Learning to Learn and the Development of Thinking Skills by dfhrf555fcg


									Subject/Area of Learning.                        Year Group
P.E/Dance/Drama/Literacy                         Year Four

Thinking skill focus.
To get children to notice and understand other people.
Outline of activity and key questions
Dance focus—Shoes            Literacy/Guided Reading focus — The Angel of Nitshill Road
by Anne Fine
This is a story about three unhappy children who are the victims of a bully. A new girl turns
out to be the person to sort out the bully and restore the self-confidence of the three
1. Individually, the children mimed the actions of putting on shoes and behaving in a
similar manner to the children in the story—a fat girl, a clumsy boy and a girl who did not
express any emotions.
2. Working in pairs, they discussed movements and combined their ideas and produced
sequences to show the three different children. There had to be a recognisable point where
one child ended and the other began. Each pair were given the opportunity to demonstrate
their movement ideas to the rest of the class
3. Groups of four + then had to discuss and experiment with the idea of the children
getting out of bed, putting on their shoes, taking on that child's personality, the journey to
school and face-to-face with the bully in the playground.
4. Discussion—what did it feel like to be in someone else's shoes?

Shoe—music from Y4 dance tape Dire Straits –

Evaluation of impact on thinking skills.
Discussion about the victims took place both in the classroom and in the hall. Children
  were very keen and full of ideas of how to develop their dance. There were different
  interpretations of how the bullied children would walk and how the bully would swagger
  and show off. They added parts for the children who weren't being bullied, just enjoying
  normal playground games and activities. They had to think about the order of events
  from getting out of bed to arriving at school. Dance group had to freeze when the whistle
  blew so they had to decide how to do this/which pose. This also involved children
  choosing to take sides—either supporting the 'bullied' or alliance with the 'bully'

Points for development/other ideas.
We didn't reach the part where the new girl/angel began to solve the problem. We could
have explored bullying 'cause and effect' in more detail or analysed how Celeste's method
worked. We did compare her 'Book of Deeds' with similar idea in R.E. (Jewish-Rosh

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