Prayer idea on a theme of covenant

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					Prayer idea on a theme of covenant

The theme of covenant brings to mind a soldier’s articles of faith and the
officer’s covenant. We publicly make promises of our life-changing
encounter with Jesus and our intention to live a life worthy of him who
has called us into covenant relationship. In our lives we make many
promises and enter into many agreements making promises of intent, all
of which are important, but none so sacred than those that we covenant
with God.

This Commitment Sunday we would encourage you all, individually or
collectively, to make a commitment, a covenant with God. What is it that
you feel you or your corps folk are being called to covenant with God?
Perhaps individuals have a specific calling, or as a church body you may
feel you are being asked to commit to something collectively. Perhaps as
a corps you are being called to a season of dedicated prayer, mission or
Bible study. If you take this prayer idea individually the covenant will be
specific to the person wishing to enter into this commitment.

When encouraging people to take part in such a commitment it is helpful
to use or create something visual as a reminder of the promises that are
being made; the simplest ideas often being the most effective. Our idea is
that you write out or print out a promise that people will sign and commit
to. This needs to be done well using good quality paper or parchment,
perhaps on a roll. Carefully word the promise(s) and print with a font that
makes it look special or ask someone to write in calligraphy. Invite your
people to carefully consider the promise and then ask them to come
forward to sign the covenant. You may like to have a meeting beforehand
to discuss what it is you want to promise and perhaps the Sunday before
present this in your meeting so that people are prepared rather than being
asked cold on Commitment Sunday. In small corps it may work well to
make individual covenants. If you have recently done a course on
spiritual gifts, then perhaps people would like to covenant that they will,
with God’s help and guidance, develop and use their gifts for the building
of the Kingdom. You may feel that collectively you are being called to a
season of prayer to see God’s will for the corps, perhaps leading you into
new areas of mission (you could go on to use teaching material from a
book such as The Purpose Driven Life/Church). You could of course
make a collective covenant and individual covenants depending on your
situation. When these have been signed, seal them using a wax seal. Seals
and sealing wax are available from stationers or suppliers on the internet

Individual covenants could be kept in your Bible or at home. Collective
or group covenants could be displayed on the holiness table as a constant
reminder of the promises entered into.
Jeremiah 32: 40–44: God uses his power to accomplish his purposes
through his people. God doesn’t give you power to be all you want to be,
but he gives you power to be all he wants you to be. The people of Israel
had to learn that trusting in God meant radically realigning their purposes
and desires towards him. God gave them ‘singleness of heart’ towards
him (32:39). We must develop that singleness of heart and action to love
God above anything else (Life Application Bible, 1340).

It is quintessential that before we make these promises we seek God’s
will through prayer so that we channel our energies in to what he wants
us to be and what he wants us to accomplish.