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					               HDRC WALK & TROT TEST

1.    A         Enter at medium walk, proceed down
                centre line without halting.
      C         Track left
2.    H         Working trot
      E         Circle left 20 metres diameter
3.    EKAF      Working trot
      F         Medium walk
4.    B         Turn left
      E         Track right
5.    H         Working trot
      HCMB      Working trot
6.    B         Circle right 20 metres diameter
      BFA       Working trot
7.    A         Medium walk
      KXM       Change rein at free walk on a long rein
      M         Medium walk
8.    C         Working trot
      EB        20 Metre half circle
      BMC       Working trot
9.    C to X    20 metre half circle
                Transition to walk 2-4 strides proceed at
                working trot
      X to A    20 Metre half circle
10.   AKE       Working trot
      EB        20 meter half circle
      BFA       Working trot
11.   A         Down centre line
      X         Medium walk
      G         Halt, immobility, salute
                Leave arena on long rein at A