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					                                TELUS Business Solutions Success Stories
                                Business. Backed by TELUS.

                                Westminster Savings Credit Union
                                TELUS provides cost-effective IT management

“The primary benefit we get from our partnership with TELUS is the structure they bring to their service and
the depth of their organization in providing solutions. Our on-going satisfaction has resulted in us renewing
for a second time – and we’re looking forward to the same consistent high level of service.”
                                                         — Allen Lacroix, Vice President, Information Systems, Westminster Savings Credit Union.

Situation                                                            Business benefits
  In 1998, Westminster Credit Savings Union (WSCU)                       With standardized hardware, operating systems and
  upgraded its banking system in order to provide                        applications, there is a consistent image across the
  enhanced speed, reliability and service to its members                 organization, consistent support is available and it is
                                                                         easy for management to measure support against
  At the same time, WSCU merged with another
                                                                         the SLAs detailed in the agreement
  credit union
                                                                         Most support can be provided on-site by the TELUS
  After carefully evaluating the organization’s needs,
                                                                         resources at WSCU, while a full range of other
  WSCU management decided to outsource the
                                                                         TELUS resources can be accessed instantly if they
  organization’s entire IT infrastructure
                                                                         are ever needed
Approach                                                                 WSCU has no need to hire, train or retain its own
  WSCU chose the Fincentric Ovation system as its                        IT support staff
  banking platform and selected TELUS to be the                          In 2008, WSCU demonstrated its satisfaction when it
  outside manager                                                        signed a second renewal of its contract with TELUS
  The agreement included full desktop management
  services throughout WSCU and its branches

  All desktop hardware and software was standardized

  A complete reporting protocol was created, allowing
  users to rate the quality of support received for each call

  Four TELUS employees work permanently on-site
  at WSCU

  In 2006, WSCU added TELUS CallCentreAnywhere™
  to the services it uses
TELUS Business Solutions Success Stories
Business. Backed by TELUS.

Westminster Savings Credit Union

Solution details
As one of the largest credit unions in British Columbia,            “We standardized all our desktops, all the hardware and
Westminster Savings Credit Union (WSCU) has a mandate               software and all the services,” says Lacroix. “Because
to provide outstanding member service at all times. In order        TELUS has the structure and processes already in place,
to do that, WSCU must make use of the latest technology             we are now able to track everything. When someone makes
in all of its member-facing and internal systems.                   a support call, we email a survey to them that allows them
                                                                    to tell us whether or not they were satisfied. This allows
In 1998, WSCU decided to upgrade its banking systems to
                                                                    for a whole set of formal reporting and tracking against our
a new, scalable solution. At the same time, WSCU merged
                                                                    contracted SLAs. So now we’ve got consistency everywhere.”
with another credit union, with its own set of completely
different IT systems. “We made the decision to outsource            Most support is carried out by the team of 4 TELUS
our IT in its entirety,” says Allen Lacroix, Vice President,        resources who work permanently at WSCU. “If there are
Information Systems. “We knew that we had bigger and                any issues with desktop support – which is pretty rare –
newer challenges ahead of us, so it just didn’t make sense          our service manager is quick to facilitate a resolution,”
to run an in-house IT shop.”                                        says Lacroix. It all means that WSCU users are assured of
                                                                    support, without the organization having to concern itself
WSCU requested proposals from a number of potential
                                                                    with hiring, training and retaining its own complement of
providers. As part of its proposal, TELUS formed an alliance
                                                                    in-house IT specialists.
with Fincentric, whose Ovation system was WSCU’s first
choice for the banking system. TELUS also proposed                  As evidence of WSCU’s satisfaction, the credit union
including stringent Service Level Agreements for all of             added to its roster of TELUS services when it chose
the services to be provided. As a result, WSCU chose                CallCentreAnywhere from TELUS in 2006. Then, in 2008,
TELUS to provide, manage and support both its new                   WSCU renewed its overall TELUS agreement for a second
banking system and all desktop management throughout                time, for a further six years. “When you’re running an IT
the organization.                                                   department, you really appreciate pre-defined processes
                                                                    and structure,” explains Lacroix. “But at the same time, you
The first service to be put in place after the banking system
                                                                    have to have the depth of resources to serve up those
was desktop management. The merger had resulted in
                                                                    processes. That’s a big reason why we value our
multiple servers supporting different systems and
                                                                    relationship with TELUS.”
applications, with no standard approach to support.

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