Modern Farming

					Modern Farming
Anthony and Carol Allen, Winterbrook Farm
(This is a précis of the full article Ed.)

Blewburton Hill has been owned by the Allen Family for almost fifty years. The hill is part
of the much larger area now farmed by Anthony and Carol Allen. In this article they describe
some of its recent history and the present range of soil types. An insight is given into the
methods used produce a range of crops in rotation on the different soils. The hill itself is
included in the description with the special problems associated with it.
The outside influences affecting farming over the years are discussed including the effects of
war and imports from overseas. The legacies of over-production resulting paradoxically from
super-efficiency are explained together with modern day trends designed to alleviate the
problems stemming from world market influences and changes in subsidy laws. The recent
trend towards organic farming is also addressed with a glance into the future and how that
might affect the farmer.
The article ends with a detailed look at the major changes apparent over two generations at
Winterbrook. Such things as equipment, man-power, farm size, regulations, paperwork,
world markets and the overwhelming quest of supermarkets to drive down the price of
foodstuffs are all put into perspective in this piece by Mr & Mrs Allen.

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