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									                                MEL SIMS
                   *****SCORE BASKETBALL CAMP*****
                        LIVE-IN AND DAY CAMPERS
                                                      20 Consecutive Sellouts – Over 10,000 campers
                                                 Girl’s Basketball Camps (We accept boys up to age 13)
                                909-590-7651 * FAX: 909-627-1004 *WEB: SCOREHOOPS.NET
                               6 days – all indoors August 5-10 – Ayala High School
                                                Live-in $470 - Day Camper $320
                                             14255 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills, Ca 91709
                                  AMERICA’S BEST FUNDAMENTAL BASKETBALL CAMP
                            Mail payment to: SCORE, 13555 Ramona Ave, Suite #107, Chino, Ca 91710
                                    All Credit card payments are made out to: Sunrise Apparel

Considered by many to be the best                        CAN YOU PASS OUR SKILLS TEST?                                              Director’s Biography:
fundamental basketball camp in the nation.                     1. Dribble with either hand under pressure?                          * 3 N.B.A. 1st Round Picks
We hope that you will compare us to other                      2. Dribble behind the back with either hand?                         * 2 Olympic Team Members
camps. We “TEACH” fundamentals and                             3. Dribble through the legs with either hand?                        * Dozens of Collegiate Stars
“DEMAND PERFECTION”. We have high                              4. Dribble under full court pressure                                 * Women’s Professional Coach
standards, but would you want anything else                    5. Dribble without looking at the ball?                              * Men’s Div I Collegiate Coach
for your money? Many athletes have never                       6. Reverse dribble with either hand?                                 * 520 wins in High School
been told to “DO IT RIGHT”. We expect                          7. Made a reverse lay up with either hand?                           Boys/Girls
you to be in shape, listen, learn and perform.                 8. Made a baseline reverse with either hand?                         * Two CIF Championships
We have seen too many athletes shoot                           9. Shoot the three off the dribble?                                  * State 3 points record (1995)
poorly, not have the ability to dribble. NOT                   10. Shoot the three of the catch?                                    * Top 3 point shooting team to
EVERYONE IS READY FOR OUR HIGH                                 11. Shoot the bank shot?                                                past 10 years
STANDARDS, READY FOR OUR                                       12. Execute a screen and roll?                                       * C.I.F. Coach of the Year – 3 times
INTENSITY, READY TO BE A                                       13. Pass the ball 65 off the dribble?                                * 24 Consecutive winning seasons
COLLEGIATE TYPE PLAYER. You can                                14. Shoot a lay up with either hand?                                 * 70 Consecutive league winning
always go to one of those “fun” camps where                    15. See and get the ball to open players                             streak
they swim, watch movies and have half day                There is no such thing as girl’s basketball, rather there is basketball    * 11straight league championships
sessions. Our day starts at 8:00am and                   played by girls. Some teach a thing called “girls basketball”. There
finishes at 10:30pm for 6 ½ days. We are                 isn’t a girl’s anything, just simply swimming, throwing, math etc.
serious about our basketball. Approximately              Do girls and boys swim, play tennis, volleyball or throw differently
65% of our campers make All league and                   in softball or baseball or run, throw or jump differently in track?
All-CIF                                                  NO! Why then do we allow “girls skills” in basketball? There is
                                                         only one way to teach a skill, the correct way.
Score Basketball Registration Form – Fill in all spaces and mail in $100.00 to: 13555 Ramona Ave, Suite 107, Chino, Ca 91710
Deposit before July 1st, 2007. After July 1stfull fee must accompany this application. All Credit Card payments made out to: Sunrise Apparel

NAME____________________________________________                           AMOUNT ENCLOSED $_______________________


HOME PHONE: (_______)____________________EMERGENCY. PHONE: (______)________________________________

CURRENT SCHOOL_________________________AGE______ HT.__________ WEIGHT__________

I would like to room with____________________________________________

Credit Card #: _________________________________ Exp: __________                Circle One:            Visa        MC          AMEX     Discover

T-shirt Size: Circle one   S(30-32)     M(34-36) LG(38-40) XLG(42-44) XXLG(46-48)

I hereby authorize the Director of SCORE Basketball Camp or his designee to act for me in according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical
attention. I hereby waive and release the camp from any and all liability for injuries incurred during the normal participation of playing basketball while at camp.

PARENT/GARDIAN SIGNATURE:__________________________________________________

Health Ins Carrier._________________________Policy#___________________________________

In case of Emergency call:____________________________________________________________

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