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                                      CAREER AND PLACEMENT SERVICE NEWSLETTER | VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 1 | SEPTEMBER 2000

                                      Career Fairs Help In Job Search
                                      Career fairs are great places to start your job
                                      search process, whether you’re in your final
                                      year or just starting your degree. You might
                                      be wondering, “How can career fairs be ben-
                                      eficial to me when I’m only in U1? I’m not
                                      looking for a permanent job just yet.” Career
                                      fairs aren’t only about obtaining a job, they’re
                                      about learning about potential employers and
                                      industries, and about making your name
                                      known. Here’s a potential situation.
                                           You’re in U1 and you’re planning to attend
                                      a career fair. Your objective is to network: to
                                      get to know a few companies and ask them           sentation card prior to the career fair. When
                                      questions specific to the industries you’re        the representatives ask you to tell them about
                                      interested in. At the fair, you are extremely      yourself, you have something unique to say,
                                      nervous. You talk to a few representatives but     thereby increasing the chances of them remem-
                                      aren’t too sure of the questions you should be     bering you! You carry a few C.V.’s with you,
                                      asking them. You collect some business cards       ready to give out if a representative asks for
                                      and, unfortunately, forget to tell them about      one. You make at least three meaningful con-
                                      yourself.                                          tacts. Had this been the first time you attend a
                                          A year has passed. You are still researching   career fair, you would certainly not be as well
                                      companies and industry fields but your search is   prepared!
                                      now much narrower. You are slightly more com-         As demonstrated in this situation, there are
                                                                                         several steps to be taken to make a career

                                      fortable with the idea of striking up conversa-
                                      tions with the representatives. You tell them a    fair work for you. There are certainly ways
                                      bit about yourself and let them know you are       to make it effective even if you haven’t at-
                                      graduating next year.                              tended a fair before your graduating year.
Q: I’m not graduating this year          It is your final year and you now know which    Keep those tips in mind and make the career
but are there things I should be      companies you want to target. You display con-     fair a successful part of your job search! For
doing to help me for the job          fidence walking into the career fair. This time,   more information, take a look at our website
search ahead?                         you have prepared a 30-second summary              ( under Career
                                      (infommercial) of who you are as well as a pre-    Fairs.
A: 1) Familiarize yourself with our                                                                                MYRIAM LAFRANCE
caps. 2) Attend our workshops.                      A New Initiative: the CAPS Peer Educators
3) Think about what you want to       The CAPS Peer Educators’ mission is to publi-      initely be seeing them around campus. If
do after you graduate. 4) Write       cize CAPS and increase students’ readiness for     you are interested in volunteering, contact
or update your CV and have it         the job search. They will be organizing many       Myriam at or
checked during our drop-in ses-       outreach activities this year on effective ca-     drop by CAPS to pick up an application form.
sions. 5) Volunteer or work in a      reer and job search techniques so you will def-
field related to your interests.

Career Fairs                  1
Question & Answer             1                                               Golman Sachs
Work Study                    2
Campus Recruitment            3
Free Stuff!                   4

                                                                                                         On the Front Lines (cont’d)
                                                                                                         What do you like the least?
                                                                                                         I would have to say answering the same ques-
                                                                                                         tions over and over again. That’s why I’m glad
                                                                                                         that the CAPS Peer Educators are starting up
                                                                                                         CAPS orientation sessions. Students will get
                                                                                                         the answers to many frequently asked ques-
                                                                                                         tions by attending these.
                                                                                                         Finally, what would you like students com-
                                                                                                         ing to CAPS to know?
                                                                                                         Come frequently, ask questions, and get in-
                                                                                                         volved in our services. Do your homework—
                                                                                                         the more you know and the more you have
                                                                                                         done, the more we can help you!

                                                                                                                   Money to Harvest
                                                                                                               The McGill Campus is fertile ground for
CAPS and MECC Staff: Top Row: Colleen Bronson, Tanya Lovegrove, Jean Hepworth, Jennifer Vire,
                                                                                                         students interested in harvesting a job this fall
Nicholas Calamatas, Lynne Beaudoin. Middle Row: Nancy Lavalle, Richard Sainte-Marie, Vanessa Mitchell,
                                                                                                         through the Work Study program.              This
Angela Ives, Debra Hamel, Manon St-Michel. Front Row: Nathalie Renaud, Eleanore McNaughton,
                                                                                                         initiative permits full-time degree students with
Gregg Blachford, Janice Tester. ABSENT: Micheline Paquin, Lorie Kloda
                                                                                                         a demonstrated financial need to work part-
                                                                                                         time on campus. It is administered by the
 A WORD FROM THE DIREC-                               On the Front Lines                                 Student Aid Office.
                                                  FRONT DESK STAFF SABRINA FORD                                To apply, students must complete an
 TOR to the second edition
 Welcome                                        INTERVIEWED BY MYRIAM LAFRANCE                           application form available from the Blouin-
 of the CAPS newsletter pro-                                                                             MacBain Student Aid Office (Suite 3200, William
 duced by our CAPS Peer Edu-            Sabrina has been working at the front desk since
                                                                                                         and Mary Brown Building). It is only after the
 cators. For those of you in your       January 2000. She has had this position full time
                                                                                                         student is accepted into the program that he/
 final year, you’ll be busy with        during the summer and is looking forward to
                                                                                                         she can apply to the available positions, which
 the daunting task of applying          continuing on in September.
                                                                                                         are posted on
 for jobs. Jodi and Myriam’s            What question is asked to you the most fre-
                                                                                                         workstudy. The positions are varied and can
 articles have excellent tips on        quently?
                                                                                                         range from doing clerical work to computer
 how to proceed.                        1) What is this service all about?
                                        CAPS is about job search and job preparation.
                                                                                                            Planning ahead is important since there are
 If you aren’t sure what career         We offer job postings, individual appointments,
                                                                                                         deadlines. They will be September 11, October
 you want to head to, check out         C.V. drop-ins, career development workshops,
                                                                                                         2, January 8, and April 16 (summer). A full
 our new P.A.C.E. program de-           campus recruitment, and a career resource li-
                                                                                                         information package is available at the Student
 scribed on the back page. Also         brary.
                                                                                                         Aid Office.
 use our recently redesigned            2) How do I get a job?
                                                                                                              For more information, contact 398-6013.
 web site (               The first thing I suggest to students is to go to
                                                                                                         Remember, when harvesting a part-time job on
 stuserv/caps), which is full of        our website:, and
                                                                                                         campus, the student who is in the field early is
 new and revised information,           take a look at the available positions. There
                                                                                                         the one who reaps the greatest rewards.
 not to mention all our job list-       are also many job bank websites they can
                                                                                                                                    KATHY ROUHI
 ings. Take a look.                     browse through and can use the computers
                                        made available to them. The most important
 Finally, I want to thank our           tactic, however, is to network with possible em-                                Get your hands on
 sponsors who purchased ads to          ployers, maybe by volunteering or by doing a
                                        summer internship. Did you know that 80% of
                                                                                                                         some of the best
 help us produce this newsletter.
                                        available jobs aren’t advertised?                                                 career books!
 Happy reading!                         What do you like the most about working at                                    Open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm
 Gregg Blachford                        the front desk?                                                                    Saturday 10am to 6pm
                                        I love the social interactions that stem from the
                                        variety of students that come to our offices.
      Have you ever                                                                                                                 CAPSSCOOP
   been to the Career
    Resource Library?
       Come take a
     look—it has tons
    of information on                                   applying for). Focussing strictly on jobs that
    how to get a job,                                   provide interest and excitement cuts out a lot            UPCOMING CAREER EVENTS
      career options,                                   of unnecessary applications, and leaves time to
        and the job                                     concentrate on other necessary preparations               september 18
   market in general.                                   for upcoming interviews, and the like.                    mcgill management career
       Drop by CAPS                                     2. Interviewing is a skill that can be practised.         fair
          today!                                           Getting the interview is half the battle; the          targeted to B.Com and MBA
                                                        other half is spent tackling it. Interviewing skills        students
                                                                                                                  omni hotel - 1050 sherbrooke
 Advice from an Experienced                             is one that can be practiced and perfected.
                                                        Take advantage of CAPS interview skills work-               ouest
       CR Participant                                   shops and other services. Interviewing skills can         10:00am - 4:00pm
                                                        be taken with you to all of your future jobs.
Campus Recruitment (CR) presents a fabulous             It’s therefore worth investing the time.                  september 19, 20, 21
opportunity for students of all academic                  The two main things that I learned were the             mcgill technology career fair
disciplines to learn about and apply for positions      following:                                                targeted to computer science
available upon graduation. As you will see, it is       1. To present myself in a professional manner.              and engineering students
also a great learning tool…                                 Preparing cover letters, C.V.’s, thank-you            mcgill university
    When CAPS had informed me that I had re-            notes, etc., exposed me to a professional side            10:00am - 4:00pm
ceived my first interview through CR, I immedi-
                                                        that I had never experienced before. Now,
ately began to panic. What questions was I                                                                        september 20
                                                        when I go for interviews or when I discuss pro-
going to be asked? What was I going to say?                                                                       mcgill arts & science career
                                                        fessional matters, I am more confident that I
Was I going to get the job? Could they really                                                                       fair
                                                        will be able to present myself appropriately.
want me? Reality set in. This was the begin-                                                                      targeted to students in all arts
                                                        2. Getting discouraged doesn’t help.
ning of a time-consuming, competitive and frus-                                                                     and science programs
                                                           Employers can smell your fear. This process
trating process…it was recruitment season.                                                                        shatner ballroom
                                                        taught me how to show confidence in myself.
    Along with the excitement of graduation of-                                                                   10:00am - 4:00pm
                                                        Recruitment can be frustrating, and even dis-
ten comes an unsettling and anxious feeling re-
                                                        couraging at times, but it is important to re-
garding the uncertainty of the future. My anxi-                                                                   october
                                                        member that being a university graduate is an
ety led me to quickly submerge myself in a pile                                                                   macdonald campus career fair
                                                        important accomplishment, and one that
of books at CAPS with subjects on interview                                                                       targeted to agricultural &
skills, job sectors, and company profiles, as I tried   should not be forgotten amidst rejection. For
                                                                                                                    environmental. sciences
to learn every detail known to the human race           every job, there are thousands of applicants,
                                                                                                                  mcgill university
on how to land the best job possible. Immedi-           and limited spaces. Rejection is therefore only
                                                                                                                  10:00am - 4:00pm
ately, my academic load seemed amplified, as            too common a feeling experienced by univer-
if I was enrolled in six core classes as opposed        sity graduates. It is important to take each step
                                                        in stride, and to keep plugging away even
                                                                                                                  company presentations
to five. The literature made available to stu-                                                                    Many reputable companies are
dents, coupled with the preparation time re-            through the tough times because everyone re-
                                                                                                                  coming to McGill this fall to give
quired for each individual application makes the        alizes success, just in different ways.
                                                                                                                  information presentations.
entire recruitment process very overwhelming                To the CR participants of 2000/2001, good             These corporations range from
and time consuming. I remember thinking to              luck in finding your own individual path to               investment banking, manage-
myself, ‘looking for a job is a full time job,’ and     success…and don’t get discouraged!                        ment consulting, computer
that it is indeed.                                                                        JODI BALINSKY           technology, aerospace, to oil/
   I wish that an experienced CR participant had                                                                  chemical companies, etc. Take
given me some advice on how to approach the                                                                       a look at our website for more
entire process. What follows are two pieces of                                                                    information:
advice for upcoming CR participants as well as                                                                    stuserv/caps/events/calendar.
the two main things that I learned from going
through it all.                                                                                                   workshops
1. Apply only to the jobs you are                                                                                 Don’t forget to look on our
passionate about.                                                                                                 website for a complete listing
    My determination to be recruited caused me                                                                    of career development work-
to apply for every job that was vaguely related                                                                   shops.
to my discipline (even though I wasn’t truly pas-                                                       
sionate about half of the jobs that I ended up
                                                                                                               VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 1 | SEPTEMBER 2000 | 3

                                                                                  FREE STUFF!!
                                          Come to CAPS and receive loads of              students “improve their job search skills and develop a
                                          free stuff! Here’s what we have to             step-by-step plan for landing a job...”
                                          offer:                                         - Job Postings: Canada’s monthly student recruitment
                                          - Youth Link*: produced by the Hu-             magazine
                                          man Resource Department of Canada              - Realm*: Published by YES, this magazine is subtitled
                                          (HRDC) as part of the Youth Employ-            “Creating work you want”. It has feature articles on
                                          ment Strategy (YES). “Provides one-            various types of careers and profiles of young entrepre-
                                          stop access to information on all of           neurs.
                                          the Government of Canada’s career-             - Career Options*: “your complete guide to looking for
                                          and employment-related programs,               work.” Produced by CACEE (Canadian Association of
                                          services, and resources for youth.”            Career Educators and Employers).
                                          - Looking for a Job? A Guide for               - Graduate School Guide: a directory of grad schools in
                                          Youth* is also produced by HRDC and            Canada and the U.S.
                                          YES. This 16-page booklet can help             * Available in French.
                                                                                                                                    LORIE KLODA

                                                                             P.A.C.E. Yourself
                                                            A new initiative of the Counselling Service and CAPS
                                          First and second years: read this sce-         can make informed career decisions throughout your
                                          nario before it’s too late!                    university education.
                                          You’ve graduated. The parties are over,            The Program for the Advancement of Career Explo-
                                          the congratulations are slowly tapering        ration (P.A.C.E.) is committed to walking you through
                                          off, and you find yourself sitting alone in    your process of career development during your years
                                          your room staring at your diploma. Yup...      at McGill. A 3-phase program of Vocational Workshops
                                          there it is, and that’s your name on it.       has been designed to assist your career exploration. The
                                          You tilt your head to the left and then to     first phase, which is comprised of four 2 hour sessions,
                                          the right... soaking in its printed grandeur
                                                                                         starts in September. Find out more by calling us at (514)
                                          from every possible angle.
                                               Feeling thoroughly self-satisfied, you    398-3601, visiting our website at,
                                                                                         or just dropping by Counselling Services in the Brown

                                          entertain the notion that it might be a
                                          good time to start thinking about your         Student Services Building, Suite 4200.
                                          career.                                           This is about your future... P.A.C.E. yourself, and make
                                             As that sobering thought slowly seeps       your education work for you.
VOLUME 2 | ISSUE 1   | SEPTEMBER 2000     into your consciousness, you feel your
                                          muscles tensing and your brow furrowing
EDITOR    Myriam Lafrance                 into a knot. Your mouth slowly and de-
LAYOUT    Cavan Huang, Mohammed           liberately outlines the words “career?...
          Sobhan, & Myriam Lafrance       what career?...”
 DESIGN Cavan Huang
 PUBLISHING My Place of Business
                                              Your career is not something that
CONTRIBUTORS Gregg Blachford,             happens after you graduate. It is
          Kathy Rouhi, Jodi Balinsky,     something you are developing while
          Sabrina Ford, Lorie Kloda       you are in school. You are constantly
 CONTACT Career And Placement Service
          William & Mary Brown            making career decisions... often with-
          Student Service Building        out even knowing it.
          3600 McTavish St., Suite           So, become involved in your career
          2200                            development. Find out -- in an orga-
          Montreal, Québec H3A 1Y2
          tel: 514.398.3304               nized and systematic way -- about your
          fax: 514.398.1831               career preferences, personal goals,
INTERNET       and current market trends so that you


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