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									January 2005
                                                 Manly Food Co-op
                                                          Newsletter                                          Edition No. 17
                                                                                           The responsibility of each Board
Recent Changes …                                 New Challenges                            Member is not necessarily to carry out
Hold on to your hats! This edition is
full of important recent changes to the          New Management                            these functions themselves, but to co-
                                                                                           ordinate that area of the Co-op’s
way the Co-op does business ….
                                                 New Initiatives                           activities with the help of other Board
                                                                                           Members and Co-op Member
EFTPOS available                                 Now well established (turning eight in
                                                 April 2005) and widely known in the
For those reluctant to carry cash the            Manly area, the Co-op continues to        2. Internet Banking
Co-op now has Electronic Funds                   face new challenges. These include
Transfer Point-of-Sale (EFTPOS). So                                                        To reduce costs and streamline
                                                 higher overheads and increased
all your Co-op purchases can now be                                                        payments the Board has introduced
                                                 competition from other organic food
billed to either a credit or debit card.                                                   internet banking.
Before agreeing to introduce EFTPOS              However, the Co-op Board has
the Co-op’s Board did have some                  renewed energy and remains
reservations. Of concern was the                 confident in the growing demand for
potential to contribute to the ―credit           waste-free, organic produce. To its
card mentality‖ prevalent in today’s             great benefit the Co-op is able to
society, and the associated debt                 differentiate itself from its
problems this can cause.                         competition. Only at the Co-op can
However, the purchase of food                    you:
(especially unpackaged organic) is not               “Buy healthy food by choosing
generally considered a contributor to                 organic and contribute to a          The Co-op was incurring significant
consumption in excess of people's                   sustainable lifestyle by avoiding      bank charges due to the hundreds of
needs or means. So, in the end, the                             waste”.                    cheques being written to pay wages
Board accepted that EFTPOS could                                                           and suppliers. Internet banking will
provide a useful service, especially to          But to ensure the sustainability of the   reduce these fees and allow quicker
the large cross-section of credit and            Co-op itself, the Board has introduced    and better tracking of our expenditure.
debit cardholders who should be                  a number of changes to keep it on a       We have also improved wage
encouraged to shop at the Co-op.                 sound business footing while still        payment procedures with regard to
                                                 maintaining the fundamental ideals        accuracy and timeliness, and Co-
Although the most economical bank                upon which it was founded.
and fee structure were selected, there                                                     ordinators are now issued pay-slips
are some costs involved in using                 Some of these initiatives include:        (in accordance with award
EFTPOS which the Co-op will pass                                                           requirements).
                                                 1. Board Member Responsibilities
on to its users. Co-op purchases using                                                     3. Award Wages
EFTPOS will attract the following                Each Board Member is now
user-pays fees:                                  responsible for a particular business     From 1 January 2005 all Co-
                                                 function within the Co-op:                ordinators will be paid as part-time
       Credit Card: 2 per cent                                                             employees in accordance with the
                                                         Chairperson                      award conditions.
       Debit Card: 25c per transaction
                                                         Treasurer                        4. Codes of Conduct
                                                         Stock Management                 Codes of Conduct have been
                                                         Volunteer Co-ordinator           introduced for both Board Members
                                                                                           and Co-ordinators.
                                                         Membership Co-ordinator
                                                                                           In accordance with widely accepted
                                                         Staff Management
                                                                                           principles the Codes set out how
                                                         Marketing                        Board Members and Co-ordinators
Thank you to Co-op member Sue Marshall
who undertook the investigation, analysis, and                                             should behave, and include standards
                                                         Secretary
implementation necessary to introduce                                                      for customer service, conflicts of
EFTPOS to the Co-op.                                     Building Management              interest, and financial integrity.

               Manly Food Co-op • non profit community shop • 21b Whistler Street • Manly NSW 2095 • 9977 0177
Page 2                                                                                    Manly Food Co-op Newsletter
                                            Generally considered ―time-rich and
            Wanted                          cash-poor‖, pensioners will still
                                            receive Special Discount Energy                       New Products
                                            Points if they contribute more than the         The Co-op is continually looking for
                                                                                            new products to put on the shelves or
                                            minimum required volunteer hours.
                                                                                                       in the fridge.
                                            c) Energy Points for Cooking – To                    Recent additions include:
                                            guide Co-ordinators, a list of standard
                                            Energy Point entitlements will be                    Hummus – made from mainly
                                            drawn-up to detail how many points                     organic ingredients.
       2 Shop Co-ordinators                 can be allocated for cooking activities.
                                                                                                Dalhousie Certified Organic Jams
         1 Board Member                     A review of the allocation of Energy           – blueberry, fig, marmalade, raspberry.
                                            Points for members cooking cakes etc
                                            (using free Co-op ingredients)
5. Cost Control                             revealed that in many cases the points
                                            allocated cannot be justified by the
                                                                                         Shop Closure
The Co-op is a ―not-for-profit‖                                                          For reasons beyond our control, the
organisation. But it must also budget       sale price of the cakes, and can in fact     Co-op will close its doors for up to
to not make a loss. A review of the         be a loss-making exercise for the Co-        two weeks from 22 January 2005, due
Co-op’s costs identified a number of        op.                                          to the need for repairs to the floor.
areas where the pricing structure
needed to be revised. These include:        Fruit & Veg Boxes                            Volunteers Needed – To help close-
                                                                                         down and then re-open the Co-op, we
a) Member Special Discount –                As a special new service for members
                                            the Co-op recently started selling pre-      need at least 12 Volunteers to help
Special Discount prices are available                                                    move stock and shelves, and to clean
to members who do more volunteer            ordered, $30 and $50 boxes of mixed
                                            fruit and vegetables.                        and paint etc.
work than the minimum requirement.
Cost increases over many years, such        To order, contact the Co-op before           The four days we most need help are:
as those for rent and wages, have           6pm Saturday, specifying the value                     Saturday 22nd January
resulted in a situation where Special       ($30 or $50) and type of box required:                  (afternoon) – to close the
Discount prices no longer cover costs.                                                              shop and start moving stock
Therefore, from 1 January 2005, the                          Fruit
rate of Special Discount will reduce                         Veggie                               Sunday 23rd January (all
from 29.1% to 24.3% – still a                                                                       day) – broken into two shifts
significant discount to reward                               Fruit & Veggie
                                                                                         And, depending on the progress of the
members who do extra work.                  When produce arrives fresh the               floor repairs …
b) Pensioner Discounts – Consistent         following Tuesday, boxes will be
                                            made up and kept in the cool room for                  Saturday 29th January (all
with the philosophy that every                                                                      day) – cleaning, painting etc
member should contribute to the             collection before 6pm.
running of the Co-op, the practice of                                                              Sunday 30th January (all
providing Energy Points to pensioners                                                               day) – relocating stock
without the required contribution of
                                                     Shop Times
                                                   Mon–Sat       10am — 6pm              Closing Down Sale – Prior to closure
volunteer hours will discontinue.                                                        we intend to have a perishable food
                                                                                         sale – so come in for a bargain!
 Manly Food Co-op Newsletter
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                                                                                                               Manly NSW 2095

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