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					                                  Medina County Foreclosure Prevention Taskforce
                                             Minutes of June 10, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. by Commissioner Patricia Geissman. The meeting was held in Balcony Room B of
the Medina County Administration Building, 144 N. Broadway Street, Medina, Ohio.

In attendance were:
  Deb Atkinson, Treasurer’s Office                                    Julie King, United Way
  Heather Baith, Russell Real Estate                                  Tim Kozlowski, Community Legal Aid Services
  Chris Bartell, Department of Planning Services (arrived             Debbie Kubena-Yatsko, Medina Metropolitan Housing
     4:00)                                                              Authority
  Kathy Fortney, Clerk of Courts                                      Susan Rebrovich, Auditor’s Office (intern)
  Pat Geissman, Medina County Commissioner                            Brittany Schmigel, Auditor’s Office (intern)
  Nancy Girton, Auditor’s Office                                      Skip Sipos, Medina Metropolitan Housing Authority

  Lynda Bowers, Allen & Hartzel

Nancy Girton introduced Susan Rebrovich and Brittany Schmigel, interns in the Auditor’s Office.

The minutes of May 13, 2009 were emailed in advance. Nancy Girton moved to approve the minutes as submitted; the motion was
seconded by Debbie Kubena-Yatsko. There was no discussion and the minutes were unanimously approved.

Mrs. Geissman reported that she interviewed Tim Kozlowski and Mike Kovach regarding foreclosures. The taping will be shown
on local cable channels. The attendees watched the video.

· NHS Coordination
  Julie King suggested that this be removed from future agendas. Mr. Tisler hasn’t returned phone calls and there’s been no further
  information. There was concern that funds were awarded to the region and it doesn’t appear the Medina County has received any
  of the money; Nancy Girton will check on this. Neighbor Works is the Federal program that issued the money; Julie King will
  contact someone and let Mrs. Geissman know what she discovers. It was suggested that Auditor’s Office personnel give the
  NHS phone number to people to see if they (themselves) can obtain funds. Julie King reported that the NHS phone line is still
  installed at United Way.

· Rental Foreclosures
  Skip Sipos reported that the committee’s purpose was to utilize Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds to acquire,
  rehabilitate, and either rent or sell the completed homes to income-eligible households. The work is to be done in the targeted
  areas as designated by the three cities and the County. The Housing Authority submitted the NSP funding application that was
  approved by the State. Once the funding is available, the County, as the lead entity for Region 5, will contract with sub-
  recipients (the three cities) to complete the work.

· Website
  It was noted that the website is being viewed by people and that it is up-to-date.

· Marketing
  Lynda Bowers was not present. She reported to Mrs. Geissman that the Auditor’s Office is doing a great job in disseminating
  information. The new taping should also help to educate the public.

· Legal
  Tim Kozlowski reported that legislation was passed May 20 that gives a tenant 90 days to vacate a property after the foreclosure
  sale. Also, a purchaser who purchases a Section 8 home must continue to honor the Section 8 agreement.

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Fulfilling a request made at the May meeting, Nancy Girton distributed a “canned” speech draft for taskforce members to use
regarding foreclosures. Mike Kovach, Nancy Girton, Heather Baith, and Tim Kozlowski will be available to speak to groups.
These names will be placed on the website and Pat Geissman will be the contact person to arrange for speakers.

Ms. Girton also noted that fewer people are contacting the Auditor’s Office for assistance, probably due to fewer newspaper
articles. Also, the Auditor’s Office met with Magistrate Porzio and assistant Courtney and Kathy Fortney two weeks ago. It was an
excellent meeting and while they are aware of legal aspects, they also have a heart. They have worked on an informational sheet
telling tenants what to do when they live in a home that has been foreclosed upon. It was suggested that this be placed on the

Diane DePasquale-Hagerty was absent; therefore, a vision statement draft was not presented.

Heather Baith reported that she visited Countrywide Mortgage in California prior to their takeover. There are piles of paperwork
everywhere and there doesn’t seem to be a way to streamline the process. They’ve started a department in Chicago and there is
money available; they will work directly with a person in the community to find buyers for properties. Countrywide’s turnover rate
is 75% because it’s a very emotional job. Her trip was very enlightening.

Kathy Fortney reported that there have been 552 year-to-date foreclosures filed. June 8-10, there were 20. She noted that an
increase in foreclosures affect all of the courts because felony cases, divorces, etc. rise. Drug sales are also up. Ms. Girton noted
that there are more pets available for adoption and Mrs. Geissman said that sales tax revenues are down.

Julie King reported that the county has received $49,000 for emergency food and shelter money that can be used only one time if
there is an eviction or shut-off notice. This is part of the stimulus money. Funds must be used by October 30 and the money is
expected to go quickly. Skip Sipos said that MMHA has seen an increase in people who are newly unemployed.

Nancy Girton noted that many lenders are waiting for details of the Obama plan. There are new guidelines; new pay stubs and new
bank statements are required. On-line statements are not acceptable and many banks charge to produce paper bank statements.
Until the client is helped, they must produce new pay stubs and new bank statements every month. Mr. Kozlowski said that this is
why many people are in favor of a moratorium; everyone needs a break to process the files they already have. Kathy Fortney said
that Medina County is overwhelmed, the courts want everything more quickly, but her staff is doing the best that they can. Ms.
Baith said that some banks are not even calling customers back.

Mrs. Geissman asked everyone to review the suggestions made at the last meeting and if they able to work on anything or willing
to chair a group of people, she would welcome their participation. Nancy Girton volunteered to copy the list of agencies that have
emergency funds; she’ll give the list to Debbie Kubena-Yatsko who will compare the list with what her agency uses.

The next meeting will be held July 8 at 3:00 p.m.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:18 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Peggy Folk CAP
Assistant Clerk to the Medina County Commissioners

Future 2009 Meetings:
  July 8                            September 9                         November 4
  August 12                         October 14                          December 9

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