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									    Issues in Global IT
Global IT Management Environment:
Representative World Issues
Palvia, P.C., Palvia, S.C.J., & Whitworth, J.E.
(Ch. 1, pp. 2 – 27)
 Key Issues Research
 Ives & Jarvenpaa (1991)
 Deans, et al. (1991)
 Key Issues in Industrialized Countries
 Key Issues in Other Parts of World
 Global IT Management Environment Model
 Discussion Questions
Key Issues Research
 MISQ series of IT/IS issues in the U.S.
  (Dickson et al., 1984; Niederman et al,
  1991; Brancheau et al. 1996).
 Spread throughout the world: Europe,
  Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore,
  India, African Countries, etc. in the 80’s
  and the early 90’s
Ives & Jarvenpaa (1991)
 Interviews with 25 Sr. Managers in
  Fortune 500 companies (Qualitative)
 Issues:
     Global  Business Strategy
     IT Platform
     International Data Sharing
     Cultural Environment
Deans, et al. (1991)
   Mail survey and Delphi method (similar to MISQ
    series) – iterative interview process to have
    somewhat agreement among participants.
   Issues
     Educating  senior personnel
     Data security
     Integration of technologies
     End-user computing
     Price and quality of telecommunication
Key Issues in Industrialized
 IT Infrastructure
 Business Process Redesign
 Distributed Systems
 Information Architecture
 Telecom Networks

Key Issues in Newly Industrialized
 Communication b/w IS and Users
 Top Management Support
 IS Strategic Planning
 IS Competitive Advantage
 Goal Alignment

Key Issues in Developing Countries

 Understanding and Awareness of MIS
 HR and Personnel for MIS
 Quality of Input Data
 Educating Senior Managers about MIS
 User Friendliness of Systems

Key Issues in Underdeveloped
 Obsolescence of Hardware
 Obsolescence of Software
 Proliferation of Mixed IS Vendor Shops
 Availability of Skilled Personnel
 Possible Government Intervention in
  Computer Industry
Global IT Management
Environment Model
                   SURVIVAL        OERATIONAL         MANAGEMENT         STRATEGIC
                    ISSUES           ISSUES           AND CONTROL         ISSUES

 Level of IT

                 Underdeveloped      Developing            Newly         Advanced
                   Countries         Countries          Industrialized   Countries
                                  Level of Economic   Growth

               Model of Global IT Management Environment
Discussion Questions
   The articles studied today is pretty old. In the
    industrialized countries (such as US and
    European countries), what issues do you expect
    to be in the top of the list now and in the future?

   With other parts of world (such as India and
    Mexico) catching up with US and Europe, what
    change do you expect in the picture of the
    maturity model?
Discussion Questions (cont.)
   The level of economic growth is tied with
    the issues in IT management. Most of the
    time, it is safe to say that economic growth
    will lead to the IT development and
    adoption. Can you think of the other way
    around? i.e., what would be an example
    where IT development will “enable” or
    “drive” economic growth of a country?

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