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					                    National Tenant Voice Project Group

Digest of 15th meeting held on Tuesday 2nd June 2009 at the Abbey
Community Centre

Accountability Committee
Reported that the Accountability Committee's current timetable is for
recruitment to the National Tenant Council to be completed in October.

Profile of National Tenant Council
The project group agreed what the mix of tenants on the National Tenant
Council would be if it represented the profile of social housing tenants with
regard to: RSL/Council tenants, gender, leaseholders / shared owners,
ethnicity, age, disabled tenants, regions, those in work / not in work, sexuality,
house type (flat or house), type of HA (group, transfer, community-based),
sheltered housing, ALMOs, shared ownership.

Eligibility for National tenant Council
The project group agreed who would and would not be eligible for the National
Tenant Council. Broadly, social housing tenants living in England will be
eligible except those with possession orders or anti-social behaviour orders
against them. We clarified that freeholders paying a service will not be

Terms of office
We agreed that Board and NTC members would stand for up to 6 years, with
one third standing down every 2 years.

Expenses policy
We agreed a summary of an expenses policy for NTC and Board members.

The chair of the project group reported back on a TSA stakeholder event, and
project group members reported back from one of the regular NTV/TSA
meetings. Man issues discussed were the next phase of the national
conversation, and the position of leaseholders.

Road-shows and other events
The road-shows are now happening, and reports from the early ones were
very positive. Many landlords and tenants groups are requesting speakers at
tenants' events.

Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Bill
The Bill, which contains two clauses relating to the NTV, has now completed
its 2nd reason in the House of Commons.