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PeopleSoft Steering Committee Agenda - Download as DOC


									         Steering Team Meeting
         Wednesday, January 23 , 2008 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
         Location: EADS Fireside Chat Room

A. Recent production accomplishments:
   1. Project is complete to enhance the Wolfpack Reporting System by adding a "Add/Remove Personnel
       Encumbrances" toggle button to Report 5. Also, reports have been corrected so that when the display option
       for Journal Drilldown is set to 'Show', the additional field check boxes are not displayed on the Journal page
       by default.
   2. Oracle Bundles Maintenance for the Financial System is complete.
   3. Student Billing is complete out of Student Financials (4 th Billing on November 27th)
   4. Late registration enrollment cancellation process is complete in Student Financials.
   5. Four HRMS Bundles and 2007 Tax Updates were applied with no major complications.
   6. ORBIT was successfully launched and is in use.
   7. The 2008 Benefits changes to the Flex plans and Dental plans were implemented.
   8. Admisssions denorm tables are now in production. Validation in production is ongoing by Admissions
       offices, Review is scheduled with AITD on 2/5 to being release of information to campus.

B. Accounts Payable
    1.   Working with Accounting to define the scope of workflow changes that will streamline voucher approval and
         payment processing (#AP46). Project is pending customer acceptance testing.

C. General Ledger
    1.   Project to re-write the Budget Management System (BMS) is active. The new reports will be incorportated as
         part of the Wolfpack Reporting System.

D. Purchasing
    1.   Implementation of the New MarketPlace (e-Procurement) (PUR27) is nearing completion with the expected go-
         live date of February 11, 2008.

E. General Financials Issues

F. Human Resources
    1.   The State of NC is replacing its Human Resources and Payroll Systems with the HR system from SAP. NC State
         will be impacted as we provide a data feed to these systems. A project team has been formed, headed up by Brian
         Simet, to represent NC State’s interests in this project, which is now referred to as the BEACON Project.
    2.   HR has requested a modification to the HR System to require entering a salary over the maximum to be a fatal edit.
    3.   Human Resources has requested that we implement the Enterprise Learning module for use by University
         Training Services. This PeopleSoft module will replace functionality provided by the legacy On-Track
         system, which will be going out support. It also provide significant new functionality and integration with
         HR System data.
G. Payroll
    1.   Payroll has requested the creation of an automated interface to transfer the information concerning 1042S payments
         made to foreign nationals from the HR System to Windstar. Payroll would like to begin testing this in April 2008,
         with a target go-live in mid-May, and accordingly, development will begin in February 2008.
    2.   Payroll has requested that an interface be developed to load the SECC file directly to the general deduction
         table, instead of processing the enrollment forms manually.

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          Steering Team Meeting
          Wednesday, January 23 , 2008 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
          Location: EADS Fireside Chat Room

H. Benefits
     1.   Work is in progress to implement new ROTH 401K and 403(b) plans (Remedy #858086).
     2.   Changes to the TIAA/CREF file to correctly handle negative amounts are in user testing.

I.   Commitment Accounting
     1. TEARS conversion to v8.8 Phase II development and data conversion has been completed and migrated to
        production. Security access for campus will be converted from Sybase and enabled in production after 2007 is
        closed in January in HAHT Site).
     2. Financial Services has requested that the Labor reporting queries and PS Labor reports be replaced with a
        reporting tool that provides more flexible parameter options, a better format, and more output options. This
        will also allow us to move away from the need for Sybase Labor reporting data.

J.   Budget Office

K. General Human Resources Issues
   1. Testing continues on the interface with TALX, a 3rd party employment verification system (Remedy #956684). The
      vendor has requested additional changes to the interface file which are being developed currently.
   2. Analysis has begun to move a number of fields from the Job_Jr record to Job to eliminate “Data Does Not Exist”
      errors. This project will require a significant coordinated effort across both HR teams and thus will be implemented
      in the first quarter of 2008.
   3. Analysis is underway for the Informatica upgrade which will be implemented in March 2008 (Informatica is used to
      transfer data between Sybase and Oracle databases).
   4. Analysis has begun on functionality of Compensating Controls Authorization Report to determine if report is
      functioning as campus expects. Campus provided feedback in a December meeting that will result in the design
      of a new reports (a payroll authorization report and a personnel action summary report) and several other
      smaller changes to the compensating control reports. HR will provide requirements.

L. Student Administration
   1. Information regarding the Student Information System (SIS) implementation can be found at Planning and scheduling for the remainder of the SIS implementation is being developed
       and a draft will be available in early November 2007. Functionality remaining to be implemented includes Student
       Records Class Schedule, Student Records Registration, Student Financials Tuition Calculation, Student Records
       Transcripts, Academic Advising (implemented initially as ADA and GARS interfaces to Registration / Permanent
       Records), and Student Records Term End. Systems Test begins February 4, 2008 and will continue through
       May 2008.
   2. Admissions

              1.  College of Veterinary Medicine - Met with Director & Asst. Director Student Services, Asst. Dean
                 Business & Finance and Admissions Module Lead 12/11/07 to review Admissions Supplemental
                 Application - NelNet integration, Business Process and determine project timeline. Conference call
                 scheduled with NelNet 1/18/2008 to review NelNet component.
             2. NDS Plus Application process (supporting NDS, Re-Admits and Delta) – modify process to allow
                 student entry of application data at beginning of process and application fees as appropriate ) w/o
                 envoking Welcome ID process. The initial development has been completed and is being testing by
                 R&R/Delta. Additional requests have been received and those are in development. All changes,
                 including the new requests, will be ready for the 2/1/08 roll-out of the application.
             3. Admissions Matriculation to Records – Meeting scheduled on 1/22, with R&R and Admissions to
                 review the mass change process in SIS. From that meeting, the teams will need to make a decision to
                 use this process for Spring '08 students or wait until Records is in SIS. Development has begun on
                 the changes needed to the interfaces from AdmissionPros and ApplyYourself.
    3. Campus Community
             1. Duplicate ID Report and Maintenance Pages – development is in progress. Reviewed the initial
                 development of the report and online page with R&R on 1/14. R&R requested several cosmetic
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         Steering Team Meeting
         Wednesday, January 23 , 2008 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
         Location: EADS Fireside Chat Room

                  changes to the online page and several more data elements on the report. R&R and HR have agreed
                  that R&R will begin to work the report to eliminate the obvious non-duplicates, so the report can
                  become more manageable. This “clean-up” effort has started for resolution of duplicate ID’s.
             2. Loading Photos from All Campus System to CC - The interface with All Campus System database has
                  been completed and tested with a small batch (aprrox 1000). The DBAs will be reviewing the size
                  and impact on the database to determine any changes required. After the DBA review, we plan to do
                  a full run of all photos to get timing and exact sizing numbers in development environement. Photos
                  will be used initially for SIS Records Class Roster and Advising List, RecTrac, CCEURE
             3. Campus Community Demorm reporting tables – CC denorm tables are in production. Review
                  scheduled with AITD on 2/5 to being release of information to campus.
             4. Add a new Phone Type - Cell-Business. Modify Cell Phone type to include Cell-Personal and Cell-
                  Business on the Add/Update Person functions including Self Service. Include both Cell-Personal and
                  Cell-Business in feed to PIER. Development completed and is currently being tested by HR and
                  R&R. Migration to production is planned for 1/23/08
             5. PIER - weekly extract and upload of NCSU data to PIER for processing continues.
             6. FERPA Develop pages for employees using SIS to read and acknowledge awareness of the FERPA
                  rules and regulations governing access to student data. These pages will be delivered via MyPack on
                  a semester basis. Acknowledgement values will be stored in database tables for reference. The pop-
                  up message has been developed, based on the current wording from PackTracks, and is being tested.
                  Population to recieve the message will be anyone in the instructor table and/or anyone with a NCS
                  (SIS) security role that is not self service only.
    4.   Student Financials
             1. 1098T processing is on schedule and nearing completion.
             2. Vendor solution (Hershey) is being finalized so that the images of checks can be associated with a receipt
             3. Tuition calculation process is being reviewed/designed.

M. Systems/Application Security
    1. Identity and Access Management
          Identity and Access Management (I_AM) Project – Jeff Webster has left OIT for a development
             management position in DELTA. We are currently recruiting a full-time manager for this team which
             will implement and extend the former I_AM planning project.
          HR has requested enhancements to web security reports to display HR, Financials and Student Systems access
             for terminated and transferred employees. ADET completed development on the first of two Web Security
             Reports with Customer Acceptance Testing in progress for Report #1. A review with Project Team determined
             additional modifications are required. The Security Access Control (SAC) Team has completed redefining
             the requirements for Report #1 and have presented them to the project team for their review. . Once
             report format and content is accepted by Project Team, then the Stakeholders and representatives from the
             UBOs will review Web Security Report #1 before “Go-Live” of the report. Final requirements definition is in
             progress for the second Web Security Report.
          The SAC Team is working with Enterprise Application Services (EAS) on developing more detailed reporting
             and the potential automation of de-provisioning of terminated employees.
          The owners of the web sites that are hosted on the administrative servers (formerly RMIS- Resource
             Management & Information Systems) are in the process of certifying that their web pages do not disclose
             confidential information. The deadline for the certification process is Dec 7 th, 2007 and this certification
             process is being monitored by the SAC Team for completion.
          System Access Request Application (SAR, formerly ASAP Replacement Project) – Interim authorization
             procedures for SIS users (starting September 10, 2007 potentially through September 2008) and SIS Records
             and Registration go live are now in use based on current approved Mainframe Student System access
             procedures. Small customer teams have performed validation and review of the new SAR product, as presented
             by Sun consultants and OIT/SAC staff. The final deliverables for the design and requirements phase were
             approved on 11/9/2007. A Statement of Work for the Implementation and Deployment Phase of SAR was
             received from Sun on 11/16/2007. Some revisions were required to the fixed price and scope of the SoW,
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        Steering Team Meeting
        Wednesday, January 23 , 2008 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
        Location: EADS Fireside Chat Room

           based upon approved budget. The current scope does contain fine-grained authorization for Finance, HR and
           SIS applications, as required. All necessary SoW agreements and funding have now been approved, and
           the project is on schedule The deadline for the completion of the implementation phase is by the 2/1/2008.
           We will then embark on a SAR deployment phase, which is scheduled to complete by 4/11/2008, with initial
           production use starting shortly thereafter. Acceptance testing and user training will continue through
           5/23/2008, followed by full SAR production.
    2. Security Standards & Compliance (SSC):
        Phase II of the RMIS Information Systems Security Plan (RISSP) is underway. Seven security standards have
           been developed and are currently being reviewed via security workshops with various units within RMIS
           Publication of these standards has been delayed based upon other more immediate priorities. The full set of
           standards will be published by the end of March.
        The RMIS Managed Secure External File Exchange Project seeks to identify all RMIS backend file exchanges
           with external agencies, and then standardize on managed secure file delivery mechanisms to prevent sensitive
           data from being intercepted, tampered with, or stolen in transit. Phase II of this project is underway. The
           requirements are being finalized in order for an RFP to be drafted for a Managed File Transfer product
        Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – All active credit card merchant accounts are
           compliant. The annual review of Merchant Account processing for PCI DSS has been completed. At the request
           of the University CFO, a new regulation is being drafted to address compliance with PCI DSS standards for
           University credit card handling. New credit card merchant accounts continue to be added at an average of about
           two per month. Compliance activities are being performed for each account before credit card processing
        Communication to campus regarding the revised Data Management Procedures (DMP) Regulation (which now
           includes the new Data Classification Standard as an internal section) is underway.
        At the request of the University CFO, a new regulation is being drafted to identify servers containing High
           Sensitivity Data - HSD (e.g., social security numbers). The project follows a network and physical model that
           was successful for the credit card PCI DSS compliance initiative. The project will relocate servers and/or data to
           the Secure Facilities, a term, which includes the University Data Centers, but also allows additional locations
           based on the Physical and Network requirements of the PCI DSS. This document is currently being presented to
           a number of committees for review and feedback. The next steps are to further refine the definition of High
           Sensitivity Data with the Data Stewards and to survey the campus community regarding the servers and other
           IT components containing High Sensitivity Data. The Data Stewards for the major RMIS applications are
           producing a priority list of HSD to be addressed first under the HSD server regulation.
        The University celebrated its third annual Computer Security Day, an international event, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
           on November 30th at the Jane S. McKimmon Center. The theme this year was “Computer
           Crime Scene Investigation - Whodunit? Howdunit? Whydunit?” This event, open to all faculty and staff
           members, featured computer forensic expert Giovanni Masucci and Linda Jones, an executive with IBM/
           Internet Security Systems as keynote speakers. Eight additional presentations featuring internal NC State and
           external IT industry security speakers, that focused on the forensics of mobile security and web application
           security. Presentations were divided into two tracks – technical/policy and general. There were 145 faculty
           and staff in attendance, with very positive feedback.
        An evaluation is underway to review the performance of various Anti-Virus vendors in responding to
           definitions of new viruses. Management and reporting capabilities of the various products are also under

N. Disaster Recovery/Organizational Resilience
   1. The Organizational Resilience Unit is in the process of evaluating its services to encompass the recently announced
       organizational change for the Office of Information Technology.
   2. The Organizational Resilience website is currently undergoing a redesign.

O. Portfolio Management Office (PMO) / Project Coordination

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         Steering Team Meeting
         Wednesday, January 23 , 2008 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
         Location: EADS Fireside Chat Room

    1.   The IT Portfolio Management Office is creating the processes to deliver the required services by the Directors of
         the Office of Information Technology (OIT).
    2.   The PMO website is scheduled to be recreated to reflect the new rganizational requirements and will be
         available 2nd quarter, 2008.
    3.   The PMO is creating a single application within the PMO tool, QuickBase, to facilitate work flow in and
         between the UNITS of OIT.
    4.   The PMO is assisting the VCE effort with business processes.

P. System Availability
    1.   For detailed information on production hours for the Human Resources, Financials and Student systems and
         Administrative Portal, please see the following URL:

Q. University Advancement, Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
    1.   Business Objects Reporting Suite implementation for ADVANCE –Decision First working with Advancement
         Prospect Management and Alumni Relations super users to assist in development of WEBI reports and provide
         further mentoring on report development. Target is to “jump start” and assist users in replacing all Q+E reports
         required to move from Advance Sybase Reporting database to new Business Objects Oracle environments.
         Approximately 28 reports have been developed to date.
    2.   Add Students to ADVANCE from Legacy – student data including biographical details, affiliation codes, permanent
         addresses, email addresses, preferred school and student ID’s have been loaded to Advance for active students.
         Updates to existing student data already in Advance has been completed. Awaiting user priority for next
         semester loads.
    3.   Student adds/updates from SIS – Development is complete for extracting student data from SIS for adding
         new/transfer students to Advance, parents and updating data on existing students. Mods to support
         AdvLoader loading of datafiles remaining.
    4.   Harris Alumni Print Directory – The next Harris Alumni Print Directory file was provided on October 29th.
         Loading of data continues.
    5.   Advance migration from Sybase to Oracle – Initial Project meeting held to discuss project team members and
         deliverables needed for SunGard and NCSU KickOff Meeting scheduled onsite for Feb. 13-15. The DBA
         team has completed installation of Oracle software and Advance 9.1 Oracle database table structure on new
         server. Advance development team is finalizing SunGard Discovery Document, Project Charter Document
         and System Components inventory.

R. Contracts & Grants Prior Approval Process (ePAR)
    1.   ePAR – on hold awaiting input by users for requested enhancements. Business analyst working with customers to
         determine final requirements.

S. Weblogics 9.2 upgrade
    1.   Weblogics servers supporting Java applications (ePAR, CGPR Scanning, HazTrak, COOP, and VIN) to be
         upgraded to v9.2. C&G’s scanning project has been migrated to new production environment. Users have
         completed testing of ePAR. Planning for production migration has started. COOP is the next application to
         move to the upgraded WEB server environments.

T. NelNet Implementations
    1.   Planning for next release of NelNet non-PeopleSoft implementation has started. Initial meeting with NelNet
         Customer Relationship Manager held 1/18/08 to start project planning for upgrading NC State’s QuikPay
         Implementation and the rollout of the Commerce Manager Product. Approval to proceed provided by
         Finanical Services on 01/07/2008. Commerce Manager is designed to provide the set-up and implementation
         flexibility that NCSU has been requesting. :The next release will include two components:
               a. Integration with NelNet for current NCSU sites collecting credit card information – CALS Giving Site,
                   CVM Giving Site and possibly Student Affairs Conference Services Site.
               b. College of Veterinary Medicine - Admissions Supplemental Application credit card process
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         Steering Team Meeting
         Wednesday, January 23 , 2008 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
         Location: EADS Fireside Chat Room


U. New Online Giving Sites (New NelNet Gateways and Applications)
    1.  User requirements gathering continues for applications to support new Giving Sites for Colleges of Engineering,
        Management, Natural Resources, and Humanities and Social Sciences, and Textiles. These sites will include
        NelNet integrations and a consolidated tool for processing these donations thru the Donor Records and Foundations
        Accounting processes.
   2. User Requirements gathering meeting held with Donor Records on January 17 th to discuss their
        requirements for processing on-line donations via new Online Giving Oracle solution.
   3. A meeting was held November 26th with the Controller’s Office, Foundations Accounting, Donor Records,
        Advancement Services Finance and ADET teams to review the new Commerce Manager product release
        with NelNet. Representatives from these groups recommended to pursue new Online Giving Sites
        integrations with Commerce Manager.
   4. NelNet on Site Visit - Cashier’s Office, Controllers Office and ADET met with NelNet Mgmt 12/14/07 to
        review current gateways, new Commerce Manager product, future projects/priorities and contract.
V. MyPack Portal
   1. Establishing Student/NCSU Student Forum as on-going channel for input to student tab as requested from
        Chancellor’s Liaison Committee. Student Leaders and NCSU membership is completed. Scheduling initial
        working session.
   2. SSO Integration to TALX - Single sign-on integration between employee self service and a 3rd party HR
        vendor, TALX. Employees will be able to access their account information directly from the self service
        pages within the portal, without a second login. Reviewed specs with TALX on 1/11/08 for the single sign-on.
        They will forward the certificate information and portal setup has started.
   3. Student Self Service Tab Enhancements for Records Go-Live – working with R&R and development team to
        determine requiremnts.

W. Other
    1.   Testing for the upgrade of Informatica (the tool we use to exchange data between Oracle and Sybase databases) is
         in progress. Implementation date is in March 2008.

X. Credit/Non-Credit CEU (Continuing Education Unit)
    1.   Initial review of user requirements continues with potential solutions being considered.

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