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STATEMENT FROM FIG PRESIDENT                                                          F.I.G. SYMPOSIUM, 29/30th APRIL 2005
     (original wording unchanged)                                                   Both MTC and WTC are in agreement on the ‘best 10
                                                                                    elements’ principle. There is ongoing discussion as to
                                                                                    whether the difficulties A – F for men and A – G for
Moutier, May 10, 2005: Following the success of                                     women should be based on element group values or on
the Budapest Symposium in April that dealt                                          the values of individual elements.
entirely with the new Artistic Gymnastics Code of                                   WORK OF THE PANELS
Points, the FIG has moved forward into a phase of                                   ‘A’ PANEL
reform in terms of its judging methods.                                             The ‘A’ panel will consist of 2 judges A1 and A2 as at
                                                                                    present. They will count the highest valued 10 elements,
The FIG will test its new FIG Instant Replay and                                    add the Connection Value and possibly element group
                                                                                    requirements. (It is likely that on floor C.V. will be
Control System at the European Championships in                                     awarded for acrobatic series only)
Debrecen (HUN) in June. Entrusted to its partner                                    ‘B’ PANEL
Swiss Timing / Longines, the project will combine                                   There is still discussion as to whether to have 1 or 2 B
the video technology and information stored in                                      panels. If the decision is made to have 2 it will work like
their databases. The procedure was initially tested                                 this
with positive results in December 2004 at the                                       B Group 1, (4 judges), will judge the execution and their
World Cup Final in Birmingham (GBR).                                                deductions will be doubled to encourage good execution
                                                                                    and stop gymnasts going for high risk elements when
Along with these developmental projects, the                                        they are not really ready. The average of all 4 scores is
                                                                                    being considered.
Men’s and Women’s Technical Committees will
                                                                                    B Group 2, (2 judges), will judge composition and
meet twice in Debrecen and Minsk (BLR) to                                           artistry. Their scores will be averaged.
complete a single document. The new 2006 –
2008 Code of Points must be on the FIG                                              The deductions of the 2 B panels will be added and
Secretary General’s desk by August 31, 2005 at                                      taken from the perfect 10.00. This will then be added to
the latest. It will then be distributed for                                         the A panel content score.
information to the Executive Committee                                              Example: -
members and to the 129 FIG Affiliated                                               Bars, Beam and Floor
Federations. The final decision rests on the                                        A score based on content                       6.30
                                                                                    B1 execution deductions                        0.60 x 2
Executive Committee, a decision that will be given
                                                                                    B2 composition and artistry deductions         0.30
October 10, 2005 at its ordinary meeting in Baku                                    Final Score        6.30 + (10.00 – ((1.20 + 0.30))
(AZE).                                                                                                                         = 14.80
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   On vault there will be no B2 panel
…… So it looks as if we will have a Code of Points                                  The proposed element or element group values are
for 2006 – 2008 possibly ready for an Inter-                                        A = 0.10, B = 0.20, C = 0.30, D = 0.40, E = 0.60,
Continental course in December 2005. This would                                     F = 0.80, G = 1.00
mean our own GB re-education plan will happen                                       The 10 counting elements include the dismount. The
one year later than originally planned, with an                                     WTC proposal is that the dismount requirement is for ‘D’
                                                                                    or more on a bonus type system.
International Brevet course as early as can be
                                                                                    So if the gymnast does an A or B dismount they get 0.00
arranged in 2006, followed by a National course.                                    For a C dismount, (half requirement), they get 0.10
Regional and Club courses can all be underway                                       For a D dismount, (full requirement), they get 0.20
hopefully by July 2006.                                                             At the moment they are considering the dismount as
I understand that the first major competition to be                                 part of composition so making it B2 panel work!
judged on the 2006 Code will be the Melbourne
Commonwealth Games in March 2006.                                                   Are you more confused than ever? I do hope
                         Avril                                                      not. I’ll bring you more as soon as I am able!

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