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									       Safer Stronger Communities Fund Programme

Winton Car Parking Hiley Road and Senior Road (Project W80)

                 Progress Report 2007/08

                        April 2008

Project Aim
The project aim was to reduce the level of vehicle crime and associated damage to
vehicles in the Senior Road area of Brookhouse, which is a hot spot for this type of
criminal damage. Senior Road is particularly narrow at its junction with Hiley Road
and has been a concern for the Fire Service in terms of gaining access.

Brookhouse estate has been subject to a partnership action plan since April 2006 as
a result of high levels of crime and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) - the damage to
vehicles is equal to that of damage to dwellings (Brookhouse Estate report dated
April 2007).

This project was conceived by local residents who were concerned by the level of
damage to their cars which they were forced to park on the road and green due to
the lack of adequate parking facilities. Some of this damage was unreported so
statistics do not tell the ‘whole story’.

The fact that cars were forced to park on the green has caused major problems. The
green itself was turned into a mud bath due to cars continually driving over it, which
has a detrimental effect on the local environment. The area becomes particularly
dangerous in winter and during wet periods for elderly residents, posing a slip
hazard, which prevents them from getting out and about.

New Prospect Housing Limited (NPHL) was committed to try to resolve these issues
and agreed a financial contribution to the scheme. The scheme will create 7 spaces
thus resolving many of the problems and reducing community tensions.

 Provide secure off road parking for residents – 7 spaces;
 Improved safety for older residents;
 Improved appearance of green space.

Key Performance Indicators
   Reduction in volume of damage to cars;
   Reduction in theft from vehicles;
   Reduction in criminal damage;
   Restore confidence in the community.

    SSCF funding allocated/ spent 2007/08 - £50,000 capital;
    NPHL funding allocated/ spent 2007/08 - £7,000 capital.

Future Proposals
The Hiley Road element of the scheme is currently deferred as the costs associated
to this are prohibitive and will only create a small number of car parking spaces,
however, it is hoped this will be addressed at a later date.

Lessons Learnt
There have been a number of learning points from this project:-
    the need for comprehensive costs/ plans to be identified as early in the
      process as possible;
    possible un-foreseen delays outside control of Salford City Council and NPHL,
      relating to utility companies;
      delays resulted in lack of opportunity for full consultation with residents – no
       real time to develop options;
      although the scheme will meet the needs of some of the residents, it will not
       fully address access problems for emergency services along Senior Road.

If you require any further information regarding this project in the Winton area please

Vina Mistry,
Team Leader - Eccles and Irlam Housing Group.

Tel. 0161 607 8660 / 606 6729


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