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        Be self-reliant

        Don’t waste your time

        If you make the wrong decision, get out of it quickly

        Be committed

        Take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills

        Delegation but not abnegation

        Keep an eye on the horizon (what is to come)

        Understand the inter-relationships of all parts of the administration

        Respect but challenge the professional specialists with whom we work

        Work in partnership with academics

        Maintain integrity

        PR is important, but don’t let the reality gap be to big

        Constantly learn

        Look at trends (Think of “what if”) and prepare strategies for it

        Bear in mind that there is not only one way of doing things

    Important skills:

        Need for diplomacy and persuasive skills

        Importance of networking

        Importance of staff development

    Skills of future leaders:

        Professional qualifications

        Networking (locally, countrywide and worldwide)

        Accept changes

        Scan horizon

        Be constructive, don’t bury your head in the sand

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