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					                                                                                                        LITERACY HOUR: Weekly Plan
Year 5 Term 1 Week 1                                                                                            Class:                                                            Date:
                                              Text Level                                                                       Text                                                           Word Level
21 to identify the features of recounted texts such as sports reports, diaries, police reports, including:        How We Went to War - Lewis Blake                                    4          to examine the properties
                                                                                                                                                                                      of words ending in vowels other than
 introduction to orientate reader;
 chronological sequence;
                                                                                                                          Sentence Level                                                          the letter ‘e’;
 supporting illustrations;                                                                             1 investigate word order by examining how far the order of words in
 degree of formality adopted;                                                                          sentences can be changed:
 use of connectives, e.g. first…next…once;                                                              which words are essential to meaning;
                                                                                                         which can be deleted without damaging the basic meaning;
23 to discuss the purpose of note-taking and how this influences the nature of notes made;
                                                                                                            which words or groups of words can be moved into a different order;
 26         to make notes for different purposes, e.g. noting key points as a record of what has been
      read, listing cues for a talk, and to build on these notes in their own writing or speaking;
DAYS                                                   Whole Class Work                                                        Guided Work                    Independent Work                          Plenary
Mon           Shared reading of text extract. Paired discussion - type of text, purpose Spelling Bank -                        Guided reading:          Spelling Bank - p.40                      As a class play
              etc. Take feedback as a class. In pairs brainstorm what they know                p.40                            Using                    Differentiated group tasks.               Pelmanism game
              about recounts. Take feedback and identify and annotate in text.                 Whole class                     differentiated                                                     using a mixture of
              Key points:                                                                      activity relating to            recounts base                                                      regular and irregular
              ~ purpose to retell events;                                                      food words.                     session on group                                                   forms.
              ~ details and incidents used to engage reader;                                                                   targets and discuss
              ~ written in chronological order;                                                                                features of
              ~ written in the past tense;                                                                                    recounts.
Tues          Using text from yesterday focus on the structure of recounts. Give out different parts of the                                             In pairs children reorder                 Feedback to another
              text to pairs to decide what each part of the text tells the reader. Annotate structure on class                                          differentiated recounts.                  pair. Discuss
              text.                                                                                                                                     Extension - sequence recount with         reasons for
              Key points:                                                                                                                               no connectives. Add in possible           sequence. Are they
              Orientation - to set scene;                                                                                                               connectives.                              in agreement.
              Events - answer questions who? what? where? when? why?;                                                                                                                             Feedback as a class
              Reorientation - closing statement/ summary;                                                                                                                                         what supported
              Highlight connectives in text - discuss purpose. List other sequential connectives that could                                                                                       sequencing? What
              be used in recounts.                                                                                                                                                               posed difficulties?
Weds          Distribute examples of other types of recounts e.g. diaries, newspaper reports, police reports                                            Genre exchange activity - using           Discuss what
              and other text types e.g. instructions, narrative etc.. In pairs decide if text is a recount by                                           diary extract turn it into                elements of text had
              referring to key features. Take feedback as a class - list different forms of recounts. What                                              newspaper report or vice versa.           to change and what
              key features are common to all? What are features of a specific form of recount? Discuss                                                  Extension - turn a set of simple          stayed the same.
              whether they are fact or opinion.                                                                                                         instructions into a recount.
Thurs         Note taking - brainstorm as a class when they might take notes. Clarify the purpose of notes.                                             Using differentiated texts children       Discuss notes with
              What are the difficulties of taking notes?                                                                                                delete words to create notes.             another pair. Did
              Teacher scribes deleting words from text that are not essential to meaning. Explain that                                                                   OR                       they agree on key
              notes could also be made by focusing on key words - Teacher demonstrates using the shared                                                 In pairs children highlight key           words? What words
              text to highlight key words. Can the children make sense of them or do more words need to                                                 words in a different recount and          needed to be added?
              be added? Teacher scribes turning key words into brief notes. Discuss when this form of                                                   then turn into coherent notes.
              note taking would not be possible - when taking notes from talk/ video etc.
Fri           Use a tape of a book review and teacher demonstrates taking notes. Link to yesterday's                                                    In pairs 1 child talks about              Use notes to present
              work on key words and make a list of key words. At the end teacher scribes turning words                                                  something they've read/ seen on           talk to another pair.
              into notes.                                                                                                                               TV etc. Other lists key words and         Discuss whether all
              Key points:                                                                                                                               takes notes. Swap over.                   key points were
              ~ key words essential to meaning and must prompt memory;                                                                                                                            included. How
              ~ need to turn words into fuller notes immediately;                                                                                                                                 useful were the

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