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									                                   ALTO H.264 / MPEG-4 Encoder
                                       Product Fact Sheet

Product           ALTO is the industry’s first two-channel MPEG-4 encoder in a 1RU chassis and
Overview          offers the next step in optimizing bandwidth utilization for digital video broadcast

Product           ALTO provides operators with advanced features and benefits including:
and Business      Video and audio coding gains: ALTO improves bandwidth utilization by more
Benefits          than 50% for MPEG-2 encoding and 30% over the competition while maintaining
                  the high-quality output necessary for cable and IPTV deployments.

                  Programmable: ALTO extends EGT’s legacy of efficient and programmable
                  design, making it an ideal solution for operators looking to expand their service
                  offering, while planning for transitions to fully IP delivered HDTV programming.

                  Pre-processing and pre-filtering capabilities: The effectiveness of ALTO’s
                  advanced encoding algorithms produce the highest quality coded video at the
                  lowest bit rate. SD output is 1MBps and HD output is 6MBps, content

                  Simultaneous ASI and IP outputs: Enables operators to seamlessly transition
                  from ASI networks to IP networks.

Applications       TV over DSL: Allows xDSL operators to provide television services over low
                     bit rate networks.

                   IPTV Video Transport: Allows operators to use advanced IP networks to
                     deliver fully robust and cost effective video services over flexible IP

                   IP Backhaul: Utilizes the flexibility of an IP network to transmit content
                     between remote locations, providing a cost effective alternative to satellite

                   Digital Conversion: Provides operators with superior digital content for
                     optimal bandwidth usage.

Industries        Cable Operators
Served            Telco Video Operators

Technology        H.264 Main Profile @ Level 3 encoding
Supported         Simultaneous ASI and IP transport output
                  Supports CHORUS closed-loop statistical rate control
                  Fully modular with hot-swappable processor and interface hardware
                  Motion compensated temporal filtering, advanced noise filtering

       EGT ALTO                                                                           August 2005
                   Integrated ProMPEG FEC
                   Optional transcoding from MPEG-2
                   Up to four stereo audio channels per video service
                   Intuitive web-based management and SNMP support

Customer           EGT offers standard customer and technical support Monday through Friday
Support            from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST and premium support around the clock.
                   Customers may contact customer support at (866) 348-7778 or

Availability       ALTO is available directly through EGT and through distribution partners in North
                   America, Europe and Asia Pacific. EGT may be contacted at
                   or (404) 591-4800.

Media Contact      Heather Graham
                   Trevelino/Keller Communications Group
                   404.214.0722 x103

        EGT ALTO                                                                        August 2005

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