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					                                    PRESS RELEASE

Nike Dunk Low Premium SB - C-Mon & Kypski

Nike SB, the skateboard division of Nike, proudly presents a project that has been long in the
making. The Nike Dunk Low Premium SB - C-Mon & Kypski, a collaboration between Nike
SB and Dutch band C-Mon & Kypski, is finally ready to hit the shelves of skate stores across
Europe and Asia.

Years ago, C-Mon (Simon Akkermans) and Kypski (Thomas Elbers) started composing and
producing instrumental hip-hop tracks as a duo, and when Daniel Rose and Jori Collignon
joined the band they stuck with the name. C-Mon & Kypski are well known and respected in
the Dutch skateboard scene. Simon and Thomas are both long time core skateboarders that
have been sponsored by local skateboard shop E-zone in Utrecht, Holland. Various Dutch
skateboard videos have been using their music to edit the skating. And both Simon and
Thomas have been spinning records at various skate contests. Their connection with
skateboarding is also recognizable in their music videos that for example featured some
riders sponsored by Nike SB.
The band shows innovation, originality and creativity. They are refreshing and in terms of
musical originality, blending of styles, beats, production, composition and scratching these
guys stand out like no other. The music of C-Mon & Kypski does not have any musical
borders. At first the group could be put under the genre of hiphop/turntablism, but not any
more. The band knows how to touch, play and combine all kinds of music styles. And then
there is the live show. Of course C-Mon & Kypski can bring their music to you LIVE in a totally
unique way. No static laptop stuff but live video scratching, live drums, keys, guitars, live
sampling, boomin' beats, lights, the whole nine yards.

Their concept was to create a shoe that people who make music can immediately relate to.
The guys were given carte blanche on a Dunk low Pro SB, a model that is part of the Nike
Skateboard shoe line. The Dunk Low Pro SB is an old basketball shoe that’s has been
adjusted to the specifications of today’s top skateboarders by adding a Zoom Air in the insole
and an extra padding in the tongue. The color way refers to the artwork of their latest album
“Where the Wild Things Are”. The insole pattern is made out of their first ever created logo
representing a head with turntable as a brain. The shoe has a clear outsole with a pattern of
the SB & CK letters. The music connection on the shoe is realized by featuring a music wave
and the VU-meter. The music wave on the side of the shoe represents an actual song the
band created for the launch of the shoe. This track will be available from June 7 on www.c- All in all a killer shoe.

The product will have a limited production run and so will be available in selected core
skateboard doors in Europe and Asia only from the 11th of June.
We also take the opportunity to inform you that few days before the release in-store, on the
7th of June, we will be proudly celebrating the launch of the shoe in E-zone skate shop in
Utrecht, Holland. Feel free to drop by for a drink. The first 50 people that buy to shoe at E-
zone will receive a limited Nike SB C&K shirt.
When: Thursday 7 of June at 21:00
E-zone skate shop
Donkere Gaard 2,
Utrecht, Holland


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