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									                                                                                         Tax ID #95-4520409

                             Annual Giving Campaign

Parents for Riverside Drive (PFRD) would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to school. As
summer draws to a close we have been preparing for another fantastic school year!

As you may be aware, LAUSD’s financial support for Riverside Drive has been drastically reduced for the
2009/2010 school year. In fact in the last five years alone, LAUSD has cut Riverside Drive’s operating
budget by approximately 50%. These cuts have a profound effect on the quality of education for our

Donations to PFRD are required to fund programs that are not provided to your children by LAUSD!
With the continued support of a strong parent community, PFRD can continue to provide many fantastic
student programs including;

Physical Education                             Computer Teacher
Homework Club                                  Campus Beautification
Drama Program & Drama Teacher                  Teacher Appreciation
Super School-Enrichment Program                Copy Aide
State of the Art Computer Lab

We must raise every dollar for these programs ourselves. Please help us keep public education alive and
your children’s ongoing educational enrichment a secured promise.

All of the above programs are 100% funded by PFRD fundraising campaigns such as Annual Giving.
We are asking for each family to make a tax-deductible donation to PFRD (Parents For Riverside
Drive) to reach our goal of 100% participation.

Participation at any level is welcome both above and below the suggested amounts listed below.

$50    Friend                 $300    Bronze Sponsor                $750 Diamond Sponsor
$100   Supporter              $400    Silver Sponsor                $1,000 Platinum Sponsor
$150   Sponsor                $500    Gold Sponsor

   * Suggested donations are $300.00 for 1 child enrolled, $425.00 for 2 children enrolled and
   $600.00 for 3+ children enrolled

   *Please note that all donations go towards achieving our goal of 100% Participation!

Annual Giving is truly a win win scenario, in exchange for your tax deductible donation, you help make our
school better. A better school strengthens the community and home property values. We promise that our
kids will make you proud.

There are 3 ways to give:

1. Log onto the PFRD website at and make a donation through Pay Pal.

2. By return check in the attached envelope.

3. Fill out the attached credit card authorization form and return in the attached envelope.
                                                                                             Tax ID #95-4520409

                           Annual Giving Campaign

Parent/Donor Name(s): _________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________ City: __________________ Zip Code: _____________

Telephone: (     ) _______________________________E-mail: __________________________

Child’s Name_______________________________________ Room #_______________________

Child’s Name_______________________________________ Room #_______________________

Child’s Name_______________________________________ Room #_______________________

                                   Donation Levels and Rewards
Friend                 $ 50.00
Supporter              $ 100.00
Sponsor                $ 150.00
Bronze Sponsor         $ 300.00          Riverside Drive Elementary Water Bottle (while supplies last)
Silver Sponsor         $ 400.00          Riverside Drive Elementary Baseball Hat (while supplies last)
Gold Sponsor           $ 500.00          Riverside Drive Elementary T-Shirt (while supplies last)
Diamond Sponsor        $ 750.00          Riverside Drive Elementary Canvas Tote (while supplies last)
Platinum Sponsor       $1,000.00         Surprise Gift

Donate $100.00 or more before Oct. 1st and receive 20 FREE Fall Festival Tickets!!!

My Donation is: (Please circle amount)
$50    $100    $150    $300    $400      $500    $750    $1000        Other_________________

Payment Plan:
Single payment
Monthly payment Plan – Monthly Amount $_____________ Number of Payments___________

Select A Payment Method:
Check enclosed. Please make check payable to Parents For Riverside Drive
Pay Pal. Log onto the PFRD website at and make a donation.
Bill my credit card (circle one) Visa         Mastercard

Account #: _______________________Expiry Date: _________ Security code on back of card: _______

Name on card: ____________________Authorized Signature:__________________________________

Billing Address:_______________________________________________________________________
              Please contact regarding ”Employer Match Program”
                                     (insert enclosed)

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