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									                                                                            Hillside School,
                                                                            Verwood PTA
                                                                            Reg. Charity 1056388
                          Minutes of the AGM held at Hillside Schoolll
                                       2nd October 2008
1. Present:
    Sue O’Hare    Emma Jenkins           Helene Gee       Pat Dover     Gail Blandford
    Kelly Riley   Alison Milward         Lucy Andrews     Sarah Childs Miriam Fairclough
    Helen Johnson Julia Groves           Liz Coleman      Lydia Lungley Keeley Wilding Roger

    Claire Burch     Jane Clarke         Carol Cole       Julz Stone      Sharon Powis

2. Minutes of last AGM
    These were agreed and signed as a true record.
3. Treasurer’s report 2007-2008
    Carol has had some problems with her computer so a detailed report wasn’t available but is
    now attached to these minutes.

    Sue summarised the year’s accounts as follows:

    Current balance is approximately £ 4546.13
    Half the costs for new staging have already been deducted.
    We have had an approximate income of £11,000 over the past year and an expenditure of
    We sent £ 7,000 on the Trim Trail, £5,000 on class books and £1,050 on Santa gift to each
    We have also purchased new team kits, head hones for the computer suite, 40th birthday
    commemorative mugs and donated £2.50 for yr 4 leaving presents.
    More details are in Carol’s detailed report attached.

    Up to date figures will also be available on the school’s web site.

4. Chairpersons Report
    The last school year was a very busy and exciting year for Friends of Hillside. As well as our
    normal events we got involved in helping the school celebrate its 40 th birthday.

    We started September with a swing when 40 parents and friends took to the trees to do the
    “GO APE” Challenge at Moors Valley. This was done as a sponsored event and the money
    raised from this went towards the new Play Trail which is now situated on the field.

    Birthday events included having anniversary T Towels printed with the children’s faces on,
    40th birthday disco and we purchased commemorative mugs for all the children which were
    presented at their Mad Hatters Tea Party.

    Our major events were our usual Christmas Bazaar and Summer Fayre, both of which raised
    just over £2000.00 each.
                                                  -   2–

    We experimented with some new fundraising events such as Smartie tube challenge and
    Barn Dance as well as sticking to our old favourites like the Sponsored bounce and our Toy
    and Clothes sale.

    As well as the fundraising we laid on some fun activities for the children to enjoy like Disco
    and Cinema Event and we were planning to join in Verwood Carnival as birthday candles but
    unfortunately it was cancelled due to bad weather.

    Whilst the fundraising events can be hard work to organise it is a pleasure to be able to
    provide extra items for the school such as Trim Trail, Headphones for computer suite, School
    team kits and we have now managed to raise enough for new staging which is currently on
    order. It is only with the full support of the committee that I have had over the last year that
    has made these events a success and I would like to express a big THANK YOU to them all.

5. Resignations & appointments

    All members of the main committee are resigning. New members were appointed as follows:

    Resignation            Appointment           Proposed by       Seconded by

    Sue (Chair)*          Lucy Andrews           Gail              Emma
    Helene (Vice Chair)** Claire Burch           Lucy              Gail
    Emma (Secretary) *** Alison Milward          Liz               Miriam
    Carol (Treasurer)     Sarah Childs           Sue               Alison

         *Sue will remain on the committee and act as a link with the preschool.
         ** Helene will continue to organise the sales of raffles tickets.
         ***Emma will continue to take minutes if Alison unable to be present at any meetings.

    Lucy thanked the main committee members for their work over the past 2 years.

    The full committee members’ list is as follows:

    Sue O’Hare           Helene Gee              Pat Dover
    Alison Milward       Gail Blandford          Miriam Fairclough
    Jane Clarke          Claire Burch            Sharon Morton
    Debbie Gully         Liz Coleman             Lucy Andrews
    Sarah Childs         Julz Stone              Emma Jenkins
    Lydia Lungley        Lorna Guy               Keeley Wilding
    Helen Johnson        Justin Johnson          Julia Groves
    Sharon Powis -representing the governors
    Kelly Riley – representing teachers/school

4. AOB

  Mr Withey introduced himself to the committee and indicated his appreciation of the
  contribution the PTA makes to the school.
  He will be available in the morning and afternoon on the patio for any discussions/questions.
  He emphasised he importance of sharing the workload of the work of the PTA and welcomes
  new ideas for fund raising as well as the continuation of established events.

   He hopes that the school staff and council will establish a wish list for things that need funding
   from PTA.

   Supergrounds (in association with RBS)
   The school has had success in gaining a grant of £4,000 to spend on the new garden. This
   amount will be matched from PTA. A school grounds advisor will also be allocated from
   There is currently £8,100 in the garden account so work should be started in the near future.

   School Open Day
   This will be on Thursday 23rd October and there will be a session in the morning and in the
   evening. The PTA is asked to provide refreshments at 11am and 7.30pm in the hall.
   Please liaise with Lucy if you can help.

   Tea towels and recipe books are being sold off cheaply (£1 each). We could put them in raffles
   and tombolas.

5. Date of Next Meeting

 The next general PTA meeting will be on Friday 17th October at 2pm, probably in the Little Owls
room by the school hall.

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