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									                                    Calm                                                    What is Mediation?
                                    Fair                                                     Mediation is an alternative for tenants to
                                                                                            avoid going to court over their problems
                                    Shannon is a single mother with 3 children. Every       with the landlord. The program is
                                    morning she wakes up to her neighbor’s barking          administered by Salt Lake Community
                                    dog. Although she has talked to her neighbor and
                                    the Housing Authority, it doesn’t seem to have
                                                                                            Action Program (SLCAP).
                                    made a difference.
                                                                                            Who is Salt Lake Community Action
                                    This morning when she fought to get her kids ready      Program?
                                    for school she noticed a dent in the wall. Now she is   The Salt Lake Community Action Program
                                    afraid of what the inspector will say when he comes
                                                                                            (SLCAP) is a not for profit organization
  Landlord - Tenant                 in a week.
                                                                                            that provides a wide range of services
                                    After Shannon gets off work a little early to pick up   aimed at helping low-income people
     Mediation                      her kids from school she has to buy more food with      become self-sufficient. The mission of
                                    the rent money due today. She has already received      SLCAP is to eliminate poverty by creating
       Program                      a warning from the landlord and is afraid to ask
                                    him for an extra week to pay the rent. If she goes to
                                                                                            programs that empower low-income people
                                    court she will lose her apartment and she can’t
                                                                                            to enhance the quality of their lives by
                                    afford anything else. When she gets home she can’t      having them design and implement
                                    find a place to park because her spot is taken          strategies that will create solutions to their
                                                                                            problems. Mediation is one the best
                                    If you have ever felt like                              programs to accomplish this purpose.
                                    Shannon, you need to read this                          What is the Landlord - Tenant Mediation
                                    brochure about mediation.                               Program?
                                                                                            This mediation program is designed to help
                                                                                            tenants express their concerns to their
                                                                                            landlords in a safe environment. Instead of
                                                                                            going to court to fight with their landlord,
                                                                                            tenants can have a productive discussion
                                                                                            about the situation. With the help of a
                                                                                            neutral volunteer, tenants can explain to
                                                                                            their landlord the reasons for their
                                                                                            problems. Landlords can also explain their
Communication   Safe                                                                        reasons for issuing a warning. Together,
Cooperation     Neutral/Impartial                                                           with the help of a mediator, the tenants and
Discussion      Voluntary                                                                   the landlord can ensure that they
Equitable       Satisfying                                                                  understand one another clearly.
Who Can Try Mediation?                        Mediation Session:                             Responsibility of the Mediating Parties:
S    Tenants who have received at least       - The session will begin with the mediator     -Both parties should plan on 1 ½ - 2 hours
     one warning.                             explaining her/his role during the process,    for the mediation session.
S    Landlords who would like to              including expectations of both parties and     -Both parties are permitted, but not
     resolve conflicts with tenants.          the actual process.                            required, to bring an advocte to the
                                              - When the mediator completes her/his          session.
Who are the Mediators?                        opening statement, both the tenant and the     -Both parties should come with an open
S     All of the mediators are                landlord will be given equal time to           mind and a readiness to listen to the other
      professionals who volunteer their       express their concerns.                        party without interrupting.
      time without charge to help tenants     - The mediator will facilitate a discussion    -Both parties must be considerate of the
      and landlords communicate.              about the issues determined in pre-            mediator’s volunteered time and provide
S     All of the mediators have received      mediation.                                     notice of schedule changes.
      professional mediation training.        - The mediator will help both parties          -Failure to meet the terms of an agreement
S     They are neutral third parties who      brainstorm and discuss possible solutions      will result in further eviction warnings and
      do not take sides and who do not        to the problem.                                eventual court proceedings for the tenants.
      make decisions for the tenants or       - A caucus, confidential meeting between
      landlords.                              the mediator and one of the parties, may be    So What Do You Get From Mediation?
S     They help both sides of a conflict      used equally by both parties to discuss        <     A Fair Shot
      communicate and understand what         confidential matters with the mediator.        <     Control of Decisions
      the problems are.                       - As an agreement is reached between the       <     Avoid Court
S     They help both sides come up with       landlord and tenant, the mediator will write   <     Maintained Relations
      ideas to resolve the conflict.          the agreement for both parties.                <     Chance to Express Concerns
                                                                                             <     Chance to Resolve Concerns
How Does the Process Look?
The mediation coordinator will contact the                                                   Don’t wait until you are out of options;
tenant and the landlord separately to                                                        contact us for your opportunity to resolve
schedule individual meetings or telephone                                                    your concerns through mediation:
calls with each.
During the appointment or conversation the
mediator will gather only enough                                                                             Josie Turner
information from the parties to determine                                                              Program Coordinator
what the issues of the conflict are.                                                            Landlord/Tenant Mediation Program
(Arguments and further discussion will be                                                              764 South 200 West
heard during the actual mediation session.)                                                          Salt Lake City, UT 84101
A date for the mediation session will be                                                                   (801) 359-2444

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