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									Case Study: Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies

Rx&D partners with NitroSure for reliable
IT management
 Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D) is the national
association representing 50 innovative companies dedicated to improving the
health of all Canadians through the discovery and development of new
medicines and vaccines. This association requires a reliable IT infrastructure to
communicate with staff and members across the country.

Rx&D wanted a partner rather than a provider
                                                                                        “We don’t have to worry about
An existing relationship with an IT provider was not meeting Rx&D’s needs.              IT. With NitroSure, we can do
“Our previous supplier was reactive. If something was not working, they fixed           what we do best. We are
it,” said Paul Dresch, Senior Director, Finance, Administration and Human               about serving our members,
Resources, based in Ottawa. “We know that an effective IT infrastructure is             not managing IT.”
critical to our success, but we are not IT professionals. We needed someone to
manage not only our day-to-day IT needs, but we also required a trusted advisor                             Paul Dresch
                                                                                               Canada’s Research-Based
to look at the big picture.” With technology requirements constantly changing                 Pharmaceutical Companies
and evolving, Rx&D found it difficult to ensure that they were implementing the
right IT strategies for their needs while managing network outages and
interrupted services. As a result, Rx&D began the search for a new IT partner.
Nitro team makes the difference for Rx&D                                                Rx&D was out-sourcing IT to a
After meeting with different providers and after much consideration, Rx&D               provider focused on fixing
chose the NitroSure solution from Nitro Microsystems. “The team from Nitro              problems rather then proactively
was business-minded, they understood what we were looking for as a smaller              managing IT. Stuck in this
                                                                                        reactive mode, Rx&D recognized
organization, and we appreciated their honesty. It was obvious that we could
                                                                                        they were not getting the most out
count on Nitro to deliver. We also chose Nitro because of the people,” said Mr.
                                                                                        of the money they spent on IT.
Dresch. Rx&D was also impressed with the robust help desk operations
included with NitroSure. An entire team of experts with wide-ranging skills was
ready to help Rx&D if something went wrong. “I was impressed with their
facility and their staff,” said Mr. Dresch. “And I know that as our business needs      Approach
change and expand, Nitro is equipped and committed to support us and our                Rx&D wanted an IT provider that
needs in the future.”                                                                   could both manage day-to-day
                                                                                        operations and provide ongoing
NitroSure prevents problems with proactive                                              advice and guidance. They
management                                                                              looked for a partner that they
                                                                                        could trust and work with over the
“Nitro came in and assessed our IT environment and made cost-effective
                                                                                        long term.
enhancements that improved our infrastructure right away,” said Mr. Dresch.
As part of NitroSure’s Environment Stabilization services, these initial

1736 Courtwood Crescent                     www.nitro.ca                            50 Acadia Avenue, Suite 130
Ottawa On K2C 2B5                                                                         Markham ON L3R 0B3
℡ 613.228.8096                                                                                 ℡ 905.475.6080
   613.228.8089                                                                                   905.475.4799
Case Study: Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies

enhancements delivered a more reliable network to Rx&D and helped to reduce
“We look at a customer’s environment at the outset and assess what changes we
can make to improve service, speed and reliability before there is a problem,”      NitroSure provides proactive IT
says Larry Poirier, CEO Nitro Microsystems. “This IT service management             management including:
approach is what large organizations use. Typically smaller organizations can not
justify the expense of an in-house IT service management department resulting       Environment Stabilization services
in excessive technology spending and potentially devastating performance issues     such as audits of current
                                                                                    hardware and software resources
and outages.”
                                                                                    to identify potential challenges.
NitroSure delivers a wide range of IT expertise within a
                                                                                    Reactive Services such as
set budget                                                                          technical support via telephone
                                                                                    and on-site.
Rx&D has been a NitroSure client since June of 2006 and has discovered the
benefits of the wide range of skills found on the NitroSure team. “Technology       Proactive Services such as
demands change every day,” said Mr. Dresch. “As a small organization, having a      patching, upgrading and
full-time in-house person to manage all of our IT needs would be problematic as     maintenance of servers,
that one individual could not possibly deliver the range of expertise that is       workstations and software.
offered by the Nitro team.” This range of expertise gives Rx&D proactive, day-
to-day management of their IT infrastructure and keeps users connected and
productive.                                                                         “Nitro does keep us abreast of
NitroSure’s unique pricing structure gives Rx&D cost certainty and allows them      the latest and greatest
to better control budgets. When compared to competitors, NitroSure delivers a       technology, but they don’t
more complete range of services for a set monthly fee. Other solutions may          recommend what we don’t
appear less expensive, but they often involve additional charges for things that    need. We have a true
are included in a standard NitroSure package. Affordable and appropriately          partnership. We know we can
scaled for small and medium-sized organizations, NitroSure helps Rx&D get the       rely on NitroSure.”
most out of their IT investment.
                                                                                                        Paul Dresch
About NitroSure                                                                            Canada’s Research-Based
                                                                                          Pharmaceutical Companies
NitroSure delivers affordable, enterprise-calibre IT service management (ITSM)
to small and medium sized organizations. Using internationally recognized ITSM
best practices used by large organizations NitroSure provides an efficient,
process-driven IT service management that is aligned with your unique business
requirements. NitroSure provides affordable and predictable IT costs while
reducing both the frequency and severity of preventable IT problems and critical
system failures through proactive management.

1736 Courtwood Crescent                    www.nitro.ca                         50 Acadia Avenue, Suite 130
Ottawa On K2C 2B5                                                                     Markham ON L3R 0B3
℡ 613.228.8096                                                                             ℡ 905.475.6080
   613.228.8089                                                                               905.475.4799

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