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									                              Enjoy and Achieve Board
                             Meeting held on 26 April 2007


J Morrison          CECS                   J Humphreys             CECS
V Goodrum           LSC                    K Brown                 Governor
G Sale              Headteacher            A Darnell               Headteacher
E Sherrington       Headteacher            S Jones                 Headteacher
M Stanton           Principal              N Strike                Governor
A Dobson            (Clerk)


      The Board was welcomed to the meeting.


      Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of J Orridge, J Repton, R White,
      P Brunt, F Ramsay and D Wray.


      J Morrison referred The Board to the JAR Self Evaluation document, highlighting that
      the purpose of the special meeting was for members to go through Sections 3 and 5
      and look at the judgements made, the evidence highlighted, consider the
      cameos/good practice identified and also the areas for improvement.             Any
      comments would be taken on board when the final draft was prepared.

      J Morrison highlighted that a stakeholder event was to be held in May to which all the
      key Strategic Boards would be invited to look at the whole plan, and enable the
      groups to comment.

      The Board firstly considered „Enjoy & Achieving Self-Evaluation‟ and the following
      comments were made:

      3.1    Parents and carers receive support in helping their children to enjoy and

                Cross-reference specific groups, eg vulnerable groups;
                Areas for improvement – add developing parenting guidance and advice
                 for parents and carers at secondary level;
                Input from Connexions – T Frank;
                Cross reference section with „Be Healthy‟, eg drugs education;
                Input on development of Youth Cafès – M Mason.

      3.2    Early years provision promotes children‟s development and well-being and
             helps them meet early learning goals

             The Board had no additions to make to this section.
3.3   Action is taken to ensure that educational provision 5-16 is of good quality

         „How Do We Know – “very effectively supporting and challenging
          Governing Bodies to improve the quality of their strategic leadership of
          schools” - explore 2nd bullet with regard to links from governing body
          performance monitoring to the APR – need to further engage Governing
          Bodies in active involvement and understanding of the self evaluation

3.4   Children and young people are enabled and encouraged to attend and enjoy
      school and to achieve highly

         Areas for Improvement to include:
             o Implement recommendations of Behaviour for Learning review;
             o Explore better links between Behaviour for Learning and
                 Psychological Services;
             o Improve recruitment to Educational Psychologist Service and
             o Include reference to young carers;
             o Establish robust systems for identifying and supporting young
                 carers and subsequently pass this information on upon transition;
             o Cross reference to Adult Social Care – Marie;
             o Improve use of emotional development diagnosis information –
                 actively encourage implementation of PASS across phase.

3.5   Educational provision is made for children who do not attend school

      The Board had no additions to make to this section.

3.6   All children and young people can access a range of recreational activities,
      including play and voluntary learning provision

         Include Youth Cafès and Youth Bus – Marc Mason
         Confirm data with regard to „how do we know‟ “no young person is more
          than ½ a mile from a youth facility” reference to Ingleby Barwick;
         To consider impact if Big Lottery bid unsuccessful;
         Areas for Development:
              o to continue to focus attention on further developing extended
                 schools network;
              o to roll out PLAY into other areas.

3.7   Children and young people who are looked after are helped to enjoy and

      To include information on:
       CASE Service;
       Annual Celebration of Achievement Event;
       Champions Scheme.

3.8   Children and young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities are
      helped to enjoy and achieve

      The Board had no additions to make to this section.
     The Board then gave consideration to section 5 „Achieve Economic Well Being‟ and
     the following comments were made:

     5.2   Young people 11-19 are helped to prepare for working life

           The Board had no additions to make to this section.

     5.3   Action is taken to ensure that 14-19 education and training is planned and
           delivered in a coordinated way, and to ensure that education and training (16-
           19) is of good quality

              Transition from school to post 16 – add additional figures from Terry

     J Morrison expressed appreciation to all members for their valued comments and
     amendments to the plan. The sections would now be updated and information
     identified from various LA officers would be sought and included. A summary
     statement and final draft plan would be produced, and this be added to the whole
     plan and scrutinized at the stakeholder event.


     There was no other business.

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