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					                                  SAP Business Connector
                                   Download Instructions

1. Select SAP’s Website

2. Logon to the SAP Service Marketplace. You will be prompted to enter your User Id and
   Password in order to gain security clearance to this page.

     Note: The SAP BC is only available to SAP Customers and Partners.

3. Select Quick Links, and then select Connectors .

4. Select SAP Business Connector, and then select Download.

     Note: Since this is a SAP supported product, please refer to the SAP BC Installation Guide
     to help walk you through the download and install of the SAP BC.

     UPS currently supports up to version 4.6. Please contact UPS Support if you download any
     higher versions of SAP BC in the future.

     *** Copy down the License Key information to refer to it during the installation process ***

5. Once the SAP BC has been successfully downloaded, double-click on the file that was
   downloaded to start the installation.

6. A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is required to run the SAP BC. If you have multiple
   JVMs, install the SAP BC on the same drive as the JVM.

7. Follow the instructions of the screen and continue with the install.

     Note: Download and install any SAP Business Connector Service Releases that may be
     needed for your SAP BC version.

8. At the conclusion of the SAP BC install, you should receive a successful install message.

9.    Apply SAP OSS Note #: 0313597. Please make sure the SAP BC is not running at the
     time of applying this OSS Note!

     Note: This important last step is needed to communicate to UPS. We currently support RFC
     XML encoding Version 0.9.

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