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					State Standards
Unit 4 Protecting Your Finances provides basic information about ways to protect your
financial resources. The next four chapters will discuss the importance of taxes, for
personal financial planning; home and motor vehicle insurance; health, disability, and life
insurance; and retirement and estate planning.
State Standards
        10.48 Identify risks in life and how to gain protection against the consequences of
        10.49 Explain how all types of insurance are based on the concepts of risk sharing
        and statistical probability
        10.50 Identify the types of insurance associated with different types of risk
        10.51 Explain why insurance needs change throughout the life cycle
        10.52 Identify various suppliers of insurance (public and private)
        10.53 Given a particular level of financial resources, determine the level of
        insurance protection needed for various types of risk
        10.54 Explain taxes and give examples of how they are used
        10.58 Explain the impact of taxes on personal financial planning
        10.55 Identify the types of taxes that are major sources of revenue for government
        (e.g., income, wealth, and consumption taxes)
        10.56 Calculate personal tax liabilities for various types of taxes, such as property,
        income, sales, and FICA taxes
        10.57 Describe the purposes of taxation (e.g., provision of public services,
        redistribution of income, and attainment of public economic goals)
        10.59 Develop spending and investing plans that maximize financial returns given
        present personal income tax policy
        12.3 Explain the role of government taxation and its effect on consumers and
        12.5 Explain how government's redistribution of income through taxation,
        spending, and assistance
Chapter 12 Planning Your Tax Strategy
Chapter 13 Home and Vehicle Insurance
Chapter 14 Health, Disability,. And Life Insurance
Chapter 15 Retirement and Estate Planning
Week 18
Review Chapter 14
Chapter 14 Test
Semester Review - Terms, 1040EZ, bank reconciliation, short answer
Semester Review

Taxes and Insurance
Week 17
Chapter 13 Quiz
Chapter 14 Health, Disability, and Life Insurance
Section 14.1 Health Insurance and Financial Planning
    Explain the importance of health insurance
    Analyze the cost and benefits of various types of health insurance
    Assess trade-offs of different health insurance policies
    Understand key terms – health insurance, coinsurance, stop-loss, co-payment
Assignment page 453
Section 14.2 Private Health Care Plans and Government Health Care Programs
    Evaluate the differences among health care plans offered by private companies
       and by the government
    Understand key terms – Blue Cross, Blue Shield, managed care, HMO, PPO, point-
       of service plan, Medicare, Medicaid
Assignment page 460
Review w/s
Assembly 8:30- 9:30

Assignment read sections 14.3-14.4, questions pages 464, 473, complete w/s
Section 14.3 Disability Income
    Explain the importance of disability insurance in financial planning
    Identify sources of disability income
    Determine the trade-offs of different private disability income insurance policies
Assignment page 464
Section 14.4 Life Insurance
    Describe the purpose of life insurance
    Analyze various types of life insurance coverage
    Identify the key provisions in a life insurance policy
Assignment page 473
Review chapter

Week 16
Section 12.1 Tax planning, taxable income, deductions and tax credits, W-4, key terms
Section 12.2 Preparing an income tax return, 1040EZ, online tax return
Section 12.3 Tax Assistance and strategies, tax assistance, tax audits
Vocabulary Quiz
Complete W-4 online and paper
Research national sales tax
Chapter 12 Review
Section 13.1 insurance and Risk Management, what is insurance, types of risks, risk
management, property and liability insurance
Section 13.2 Home and Property Insurance, homeowners, renters.
Section 13.3 Motor Vehicle Insurance, bodily injury, property damage, no-fault, costs

Unit 3 Investing Your Financial Resources – put your financial plans into action through
investing. Increasing your resources is an important part of achieving your personal
financial goals. The next few chapters will discuss the fundamental aspects of investing
in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and other items.
Chapter 8 Saving and Investing
Chapter 9 Stocks
Chapter 10 Bonds and Mutual Funds
Chapter 11 Real Estate and Other Investment Alternatives
    1. Summarize investing basics and various types of short-term investments.
    2. Summarize various types of stock and bond investments.
    3. Summarize other types of investments.
    4. Analyze factors that affect the rate of return on a given savings or investment plan
        and calculate the rate of return.
    5. Analyze how saving and investing influences economic growth.
    6. Describe wills and other legal documents
    7. Explain how agencies regulate financial markets and protect investors.
Week 15
Monday Nov. 23
Investment in Stock activity
Week 14
    1. Review Chapters 9-10
    2. Review Chapters 5-6
Discuss/Lecture Chapter 11 Real Estate and Other Investment Alternatives
Virtual Business – Personal Finance
Lesson 1 Time Management and Health
     Manage your time wisely
     Why it is important to get enough sleep and eat healthy foods
     Recognize when you are under stress and how to relax
     Strike a balance in your life with work, education, play, and rest
     Key terms – opportunity cost, time as an investment, time management, values,
        goals, sedentary, stress
Week 13
Chapter 8 Quiz
Chapter 9 Stocks w/s
Section 1 Common and Preferred Stocks
Section 2 Evaluating Stocks – Stock Pick Tools
Section 3 Buying and Selling Stocks
Stock Screener
Ups and Downs of Stocks Video
Chapter 10 Bonds and Mutual Funds
Section 10.1 Corporate and Government Bonds
Section 10.2 Investing in Bonds
Section 10.3 Mutual Funds
Section 10.4 Investing in Mutual Funds
Profits & Pitfalls of Mutual Funds Video
Chapter 10 study guide
Chapter 9 and 10 Test
Evaluating Stocks and Dollar Cost Average w/s
Week 12
Review Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Quiz
Video “Taking Control of Your Credit”
Video Quiz
Assignment due - page 229 Your Financial Figures and Language Arts (assigned last
Friday by sub)
Section 8.1 Preparing for a savings or Investment Program
Assignment Read and complete w/s Section 2
PowerPoint Chapter 8 Saving and Investing
Section 2 Savings and Investment Options
Assignment Read and complete w/s Section 3
PowerPoint Chapter 8 Saving and Investing
Section 3 Reducing Risk and Sources of Information
Assignment Read and complete w/s Section 3
Week 11
Chapter 7 The Finances of Housing
    1. How to evaluate available housing alternatives
    2. How to assess the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of renting
    3. Calculate the costs of home buying
    4. Learn terms associate with housing
Assignment page 201 1-3, 208 1-3, 227 1-3 – Due Wednesday
Chapter 7 Notes
Independent Living guest speaker - Glen Kruger Globe University in Sioux Falls,
presentations on budgets, finance, credit, etc.
Chapter 7 Review and Quiz
Review and Activities page 229
Week 10
Finish video “Secret History of the Credit Card”
Complete study guide for Chapter 6
How to Choose a Credit Card
Chapter 5 and 6 Review
Chapter 5 and 6 Test
Video “Confessions of a Shopaholic”
Week 9
    1. Define the opportunity cost of using credit
    2. Explain the 5C’s of Credit
    3. List and Define the different types of loans
    4. Learn and understand Predatory lending, Debit card fees, Overdraft fees, New
        credit card rules
    5. Learn how to choose a credit card
PBS video “Secret History of the Credit Card”
Friday – End of First Nine Weeks
PBS video “Secret History of the Credit Card”
Week 8
Chapter 6 Consumer Credit
     10.15 Explain credit and why it is used
     10.16 Define interest and explain why it is charged
     10.18 Identify sources of credit and the types of credit they offer
     10.19 Select an appropriate form of credit for a particular buying decision
     10.20 Determine advantages and disadvantages of credit
     10.21 Explain credit ratings and describe why they are important to consumers in our
        economic system
     10.22 Compare and contrast the legal aspects of different forms of credit (e.g., credit cards,
     loans, mortgages)
       10.23 Compare and contrast the legal aspects of different sources of credit (e.g., pawnshops,
       charge accounts, banks, credit bureaus)
       10.24 Calculate the true cost of credit for various credit uses (e.g., continuously making
       credit card payments, total mortgage interest)
Chapter 6 Quiz
Complete Chapter 6
Chapter 7 The Finances of Housing
    5. How to evaluate available housing alternatives
    6. How to assess the advantages, disadvantages, and costs of renting
    7. Calculate the costs of home buying
    8. Learn terms associate with housing
Week 9
Chapter 7 Quiz
Complete Chapter 7
Friday – End of First Nine Weeks
Unit 2 Test
Week 7
Chapter 4 Quiz
Unit 2 Banking and Credit - Chapter 5 Banking
Standards Addressed;
       5.5 Describe different kinds of economic institutions in our economy
       10.42 List the basic services provided by banks
       10.43 Identify services that financial institutions provide to customers
       10.44 Perform the steps involved in opening and using a checking account
       10.45 Reconcile a bank statement
Chapter 5 Quiz
Complete Chapter 5
       Excel Compound Interest w/s and Rate of Return
       Document Detective page 138
       Writing a Check page 143
       Page 148 1-6
       Page 150 Basic Banking Quiz
       Hosed at the gas pump -- by your debit card
Assignment read Chapter 6 Consumer Credit and questions
Week 6
State Standards 1.7, 1.8, 2.3, 10.1, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
    Chapter 4 Consumer Purchasing and Protection - shopping, tradeoffs, label, price,
    warranty. Resolving complaints, fraud.
    Notes and Lecture section 4.1
    Document Detective activity page 102
    South Dakota Attorney General Site
    Notes and Lecture section 4.2
    Common Consumer Myths page 94
    Assignment – page 102 1-5, page 103 1-3, page 111 1-4
    Review chapter 4
    Chapter 4 w/s, comparison vehicle shop internet activity
     Lockdown
Week 5
10.1, 10.7, 10.9, 10.11, 10.12
Section 3.3 Budgeting for Financial Goals
     Notes and Lecture
     Assignment – Page 87 1-5, page 86 Money Management quiz, page 87 What is your
        net worth?, page 64 question #4
     Internet Presentation page 85 How Much should you spend on …
     Create a Budget
     Review terms
     Review Chapter 3
     Chapter 3 Test
     Chapter 4 Consumer Purchasing and Protection
     Assignment – Read sections 4.1 and 4.2
Week 4
Chapter 2 vocabulary quiz
Discuss Resume and cover letter templates
10 Résumé Missteps that Hurt Your Job Search
Discuss Websites
Chapter 2 w/s
Read summary and assign questions 1-6 page 54
Assignment read pages 60-64
Chapter 3 Money Management Strategy
Section 3.1 Organizing Financial Records
Assign page 64 questions 1-3
Section 3.2 Personal Financial Statements
Assign page 73 1-3 and 5
Assignment read section 3.3
Week 3
Finish movie “Pursuit of Happiness”
Review Test
Chapter 2 finances and Career Planning
Section 2.1 Planning your Career
Assessment page 39 questions 1-6
Lesson 1 PFVB – Time Management and Health
Complete lesson 1 PFVB
Review assignment page 39
Section 2.2 Employment and Career Development
Assignment section 2.2 page 53 questions 1-6
Chapter 2 w/s
Week 2
    1. Review section 1.1 – Financial Decisions and Goals (Power Point)
    2. Section 1.1 assessment page 18
    3. Wants and Needs, Goods and Service Poster
    1. Section 1.2 assessment page 25
    2. Page 13 figure 1.2
    3. Chapter 1 Review page 26
    4. Document Detective page 12
    5. Activities page 27-28
    6. Chapter 1 w/s
    1. Chapter 1 Test
    2. Pursuit of Happiness
Assignment for Tuesday – Read Chapter 2
Week 1
Introduction and Expectations
Unit 1 Planning Personal Finances Activities
    1. Describe and discuss Chapter 1 Personal Financial Planning
    2. “Get a Financial Life” Video
    3. Discuss and take notes over video.
    4. Write – where do you see yourself in 5, 10 and 20 years?
    5. Write – 5- 10 things you would like to have in the next 10 years.
    6. Write 3 goals – short, intermediate, and long-term

Virtual Business – Personal Finance
Lesson 2 Finding a Job
    1. Understand the difference between a job and a career
    2. Create a resume and cover letter
    3. Understand the process of seeking a job
    4. Interview successfully
    5. maintain a successful on the job attitude
Read lesson 2, written exercise, computer application

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