have been authorized to request travel for                                                                                destination cities have been mapped.)
                                                               someone else, proper approvals will still be            3.   To view information related to a different
Enter your hotel room preferences and your hotel               required prior to reservations being made.                   segment/leg than what is being shown on the             3.   Need driving directions or a quick map? Click
frequent stay program name(s) and numbers.                                                                                  “My Trip Information” screen for a specific trip,            on Maps.
                                                                                                                            click on the destination city of the segment that
Rental Car Preferences                                                                                                      you wish to view details about.                         4.   Check out the Hotel News & Hotel
                                                                                                                                                                                         Promotions tabs to see the most current
Enter your rental car preferences and your car
program name and numbers. FedEx’s preferred
rental car partners are Hertz and National Car

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