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									                                   SAP Solution Brief

                                   SAP® MANAGER
Success in today’s economy         GETTING AHEAD IN CHALLENGING TIMES
is a difficult proposition – one   Human capital and financial management are two effective
                                   strategies your enterprise can use to stay ahead of the
that is rife with challenges.
                                   competition. The key to making them work is to make critical
Enterprises must compete in        information available beyond the walls of the human resources
global marketplaces that are       and finance departments – and to get that information out of
unpredictable, dynamic, and        back-end systems and into the hands of managers so they can
leave little room for error.       make smart decisions that support corporate goals.
They must bring quality
                                   To put successful human capital and finance management
products or services to            strategies into practice, your enterprise must be able to
market faster than ever            accomplish these vital goals:
before, often with fewer           • Attract stellar candidates and motivate employees
resources. And they must           • Plan, measure, and influence business outcomes
                                   • Identify and reward top performers
maximize productivity and
                                   • Reduce costs
cost efficiency in the face of     • Make business processes more efficient
widespread corporate               • Empower your managers with the right information at the
restructuring.                       right time
                                   • Turn administrative tasks into productive processes
                                   Providing managers throughout your enterprise with tools that
                                   help them accomplish these goals quickly and easily has a
                                   profound impact on your company. All your managers become
                                   more efficient, effective, and proactive. And these tools enable
                                   them to run their departments in line with your enterprise’s
Empowering managers to execute human capital and finance           By giving managers fast access to important information,
management strategies for budgeting, recruitment,                  SAP Manager Self-Service frees HR and finance professionals –
compensation, and cost management also creates real return on      and all the managers at your enterprise – from mundane
investment (ROI) for your finance and HR departments. Tools        administrative responsibilities and makes the entire company
that bring these strategies to life cut down on the number of      more productive.
phone calls and requests made by managers to various
departments and, by doing so, free up your HR and finance staff    ATTRACT STELLAR CANDIDATES AND
to focus on strategic activities. The tools automate paper-based   MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES
processes, such as requests for master data changes or             Because managers are closest to their employees, they know best
performance appraisals. They also leverage HR and financial        how to motivate them. They also know best how to determine
back-end systems by making pertinent information available to      personnel strategy for their departments and how to retain
managers throughout your enterprise.                               their human capital. SAP Manager Self-Service gives managers
                                                                   a complete suite of tools that lets them play an active part by
MANAGER SELF-SERVICE:                                              triggering administrative processes and relieving the HR
EMPOWER YOUR MANAGERS TO MANAGE                                    department from frequent or unnecessary contacts.
By providing SAP® Manager Self-Service capabilities,
mySAP™ Human Resources (mySAP™ HR) and                             SAP Manager Self-Service provides real-time access to critical
mySAP™ Financials enable your managers to identify, retain,        information like employee data, salary history, and organization
and reward top performers; recruit the right people; and make      transfers. Managers can also initiate personnel change requests,
smarter decisions – all without having to turn to the HR and       which automates costly and time-consuming paper-based
finance departments for help. The intuitive, easy-to-use self-     processes. Easy-to-use workflow tools ensure that requests are
service functions can pull data from disparate sources,            sent to the appropriate individuals for approval and execution.
empowering your business teams to get the most out of their
staff and supporting efficient and proactive management of         All this means that your managers have the right information
employees and budgets.                                             they need to make the right staffing decisions for their
SAP Manager Self-Service also enables your managers to
minimize cost overruns, identify problematic budget items          PLAN, MEASURE, AND INFLUENCE
easily, and manage their cost centers and project costs in a       BUSINESS OUTCOMES
timely manner. Managers receive daily alerts about critical cost   One of the biggest hurdles managers must overcome if they are
data. In addition, managers can drill down to the root of a        to plan and influence business outcomes is the “information
problem, which eliminates the need for lengthy phone               barrier.” Many managers don’t have easy access to basic
conversations and correspondence with the HR or finance            corporate strategies and policies and, as a result, find it difficult
departments. Once an incorrect posting, budget shortfall, or       to manage in a way that supports the enterprise’s objectives.
error in master data has been identified, the manager can
request corrections online using an easy-to-use, standard form.
The correction request is routed to the appropriate individual,
allowing the manager to monitor its progress and eliminating
unproductive tasks.
SAP Manager Self-Service helps your managers leap over the        SAP Manager Self-Service provides a robust self-service
information barrier with a number of powerful features. First,    compensation planning tool for completing and viewing
the manager self-service capabilities simplify performance        appraisals online and rewarding employees for their
appraisals and make it easy to create meaningful employee         performance. Managers can use the self-service tool to identify
objectives. Second, rather than requiring you to contact the HR   and retain top performers, positively affect retention rates, and
and finance departments for reports, guidelines, and forms, the   improve employee morale. Your managers can also award fair
self-service functions put the information your managers need     compensation based on employee performance – without the
right at their fingertips. Third, features like key performance   usual administrative headaches. Simply put, the manager
indicators and analytical tools allow managers to be proactive    self-service capabilities allow your enterprise to retain and
and address situations before they become problems.               maximize its most valuable asset – your employees.

Another challenge that takes up hours of your managers’           REDUCE COSTS
time each month is analyzing costing data posted to their cost    An objective of every company is to reduce costs. One of the
centers and projects. Researching cost overruns, checking         best ways to achieve this goal is to provide your managers with
budget availability, and fixing incorrect postings are usually    tools to manage cost exposure within their departments.
even more burdensome tasks.
                                                                  SAP Manager Self-Service helps your people manage cost and
SAP Manager Self-Service provides information on costs when       budgets easily and in a way that supports corporate strategy.
your managers need it and informs them when critical              Self-service functions give managers access to comprehensive
thresholds they’ve defined have been reached. For example, a      reports for their cost centers, which helps them run their
manager can be informed of a cost variance greater than 10% in    departments in a fiscally responsible manner. SAP Manager
the current month or of reaching 90% of an allotted project       Self-Service includes the most comprehensive suite of
budget. The manager can use the self-service functions to         predefined content available, which saves you the cost of having
research critical data in more detail and immediately request     to develop it in-house. SAP Manager Self-Service also provides
adjustment postings – all from a single, easy-to-use interface.   data from the HR and finance departments, which helps
Perhaps most important, SAP Manager Self-Service supports         managers better understand how their departments impact the
customization of all content, making it flexible enough to meet   entire enterprise.
the unique needs of your enterprise.
                                                                  Here’s another way that SAP Manager Self-Service helps your
IDENTIFY AND REWARD TOP PERFORMERS                                company. One of the most significant corporate expenses is
Ask managers what’s one of their toughest tasks, and they’ll      business travel. SAP Manager Self-Service lets your managers
usually say it’s determining appropriate compensation for their   control these expenditures using an easy approval and rejection
employees. In fact, most managers struggle with spreadsheets      process. With this and other self-service functions for proactive
and have to make numerous calls to the HR department to           cost control in SAP Manager Self-Service, you achieve an
determine pay increases.                                          immediate return on investment at your enterprise.
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Once managers have been alerted to an issue that requires their                            PRODUCTIVE PROCESSES
attention, SAP Manager Self-Service empowers them to act                                   One of the best features of SAP Manager Self-Service is that it’s
decisively and intelligently.                                                              fully integrated with mySAP™ Enterprise Portal. This means
                                                                                           that, in addition to the content that mySAP HR and
For example, a manager may need to request a change to a                                   mySAP Financials provide, you can give your managers
personnel record. The self-service capabilities let your managers                          powerful knowledge management tools, news feeds, and other
initiate changes and track those that require further action on                            vital information.
their part. Workflow tools ensure that requests come into your
HR department through a single channel (instead of by paper,                               The advantages to you? Your enterprise gets the maximum
phone, and fax as well as by e-mail), which allows HR                                      value from these robust functions, while their tight integration
professionals to respond to queries easily.                                                allows the HR and finance teams to deliver to managers the
                                                                                           information, tools, and alerts that they need. All this makes it
Another way that SAP Manager Self-Service empowers your                                    easy for managers to use critical resources and, most important,
team with self-service tools: If managers identify an unusual                              to be productive.
posting made to their cost centers, they can drill down to the
source document. So instead of reacting to a query from the                                SEIZE THE FUTURE TODAY
accounting department several weeks later, they can be                                     In the information economy, smart human capital
proactive and request an adjustment posting.                                               management and cost management decisions will separate
                                                                                           successful companies from unsuccessful ones. Enterprises that
By providing all the information, reports, and forms that                                  motivate and retain employees and give their managers the
managers need, mySAP HR eliminates countless inquiries and                                 tools to manage will be the ones that thrive and prosper.
paper documents and reduces administrative costs.
                                                                                           SAP Manager Self-Service empowers your managers to execute
EMPOWER YOUR MANAGERS WITH THE RIGHT                                                       corporate strategies and makes the entire enterprise more
INFORMATION AT THE RIGHT TIME                                                              competitive. SAP Manager Self-Service puts the HR department
The manager self-service capabilities have an easy-to-use,                                 at the center of the human capital initiative and helps your
intuitive Web interface that acts as a single access point for all                         company manage costs – and integrates the work of HR and
information. Your managers can find what they need, no                                     finance professionals into the highest level of corporate decision
matter where they’re located. SAP Manager Self-Service can also                            making.
act as an umbrella solution – enabling you to use SAP and
non-SAP solutions, along with your back-end systems and your                               To find out how SAP Manager Self-Service can make a
intranet content, with a single consistent and user-friendly                               difference at your enterprise, visit or

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