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									     Leeds University Union
     Location: LUU Riley Smith Hall
     Date: 26 January 2010
     Time: 2pm

1.   Minutes of the previous AGM for ratification as a true and accurate record
     of that meeting
     Jak Codd (Communication and Internal Affairs Officer)

2.   The Trustees’ Report
     Presentation by Jak Codd and Aidan Grills (Chief Executive)

3.   The Union Accounts
     Presentation by Simon Palmer (Chair of Audit and Risk Committee) and
     Kevin Pearson (Resources Director)

4.   Appointment of the Auditors
     Jak Codd

5.   Reviewing List of Affiliations
     Jak Codd and Aidan Grills

6.   Open questions to the Trustees by the Members.

Leeds University Union
Subject of meeting: Trustee Board Meeting
Date of meeting: 25 November 2008
Location: LUU Riley Smith Hall
Present: This was an open meeting

           Acting as Chair, Laura McFarlane-Shopes, Communications and
           Internal Affairs Officer and Chair of the Board of Trustees,
           welcomed everyone to the meeting.

     1.    Minutes of the previous AGM for ratification as a true and
           accurate record of that meeting.

           Paul Dodds proposed that these be ratified as a true and
           accurate record of the meeting.
           This was seconded by Matthew Fong

           The minutes of the previous AGM were ratified and agreed as
           being a true and accurate record of the meeting.

     2.    The Trustees Report

           Laura McFarlane – Shopes and Lesley Dixon, Chief Executive of
           LUU, gave a presentation of the trustees report. The vision of LUU
           is to be the most effective students union in the country by 2010.
           They reviewed the recent achievements of LUU.
           A short presentation from the President of the Vegetarian Food
           Society and a member who had benefitted from the services of
           the Student Advice Centre followed, highlighting the positive
           impact LUU had had on their time at University.

           The LUU 2008 Impact Report online at:

           Danial Adilypour proposed that the Trustees Report be accepted
           by the meeting.
           This was seconded by Joe Sherry.

     3.    The Union Accounts

     Simon Palmer presented the 2007/2008 financial statements. SP
     highlighted the main areas of income and expenditure and
     referred the meeting to the Financial Statements for more
     detailed information.

     The proposal for the meeting to accept the Annual Accounts
     was proposed by Paul Dodds and seconded by Madeline

4.   Appointment of the Auditors

     It was clarified that the Appointment of the Auditors was to be
     passed on the understanding that a tender for new auditors
     would be undertaken in the near future.

     The decision to appoint the auditors was proposed by Rob
     Damiao and seconded by Ellie Russell.

5.   Reviewing List of Affiliations

     It was clarified that the affiliations relating to the Nursery would
     not continue once Bright Beginnings Childcare Centre is no
     longer a part of LUU in January 2009.
     It was noted that the issue of whether to continue to affiliate to
     the National Postgraduate Committee would be discussed at
     the next LUU Post Graduate Committee meeting.
     The function and benefits of the British Sandwich Association and
     the London Advice Services Alliance were also clarified.
      member asked what forum would be the most appropriate to
     discuss the affiliation to NUS. It was suggested that this could be
     submitted as a referendum.

     The proposal to agree to the affiliations was proposed by Jessica
     Parker and seconded by Suzanne Tobias

6.   Open Questions to the Trustees by the Members

    A small number of questions were put to the Board from
members of LUU.
    A short explanation was given as to who the trustees are and
    what their role is within LUU.

Members can view further information and the profiles of the
trustees at:

In response to a question from a member Laura McFarlane –
Shopes reported that the AGM had been advertised in the
following ways: Posters around campus, adverts in the Gist and
Leeds Student, an article in Leeds Student, an advert on the front
page of luuonline and information in the ‘all student email’
which is sent out weekly.

The Chair called the meeting to a close

Leeds University Union
12. Affiliations

Under the Education Act 1994 we need to make a list of all
organisations to which LUU affiliates along with the cost of doing so
available to our governing body and all students. We comply with this
obligation by submitting the list to the AGM and it is appropriate that
this should first come to the Board.

Memberships/Affiliations 2008/09

Name                                                             Amount       VAT

NUS                                                              £48,330.05
UNIPOL                                                           £21,181.45
BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport)                     £14,198.87

AMSU (Association of Managers in Students' Unions                  £757.45    £132.55

NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations)                £440.48     £16.52
Advice UK Limited                                                  £390.00

NASMA (National Association of Student Money Advisors)             £390.00
UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs)              £312.00

NDNA (National Day Nursery Association)                            £161.09
EAUC (Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges)     £150.00

Ofsted Early Years                                                 £180.00
Child Poverty Action Group                                          £99.00
Retail Plus                                                        £250.00     £43.75
Chamber of Commerce

                                                                 £87,824.39   £192.82


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