We are aiming to get ballot papers out to by tlo13887


									At Rykneld Homes we recently conducted a ballot for a new Tenant Board member. Due to an error
in the process the outcomes of the ballot are flawed and will have to be re run. We apologise to
tenants and leaseholders and would like to reassure you that we have taken steps to make sure
that this cannot happen again. As we are repeating the ballot we are taking this opportunity to
improve the process.

Tenants have told us that in future they would like more information on the ballot papers to help
them make a choice. We will respond to this request and the new ballot papers will contain
additional details.

We are aiming to get ballot papers out to all tenants, joint tenants and leaseholders towards the
beginning of February.

To ensure that we don’t incur additional costs, this ballot will be posted with another piece of
consultation work that we have to undertake at this time.

The Board would like to thank all those tenants and leaseholders who took part in the previous
ballot and would like to encourage even more tenants to get involved next time and return their
ballot papers.

Being a Board member is a great opportunity for tenants and leaseholders to become involved in
and influence the decisions made by Rykneld Homes at a very exciting time for the company and
the people it serves.

Thank you

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