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Sysplan Phase III, Part I: Bluesblaster Ecommerce Proposal
             Kevin, Chris, Adam, Carmen and Neal
                                   The A-Team
       Our corporation has researched the information that Bluesblaster requested. We
have included several different reports composed into one general briefing that will help
your company determine what direction to take the ecommerce aspect of your business.

The A-Team’s Inclusions:

      Background Information on today’s Web Business Environment
      Web Hosting and Ecommerce Transactions
      Online Sales Proposal
      Sysplan III, Part II: Database Management Systems
      Conclusion and Recommendations

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                Today’s Web Business Environment
Ecommerce and It’s Functions

   The term electronic commerce is used to describe the means of advertising, selling,

and supporting products and services over the Internet. Recently, it has been called the

new economic paradigm. It includes a wide range of business activities such as:

      Electronic mail and file sharing with peers, customers, and business partners.

      Marketing and promoting goods and services over the Internet.

      Providing the ability for customers to download digitalized products and


      Enabling customers and business partners to access selected corporate

       information systems. Ex) to order products or view account balances.

   By 2002, the total ecommerce transactions are projected to exceed $200 billion

dollars annually. (www.ncsnet.com/ecomm.html) The range of transactions includes:

business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and consumer-to-business.

In House vs. Outsourcing Implementation of Ecommerce Solutions
   When starting out a new retail website, a company should have a number of strategies

lined up to help attract and retain customers. You can either implement several different

strategies on your own, or go with a service that provides these strategies as package

deal. We feel that the package deal is the best and most efficient way to go. The solution

we chose is the BroadVision Retail Commerce Suite, which is a complete and scalable

ecommerce solution for both small and large businesses. This suite enables marketing

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and merchandising professionals to employ intelligent, automated tools that identify the

best customers and products.

 Features of Broadvison Retail Suite:

      Retail Intelligence: Collects an abundance of data and analyzes traffic patterns,

       contents clicked, and final sales to help personalize customer experience.

      Retail Merchandiser: Manages number of products and customers while

       providing targeting by unlimited product attributes.

      Retail Premier Performance: Features industry’s first and only application-

       level quality of service, ensuring outstanding performance for your best customers

       in times of great peak demand.

      Retail Operations: Provides real-time transaction management, including

       ordering, routing and status, billing and invoicing, and customer receipt.

      Retail Multi-Touch Publishing: Reprocesses content created in Microsoft Word

       or PowerPoint, allowing to easily use targeted messages on the web or small-

       screen wireless devices.

      Retail LiveCycle Services: Offers expertise of BroadVision Consulting and 150

       certified partners, who have managed more than 400 retail implementations


                    All Information on Broadvision obtained from: www.broadvision.com

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Benefits of BroadVision Commerce Suite:

      Vast customer and product knowledge

      Targeted merchandising

      Top quality service for the top customers

      The ability to sell anytime and anywhere

      Keeps fulfillment ahead of demand

      Increases customer satisfaction

          Web Hosting and E-Commerce Transactions

Web Site Hosting

Web Site Hosting- “Placing a customer's Web page or Web site on a commercial Web

server. Many ISPs host a personal Web page at no additional cost above the monthly

service fee, while multi-page, commercial Web sites are hosted at a very wide range of

prices. A single computer can hold hundreds or even thousands of small Web sites, while

larger Web sites use a dedicated computer or multiple computers” (www.techweb.com).

Requirements for Web Site Hosting

Your Company Will Need:

      Correctly registered domain name

      Security provided, In House or Outsourced

      Credit card transaction processing

      Working web page

      Search engine registration

      Ability to customize web page

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Web Hosting


      Receive technical expertise and knowledge

      Maintain focus on core business activities

      No need to hire new employees or retrain existing ones

      Less investment


      Less control of your system

      Under the will of what the outsourcer believes is best

      Communication problems

Obtaining A Domain Name

Here are the process steps of obtaining a domain name:

      Check for domain name availability

          o This allows you to perform a WHOIS query to determine if the domain

                name you wish to register is available.

      Confirm intention to register

          o This confirms that you wish to register the domain name you have chosen.

      Log in

          o Here you create a User Name and password 'profile' which is used to

                identify your account in register.com systems. If you are an existing user,

                you should enter the User Name and password you have created to

                identify your account.

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     Fill in Contact Information

         o You must provide register.com with administrative and organizational

             information to associate with your domain name registration.

     Review the information for accuracy

         o Before you submit your registration for processing, you have the

             opportunity to review the information you are submitting.

     Enter payment information and submit your request

         o During this step you must enter your credit card billing information and

             submit the registration for processing. Additionally, if you are registering

             a .com, .net or .org domain name, you must choose the term of

             registration. If your credit card is accepted, you will receive a

             confirmation screen.

                           ALL ABOVE INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM           www.register.com

Software Needed To Conduct Financial Transactions

                                                We researched several different software

                                     programs and we recommend ecBuilder.

                                     ecBuilder- this software provides almost

                                     everything needed to successfully operate an e-

                                     commerce business and was voted, “the worlds

                                     best e-commerce software.”

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ecBuilder features:

      Support for 10,000 products

      Multiple payment gateways for real-time, credit card ordering

      Wizard-driven tools that will help you build your web site

      Equipped with the proprietary ecOrderDesk which can manage all your Web and

       offline orders

      Automatic search-engine registration which will enable the world to find your


      Includes 40 different templates to make it easier to develop a professional-looking

       Web site



Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing This Software


      Cost

      Diminish the investment of man hours made on a non core function

      Management of web and offline orders

      (See also features listed above)


      Relying on another company to be able to successfully compete

      Less internal control and management of transaction processes

      No direct line of contact if immediate system changes are required

A-Team                                      7                                          7
Comparison and Differentiation of software packages (in-house) and

application service providers (outsourcing) for Internet transactions.

Both Systems Provide:

      Internet Transaction Handling Capabilities

      Security

      Credit Card Processing

      Search Engine Registration

      Web Site Revision and Update Capabilities

Contrast Between Systems

      In house technology does not constantly update

      Outsourcing provides access to expert technicians

      Outsourcing relieves the stress of maintenance and development responsibilities

                Bluesblaster’s Online Sales Proposal
       Mr. Clapton, our corporation understands your interests in becoming involved in

online sales. This is an extremely profitable area of business in today’s market, and we

have researched some similar corporations to determine the best path for Bluesblaster to

follow. We have already presented a plethora of E-Commerce research, now we will

show you how to get involved in some of the money making.

Cdnow.com’s Online Sales Strategies

                                   Cdnow.com is one of the world’s biggest Internet

retailers. It focuses sales on compact discs, but they are rapidly expanding their market

A-Team                                       8                                           8
to include DVD films and concert paraphernalia. This is something that Bluesblaster

could immediately get involved in. With all of the knowledge of music that Bluesbalsters

has, we could be up and running in no time.

Cdnow’s Business and Marketing Strategy.

       Cdnow has coverage of an extensive daily audience and a large customer base.

This enables them to offer corporate clients an exciting variety of advertising and

sponsorship opportunities targeted at various demographics. By establishing a presence

like Cdnow, we would have information and entertainment properties including media,

news, features, interviews, special promotions, and sweepstakes -- advertisers and

sponsors can:

      Associate their brands with Bluesblaster and the power of music and


      Leverage the strength of a cutting-edge Internet site and industry leader.

      Get their message in front of over 4 million unique monthly visitors.

Bluesblaster’s Profitability over CDnow and other Competition

       CDnow’s power and name recognition lies within the online entertainment

industry. We can beat them. We will offer our audience these amazing features:

   1. An unprecedented selection of music products

   2. Artist news and reviews

   3. Audio and video clips, all of which can be personalized to suit various lifestyles

A-Team                                        9                                             9
        By incorporating an advanced, customized email program we would have an

unrivaled site with features and services that Cdnow could only dream of. Cdnow is

poised to make the online market theirs but with our website people would experience an

easy, informative and fun trip through the music world for both new and repeat visitors.

                        Ecommerce Proposal Part II
                                 (#2 of the 5 available)

Database Management System (DBMS)

        A database management system is, “A collection of programs that enables you to

store, modify, and extract information from a database. There are many different types of

DBMSs, ranging from small systems that run on personal computers to huge systems that

run on mainframes” (www.webopedia.internet.com).

Examples of DBMSs

        1.   Computerized Library Systems
        2.   Automated Teller Machines/Money Access Machines (ATM/MAC)
        3.   Flight Reservation Systems
        4.   Computerized Parts Inventory Systems

DBMS Security

        Database security prevents unauthorized users from viewing or updating

information in the database. The use of passwords allows users to access the entire

database or subsets, called subschemas, depending on the preference of the administrator

for the setup.

Database Machines and DBMSs

        “Database machines are specially designed computers that hold the actual

databases and run only the DBMS and related software. Connected to one or more

A-Team                                     10                                          10
mainframes via a high-speed channel, database machines are used in large volume

transaction processing environments. Database machines have a large number of DBMS

functions built into the hardware and also provide special techniques for accessing the

disks containing the databases, such as using multiple processors concurrently for high-

speed searches” (http://burks.bton.ac.uk/burks/foldoc/79/27.htm).

Data Dictionary
        The data dictionary contains a list of all files in the database, the number of

records in each file, and the names and types of each field. Most database management

systems hide the data dictionary from the users to prevent them from destroying the files.

It is a table of tables containing a list of tables in the database.

    1. Provides a definition of what can be included in data
    2. Provides a list of possible values that can be attributed to data
    3. Provides the precision with which a figure must be entered

Relational Database
        A relational database management system is a collection of programs that enables

users to create and maintain a database. It is also a type of DBMS that stores information

in the form of related tables. One of these databases can be spread across several tables.

For abstracting, data users deal with conceptual representation of the data that includes

little control over how the data is stored.

A-Team                                         11                                         11
       SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is a specialized language for

requesting information from a database. SQL lets users access data in relational database

management systems by allowing users to describe the data the user wishes to see. Also,

it allows users to define data in the database and manipulate that data.

       SQL also includes syntax for executing queries, so we can ask questions of the

database and have the results returned in tabular form.

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                    A-Team’s Final Recommendations

Ecommerce Solutions: Outsource them to Broadvision Retail Ecommerce Suite

Web Hosting and E-Commerce Transactions: Outsource Web Hosting

Online Sales Proposal:

   1. Offer an unprecedented selection of music products

   2. Provide artist news and reviews

   3. Provide audio and video clips

   4. Allow them it all to be personalized to suit various lifestyles

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